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Victory But Help Find 175 WTO Seattle Westlake Protestors

notorepression | 18.08.2007 10:09 | Globalisation | History | Repression | World

Urgent Need to find ~ 175 people who were in Seattle during the WTO protests in 1999 after lawsuit won against the city of Seattle which violated our rights and these folks need to contact the attorneys by AUGUST 28, 2007 to get their portion of the settlement $$ (see below to download claim forms.)

Remember this was 8 years ago, if you know anyone who was in Westlake, pass it on as this is time sensitive .... See all links below

Sooo.... WHO ELSE DO YOU KNOW who was in Seattle at the WTO protests in 1999? Please pass this along to them and other who could help. (Consider sending to your lists or specific people, adding to your blog, and especially talking to folks.)Westlake, Dec 1, 1999? Nov 30, 1999:Nov 30 1999:

We're specifically trying to be sure all 175 people who were arrested at Westlake on December 1, 1999 get this info IMMEDIATELY since they have only two weeks left to return their claim (due August 28th, 2007.)

We settled with the city of Seattle for $1,000,000 and each person arrested at that location is entitled to a portion of those funds.

A jury found that our 4th amendment rights were violated. See press release about the case: and
some news about the settlement: and

The problem is that after nearly 8 years (and not knowing who was actually arrested there), almost everyone has moved or gotten a new phone or email. We need to use our networks to reach folks so PLEASE HELP get this to them by forwarding on to reduce those degrees of separation.

As an aside, let me note that many of the 175 folks we've already found are still committed to their activism and are planning to put the funds they receive BACK INTO their respective MOVEMENTS. Many of us recognize that though ~175 of us will receive a portion of this settlement, the victory of this case is a victory for us all. The work happening in the streets in 1999 is ongoing...and I personally hope to support that work by funneling my portion of the settlement money into groups still doing that work. Though these arrests violated our rights, many of us of are people of relative privilege which is another reason to give collectively with these funds. That said, most activists I know rarely have large financial means so this will be a rare opportunity for some of us to support financially the causes we work so hard on with our other resources. (My personal view of the money I'll be receiving is that it isn't really belongs to all the people (~50,000) who were in the streets in 1999 opposing the WTO and, even more, to all the people affected by the WTO's policies. In 1999, I was arrested (wrongly, the jury decided) speaking out for what I believed in and trying to create change. In 2007, I hope to see the funds I'll be getting used to continue that work.)

Erica K

Jane WTO #890