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Pics of Police Chasing Protestors Through Residential Area Near BAA Building

19-08-2007 18:02

From this afternoon - Sunday 19th August - Police were chasing protestors in all directions close to the BAA building on Bath Road - in the back streets they were pushing them both away and towards BAA where a protest was scheduled to take place. Some escaped over fences and others were surrounded by police and kept there for hours - some made it through to the BAA building to hold their protest.

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Pics of violent arrests near A4 - Sat 19th (climate camp)

19-08-2007 17:36

Pics of two violent arrests this afternoon at around half three / quarter to four.

Newly deployed riot police start chasing two people down the street, pushing them over and tackling them to the ground then violently restraining them.

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Scottish Stations Still Under "Stop and Search" Law

19-08-2007 16:57

Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC) have turned up some interesting information about the use of Terrorism Act powers in Scotland in the last two months.

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Today we witness the loss of Democracy

19-08-2007 15:11

A devastating over reaction by the police on todays protesters is a dark day for democracy

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Brilliantly planned and executed.

19-08-2007 08:58

A personal impression of the Climate Camp.

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Bring a Banner

18-08-2007 23:59

The GLA have put a whopping great metal fence right round Parliament Square and moved Brian Haw's enclave into an ever tinier patch. But this also gives the opportunity for a huge show of solidarity. Make Brian a peace banner and bring it with hooks to fix on the lovely new fence. If all of you brought something we could make a display even bigger than the one the Police (unlawfully) took away last year.

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Policing the Police at Climate Camp

18-08-2007 18:00

A personal account of FIT Watch

FIT Watch was set up a couple of months ago to oppose and monitor the activities of the Forward Intelligence Teams. These are cops who routinely harass and intimidate protesters (for full background see Whilst we’ve had a presence at a couple of public meetings, Climate Camp has been our first opportunity to practice our tactics in a protest situation

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FIT Watch Spotter Card

18-08-2007 12:21

Fit Watch Spotter Card
Here is the spotter card used by FIT Watch at climate camp. We had several requests for the coloured original, so here it is.

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Activists Target Carmel Agrexco in Conjuction with Climate Camp

18-08-2007 12:08

At 1pm, approximately 20 activists from London, Brighton, Reading and the nearby Climate Camp entered the Carmel Agrexco site in Hayes Middlesex where some activists have D-locked the gates shut. They are being entertained by Samba. Four police arrived on the scene almost immediately.

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FBI, CIA Scriveners Edit Wikipedia Entries

18-08-2007 11:19

It would appear Wikipedia is not simply “populated by volunteer vandals with poison-pen intellects,” as John Seigenthaler Sr., former assistant to Attorney General Robert Kennedy, would have it, but is indeed an intelligence front, yet another puzzle piece of a sprawling, comprehensive, long-term, and quite effective propaganda effort.

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Cimate camp and terrorism

18-08-2007 10:25

It should come as no surprise that police are applying draconian anti-terrorism ´legislation´ to combat eco-protestors at the Climate Camp. For the authorities networks of dissent are the real terrorists.

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interview with fitwatch at climate camp

18-08-2007 10:21

earlier this week, a fitwatch supporter was arrested for 'obstructing a police officer in the course of their duty'. but what exactly is the duty of the harrassing, invasive forward intelligence team photgraphers and officers? do they get off on watching campers peeing (see other indymedia article 'peewatch')? short filmed interview with arrestee

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Victory But Help Find 175 WTO Seattle Westlake Protestors

18-08-2007 10:09

Urgent Need to find ~ 175 people who were in Seattle during the WTO protests in 1999 after lawsuit won against the city of Seattle which violated our rights and these folks need to contact the attorneys by AUGUST 28, 2007 to get their portion of the settlement $$ (see below to download claim forms.)

Remember this was 8 years ago, if you know anyone who was in Westlake, pass it on as this is time sensitive .... See all links below

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New blog regarding § 129a-proceedings in Germany

18-08-2007 09:52

Since a few days there is a new blog ( regarding the judicial inquiry against supposed members of the German militante gruppe (militant group). The blog is dedicated to discuss, what a useful strategy against police repression is. The blog contains mainly material in German, but also some in English. Especially important is the following: International Scholars Demand Suspension of the § 129a-Proceedings against ALL Parties Concerned.

You can sign the Open Letter here:

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FBI, CIA Scriveners Edit Wikipedia Entries

18-08-2007 08:45

It would appear Wikipedia is not simply “populated by volunteer vandals with poison-pen intellects,” as John Seigenthaler Sr., former assistant to Attorney General Robert Kennedy, would have it, but is indeed an intelligence front, yet another puzzle piece of a sprawling, comprehensive, long-term, and quite effective propaganda effort.

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SOCPA - report and film of yesterday's raid on parliament square

18-08-2007 03:18

the greater london authority and uniformed police mounted another expensive and unilateral raid on peace protestors in parliament square yesterday morning. they were there to enforce bye-laws but there are serious questions about the legality of the raid both in terms of jurisdiction and also in arbitrariness of conditions.

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SOCPA - assaults and arrests tonight at parliament square

17-08-2007 22:48

aqil shaer, a long-standing supporter of brian was viciously assaulted and arrested by the known thuggish parliamentary policeman nicknamed 'fatgut'. another unknown man was arrested by police after assaulting brian's supporter 'barbara tucker'.

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Witness/photographs/videos of FIT at camp needed

17-08-2007 21:48

During the last few days there has been lots of people who have witnessed and documented the actions of the FIT Teams and FIT Watch, mainly around the entrance to camp, whose evidence could help court cases.

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Police on PeeWatch at Climate Camp

17-08-2007 18:15

A first timer at Climate Camp discovers that eco loos aren't safe from the zoom lens of an overbearing and intimidating police operation

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SOCPA - pics of this morning's parliament square raid

17-08-2007 14:54

fenced in
when brown seized power he promised a lifting of socpa conditions on the right to protest near parliament. today, in preparation for the visit of nelson mandela, his henchmen helped ken livingston's henchmen to crack down even more on brian haw's protest, forcing their support tents into an impossibly small area in another expensive police operation.