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Asylum Seeker documentary - Ahlam's Story

Nwsocialist | 30.09.2006 00:37 | Refugee Week 2006 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression | World

Ahlam Souidi speaks frankly about her time as an asylum seeker in Maryhill, Glasgow. Her family are at the moment threatened with deportation back to a country, Algeria, where they face grave danger.

Ahlam’s Story

New video.

Please watch and circulate the links to this video. The idea is to get this woman and her family so well known that the Home Office will not be able to send her back to Algeria.

There will be a demo on 7th October in support of Ahlam and her family, feeding into the main UNITY refugee demo in George Square.

Anyone with a blog or website – lift the html code at the youtube site and please place these on your blog.


The first minute and a half of this video is silent.

Ahlam’s Story part 1
Ahlam’s Story part 2
Ahlam’s Story part 3

Full length videos (1/2 hour) can be sent to those interested by emailing

Pamela Page did a review of this video:

I used Ahlam's story in my work with a class of students doing a project on Human Rights. I've also used the Dungavel dvd in the past about dawn raids which is also an excellent way to dispel the myths around asylum.

Ahlam's story is powerful in that that is what it is. Her story in her Voice. Her humanity, honesty and vitality shine through everything she says about her experience.

The honesty of one of the Glasgow women who spoke of her own ignorance and racism prior to meeting Ahlam was especially touching and brave. Ahlam is actively involved in many local initiatives and is a valued by her community. Let's make her so well known that it's impossible for her to be forced to leave her home.

It went down great in school and i'm getting copies made. Funnily enough a guy from the local Amnesty group popped into our branch the other night and I think Neil gave him a copy so hopefully they will take it up too.

Great job Nwsocialist!


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