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interview with fitwatch at climate camp

rikki | 18.08.2007 10:21 | Climate Camp 2007 | Repression | London

earlier this week, a fitwatch supporter was arrested for 'obstructing a police officer in the course of their duty'. but what exactly is the duty of the harrassing, invasive forward intelligence team photgraphers and officers? do they get off on watching campers peeing (see other indymedia article 'peewatch')? short filmed interview with arrestee

emaily was arrested on the obstruction charge, and although it's an offence attracting a maximum one month sentence, she was unnecessarily held in custody overnight. at uxbridge court the next day she had bail conditions set banning her from the climate camp site from 2pm.

at 2 pm she gave this inteview outside the camp about the reason and aims of fitwatch and about her arrest and bail conditions.

the film is just one minute long and is available in two formats.

mp4 can be viewed using the free videolan vlc player available for free download from the videolan website for all platforms. this player handles lots of different vid codec formats and is worth checking out.
wmv is available if you really must use corporate software

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