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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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G8 2006 -- Solidarity Demo, Berlin

14-07-2006 12:59

Around 70 people today (Friday 14 July, 2006) took part in a spontaneously organised demonstration outside the Russian embassy on Unter den Linden in Berlin. The protest was against the G8 meeting in St. Petersberg, and in solidarity with those protesting against the summit and the world it represents all over the world.

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13-07-2006 22:36

Monthly Pickets of Dallas Court Reporting Centre - Place of Fear
Friday 21 July and Friday 18 August 2006, 12-2pm
Dallas Court, South Langworthy Rd, Salford Quays

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Latest Updates from G8 protests in Russia

13-07-2006 17:32

The protests against the G8 in Russia have already started ahead of the Summit which takes place this weekend in St. Petersburg. Repression of political activists taking to the streets, and arriving at the Russian borders, is on the increase. More than 200 people have already been arrested in different Russian cities. Even though people are determined to make their voices heard. Demos and activist gatherings have already taken place in Moscow, and a cycle caravan has already arrived to St. Petersburg from Berlin.

See the latest updates below, from well before the mobilisations against this year's G8 summit begin in earnest, until Wedensday 12th. Today, Thrusday 13th, most activists from different parts of Russia are making their way (or trying to) St.Petersburg where the main mobilisations start tomorrow Friday 14th.

See the main IMC UK feature which is constantly udpdated with the latest reports - click at the 'Full article' link for the latest updates. Also check out the IMC-Russia (multilingual) website for news and reports.

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Israel and The Land

13-07-2006 17:24

The Straw Man Zionism foists upon its followers and the world is just as empty as everything else they've ever said in order to disguise the realities of their violent, supremacist Cult and its actions.

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"What issue would YOU like to raise with Tony Blair when he comes to Nottingham?

13-07-2006 15:34

Need inspiration? Basra 22/3/03
The Nottingham Evening Post [unreliable source] reports (13/JL/06) Tony Blair is to visit Nottingham this month to give a speech.
Details as to where, when and to whom not stated.

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Repression against Italian eco-anarchists and the paper 'Terra Selvaggia'

13-07-2006 14:09


About the arrests in Pietrasanta and Pisa (Italy)

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Australia: Prime Minister Howard facing pressure to quit

13-07-2006 08:03

On thin ice
For now, Howard appears to have ridden out the storm of the last few days. But the pressure will continue. In a July 11 editorial, the Australian warned that the ongoing leadership dispute “puts both Howard and Costello—and by extension the entire Coalition Government—on thin ice”. It called on Howard to “reveal whether he plans to step down around the end of this year or fight an election sometime around October or November next year”. It appears that there are significant layers in business and financial circles who clearly favour the former option.

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film of last sunday's socpa arrest (yet another violent arrest!)

12-07-2006 23:47

this is the film of the episode reported at

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Does ex-leaderr of the Tories know what standards of justuice mean?

12-07-2006 21:36

Michael Howard, MP, spoke today [Wednesday 12 July 2006] in the House of Commons [UK] debate on the so-called NatWest Three that was prompted by the procedural steps taken by the Lib Dems. In his speech, Howard reportedly stated this, "It surely would be an affront to our standards of justice and everything this House should stand up for if these men were to find themselves in a Texas jail for up to two years before they even have the opportunity of answering the charges against them."

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Anti-G8 Protest Successful in Russia

12-07-2006 18:18

author: LINK/Berlin anti-G8 Press Group

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Greece: About the state barbarism against the student movement on the 27/06

12-07-2006 16:41

Announcement of the students of the Antiauthoritarian Movement about the mobilisation of the 27th of July against the Education Ministers Summit in Athens.

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Photos from workshop with Roma children on AA caravan, Macedonia

12-07-2006 16:11

Here are some photos from a workshop within the Roma Community of Bitola, Macedonia. The workshop took place as part of the Art and Activism Caravan, which is currently touring the Balkans. For more information and full coverage, see the Art and Activism Caravan page


Relevant articles: A Week in Rromani | All You Ever Wanted To Know About Roma Culture

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SOCPA - successful protest for blair this morning (pics coming)

12-07-2006 12:36

brian haw on his megaphone. steve and barbara with their banners. a rousing welcome for bliar as he attended question time this morning. (pics to be added to this report later).

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Australia installs its man in East Timor: Jose Ramos-Horta

12-07-2006 10:54

150,000 refugees regime change in Dili
Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer greeted Ramos-Horta’s inauguration with the announcement that Canberra could now consider pulling out some of the Australian-led military force of 2,500 soldiers—in other words, mission accomplished. The concern of the Howard government has never been for the welfare of the East Timorese people. Rather the political instability, which has been deliberately fanned by the Australian media and which created 150,000 refugees, was only ever a pretext for masking the real objective: regime change in Dili.

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South Africa/world cup/prisons

12-07-2006 06:01

'dubbed Africa Calling'
Public utilities, including even our water, have been sold to foreign corporations who have teamed up with the new black elite as required by government "empowerment" policies. Cost reduction‚ measures have destroyed many jobs and the insensitive cost-recovery‚ policies, which advocate for service termination for those too poor to afford increased tariffs, have seen millions go without the most basic of necessities.

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International of Torture: The Documents the Crown Would Like to Censor

12-07-2006 01:36

Craig Murray
The United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has forbidden Craig Murray to publish documents he obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and Freedom of Data Act, which clearly show the responsibility of the Crown in the International of torture. Having not dared resorting to military censorship, the Blair government has claimed copyright on the official documents in order to block their publication. This manoeuver is of course a breach of the international commitments of the United Kingdom of Great-Brittain and Northern Ireland. Indeed, Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and jurisprudence of the Strasbourg Court of Justice state that freedom of speech prevails on any other consideration and cannot be restrained by State imperatives. By bringing its support to Ambassador Murray, the Voltaire Network has decided to bypass censorship of Her Majesty and publish the documents. It calls for all other information websites to do the same.

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Australia bans two books under anti-terror laws - If it can happen there...

11-07-2006 21:30

Two books promoting suicide bombings have been banned in Australia under the country's new anti-terrorism laws.

The country's Classification Review Board says the two books, Defence of the Muslim Lands and Join the Caravan can no longer be sold in Australia or imported.

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remembers . . . . to have a future

11-07-2006 17:47

latest news, nuclear review, comment, plus

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National Demonstration Against Guantanamo this Saturday 15th July

11-07-2006 16:57

There will be a protest in London this Saturday against the unlawful and indefinite detention of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, their torture and ill-treatment, and the recent suspicious suicides which have taken place.

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Imperial Racism & Apartheid in the Holy Land

11-07-2006 12:02

Race is, indeed, a construction – a very convenient one when you want to take someone else’s property, or kill them, or enslave them. It is this construct that animates the American debate about foreign policy – or even domestic policy when it comes to "aliens" of one kind or another.