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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Leaflet for Smash EDO Demo at ASI Arms Conference, London, 3oth March

18-03-2006 15:33

Please distribute as widely as poss

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GF6 verdict: what did the judge say?

17-03-2006 19:53

This is a summary of the verdict in Preston Crown court earlier today: Guilty of disruption and obstruction £3600 costs to be paid, and conditional discharge for 18 months.

See for background information.

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Freedom On Trial

17-03-2006 19:25

on Thursday, Milan from Justice Not Vengeance was on trial in Bow Street Magistrates Court for organising the two person remembrance ceremony at which Maya Evans was arrested in October 2005

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Report of Public Meeting in Support of British Residents detained in Guantanamo

17-03-2006 15:58

Report on the launch of the London Guantanamo Campaign & the National Coalition Against Guantanamo at the 1st Public Meeting in support of British residents detained in Guantanamo
venue: Gladstone Park Primary School, Sherrick Green Road
Dollis Hill, N.W. London - Thursday 16th March 2006

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Join the call for the liberation of Ahmed Saadat!!!

17-03-2006 15:01

Who wants to join this call address the following email :

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George Fox 6 found guilty again!

17-03-2006 14:19

The George Fox found guilty again - appeal failed?!

Contact Lancaster University if you can't make it to the demo at 3pm.

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Support Daniel McGowan [March update]

17-03-2006 13:49

Daniel McGowan
Update: Daniel has been out on bail since February 8th and is on house arrest. He is on electronic monitoring and is allowed outside of his apartment two hours a week to check in with his pre-trial officer. He is in New York City, eagerly working on his legal defense, employed part-time at and spending time with family and friends. He is extremely grateful of all the support he has received from the community.

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French Students Continue CPE Resistance - Hundreds of 1000s on Streets + Clashes

17-03-2006 03:27

Thursday 16th March Update:
Well over 250,000 students in France took to the streets in protests against the CPE around the country. That's the official estimate, groups involved put the numbers much higher (300,000 according to the student union UNEF, 500,000 according to FIDL’S, and even 600,000 according to UNL’S). 70% of universities effected by occupations and protests, schools also occupied in many places. More roads blockaded, town hall occupied in Rennes, reports of fascists attacking student protestors in several locations, heavy clashes in central Paris and at Sevres and near Sorbonne area this evening with tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon used as people fought riot police from 7.30pm, CNT union members arrested, reports of up to 300 total arrests today...

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Milan Rai court case - first charge as organiser of illegal demo in socpa zone

17-03-2006 00:49

milan rai and maya evans outside court
today, milan rai appeared at bow street magistrates court to argue his case against being found guilty as an 'organiser' of an unauthorised demonstration in the designated zone 1km around parliament. the court adjourned until 12th april for the magistrate, judge nicholas evans, to consider the human rights legal arguments put forward by barrister maya sikand, who was working for 'liberty' solicitors on this case.

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TONIGHT: Public Meeting in support of British residents detained in Guantanamo

16-03-2006 11:28

Tonight (Thursday) at 7pm, there will be a chance to hear directly from the families (& children) of 3 British detainees held at Guantanamo Bay.

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Korean Farmers Attacked for US Base Expansion

16-03-2006 07:04

For over four years, Daechuri and the nearby community of Doduri have defiantly resisted the siezure of their homes and fields for the expansion of an United States Army base. They are currently under siege. Greatly outnumbered and losing people and resources, only international public outrage can stop this atrocity from occuring.

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Protest against Jericho prison raid - 14-03-06

16-03-2006 04:09

Unauthorised demonstration outside Downing Street, London, against Israeli attack on Jericho prison in Palestine.

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shamnesty gig review, Edinburgh

16-03-2006 00:41

This is 30% news, 70% vitriol, can't decide whether to post.

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If you're not angry, you're not paying attention.

15-03-2006 23:00

This weekend there will be massive demonstrations all over the world against the occupation of Iraq and the theatening noises being made against Iran. Many people doubt the effectiveness of such 'A to B' marches and lobbying, instead prefering direct confrontation with the companies that seek to profit from war and direct action aimed at putting a spanner in the works....

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279 photographs and 19 videos of US Army torture released here

15-03-2006 16:25

279 photographs and 19 videos from the Army's internal investigation record a harrowing three months of detainee abuse inside the notorious prison -- and make clear that many of those responsible have yet to be held accountable.

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Storming the Bastille and Direct Action

15-03-2006 13:42

It should now be apparent to all that the usual strategies have proven ineffective against the ultra-right of today. The reasons are clear; the right is playing hard, fast and bold while the opposition is lost in analysis and navel gazing. ‘Storming the Bastille’ may again be required to precipitate change. Demos, alternative media, various forms of dissenting propaganda have all failed to alter the course of events. It would seem that while one side is playing hardball (for keeps) the other is content to fossick on the shores of world-shaping politics.

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Join the unwelcome for Mr. Blair at Matthew Boulton College this Thursday 16th

15-03-2006 13:29

Tony Blair is visiting Mathew Boulton College tomorrow (Thursday 16th March 2006), there will be an unwelcome for him from various groups and individuals including the MB2 (Mathew Boulton two), who are two students who were suspended for daring to publish a student newsletter asking for rights to establish student societies. The unwelcome is planned for 13:00 Hours (1pm) at Mathew Boulton College Jenners Road, Birmingham.

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UK & Chertoff's secret electronic control net

15-03-2006 13:28

Britain? - US Secretary of 'Homeland Security' Chertoff: "A vast electronic control net covering the US is nearly completed. It's called the HSIN, and now includes 50 states, five territories, 53 major urban areas, local officials and officials from Britain, Canada and Australia."

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Iraq: Ayatollah Sistani says death to gays

15-03-2006 10:46

Haydar Faiek, aged 40, beaten and burned to death.
Sistani fatwa provokes terror against queers. Shia Badr Corps execute sodomites, Sunnis and others. UK fetes Sistani and hosts Badr, despite anti-gay murders.

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UN must be used to support attack on Iran?

15-03-2006 08:54

Elements of the 'daft'
The ABC and AFP are also doing their part as well Elements of the 'daft' also obtained by the AFP urge Iran to reconsider the construction of a heavy water research reactor and to resume implementation of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty's additional protocol that allows for wider inspections of a country's nuclear facilities.