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George Fox 6 found guilty again!

gf6 supporter | 17.03.2006 14:19 | Free Spaces | Repression

The George Fox found guilty again - appeal failed?!

Contact Lancaster University if you can't make it to the demo at 3pm.

There will be a spontaneous demo in Alexandra Square of Lancaster University TODAY AT 3pm.

Background information can be found here:

The demo will join the One World Week Yurt, which has been squatting the square since Monday - more info from an earlier yurt-squat here, in which the general lack of understanding and cooperation of the higher echelons of the shameless Lancaster University administration is as obvious as ever:

Contact Lancaster University and express your opinion:

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gf6 supporter


statement from George Fox 6

17.03.2006 17:52

Statement made by the George Fox 6 on the Verdict at Preston Crown Court

Once again we are disappointed and saddened by the verdict reached by the court today. We feel strongly that the judge has taken an unreasonable approach when considering our case, choosing to give the prosecution the benefit of the doubt and switching the burden of proof onto the defendants.

We are currently considering taking this case further. The verdict failed to take into account the full text of Lancaster University's Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech, and we maintain this code has been consistently and blatantly flouted.

Lancaster University has not learnt from this event and we see that it continues censor dissent and stifle debate, choosing instead to offer a safe haven for arms dealers and the like.

This case, along with several others that have received attention recently raises serious concerns about the State of Freedom in this country. If people can be criminalised for a three minute peaceful protest then the commitment of our government to democracy and free speech in this country has to be doubted.

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