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Latest Updates from G8 protests in Russia

IMC-UK Features | 13.07.2006 17:32 | G8 Russia 2006 | Globalisation | Repression | World

The protests against the G8 in Russia have already started ahead of the Summit which takes place this weekend in St. Petersburg. Repression of political activists taking to the streets, and arriving at the Russian borders, is on the increase. More than 200 people have already been arrested in different Russian cities. Even though people are determined to make their voices heard. Demos and activist gatherings have already taken place in Moscow, and a cycle caravan has already arrived to St. Petersburg from Berlin.

See the latest updates below, from well before the mobilisations against this year's G8 summit begin in earnest, until Wedensday 12th. Today, Thrusday 13th, most activists from different parts of Russia are making their way (or trying to) St.Petersburg where the main mobilisations start tomorrow Friday 14th.

See the main IMC UK feature which is constantly udpdated with the latest reports - click at the 'Full article' link for the latest updates. Also check out the IMC-Russia (multilingual) website for news and reports.

Latest Updates:

Wednesday 12th: Update on repression in the run-up to the G8 summit [more] and urgent appeal for solidarity: the legal team reports 100 activists detained in Russia . One suspected disappeared. Read declaration by the Legal team.

Tuesday 11th: A carnival protest action took place in Moscow city centre. Reports 1 | 2 Photos 1 | 2.

Monday 10th: Summaries one and two of arrests and repression in different cities.

Weekend 8-9th: Seven people have already been arrested by Russian police on "suspicion of being against the policies of the G8 summit". Reports: 1 | 2. A Libertarian Forum has started in Moscow until the 12 of July as a build up event for the protests in St. Petersburg. Read reports of the first and second days.

Well before the mobilisations against this year's G8 summit begin, the Russian authorities have already started to show their intolerance against most forms of street protests. In May a gay and lesbian demo was heavily repressed by police, whilst the activists of the Network Against G8 have increasingly been under surveillance and harassed.

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