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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Freedom is not an impossible dream

22-06-2010 15:20

A New Zealand Tragedy

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Housing Benefit Reform Set to Cause Mass Homelessness

22-06-2010 13:19

Thousands of Londoners could be made homeless due to Gideon George’s attack on Housing Benefit.

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Tom Holmes = Islamophobe

22-06-2010 11:01

Recently BNP activist and sad loser Tom Holmes has been in the news after he expressed disgusting views on his Facebook rofile and slagged off his fellow workers. He of course denied the accusations, claiming not to bbe a racist. We all know this is bollocks, as the following shows (caution, contains link to Geert Wilders shitty Fitna video)

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Italian Mafia in London the case of Niki Gatti

21-06-2010 22:03

Just short of four years to the day since the death of Niki Gatti in Solicciano max security prison (Florence) Elio Lannutti an Italian Senator is asking questions. We are talking telcommunications scam, involving Italy, San Marino, Switzerland with the monies being laundered in the most civilised and polite manner by upper crust british gentlemen from such well to do places as Lincolns Inn and various temples.

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Open Letter To The British Government Regarding The Gaza Flotilla

21-06-2010 05:51

Mr Vidler,
Your response to my email is shocking and apalling. Given that we each must take responsibility for what we do, even when done on behalf of others, I would go so far as to say that your action in writing it, even on behalf of your government calls into question your personal integrity. I will not so much as extend the polite courtesy of thanking you for response as this perhaps also is a matter of personal integrity. The rest of this correspondence is addressed to the other recipients referred to above and the government generally.

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Urgent! EDL racists are at the London Metropole Hotel 225 Edgeware Rd W2

20-06-2010 10:12

The racist, Islamophobic football thugs of the EDL are at the London Metropole Hotel 225 Edgeware Road. They are trying to disrupt an Islamic conference being held in the hotel. Some of them have got into the hotel and others are outside the hotel with makeshift placards. The EDL are violent racists who have rioted in Luton, Stoke, Dudley, Bolton and many other places and have attacked Muslims.

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URGENT call out. EDL are meeting at Marble Arch tomorrow [Sun 20th] at 8.30pm

19-06-2010 22:28

The racist, Islamophobic football thugs of the EDL [connected to BNP] will be assembling tomorrow morning in Marble Arch at 8.30pm. They have said that they have found out where the IFE will be holding their conference and are mobilising tomorrow morning to "hand in a petition" to the nearby venue hosting the event. The EDL are racist, violent, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic thugs.

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CAD 3193 Charity Sweet says that this court is corrupt.

19-06-2010 20:16

griffith williams lj - who are u?

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"Cut the War" - Call-out for Parliament Blockade on Budget Day

19-06-2010 16:14

12noon Parliament Square Tuesday 22nd June
Street Party - Rave against the Cuts
Be there.

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Show your support to stop Stoning Sakina in Iran's islamic regime

19-06-2010 14:13

An innocent woman is jailed and waiting to be stoned under Iran's islamic law.

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Suu Kyi marks birthday; world remembers

19-06-2010 11:48

RANGOON—From tree planting in Burma (Myanmar) to a solidarity rally in Washington and flash mobs in Britain, people around the world are holding events to mark the 65th birthday today of Aung San Suu Kyi.

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Police prepare for riots in Oakland, USA

19-06-2010 08:19

AUTHORITIES in Oakland, USA, are preparing for riots at the end of the trial of former transport policeman Johannes Mehserle who shot dead unarmed train passenger Oscar Grant.

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Filipinos: LEST WE FORGET!

19-06-2010 02:04

We seem to have forgotten that once upon a time, not too long ago,
there was this family, the Marcoses, comprised of Ferdinand (now deceased),
Imelda (still gallivanting and traipsing the light fantastic in Manila and
occasionally overseas), and 3 children, including
Ferdinand "Bongbong" Jr who's now running, under Presidential candidate
Manny Villar, in the SAME Senatorial slate as political activists Liza
Maza (Gabriela Women's Party) and Satur Ocampo (Bayan Muna - People First).

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democracy village fair and peace weekend 19th to 20th June Parliament Square

18-06-2010 16:16

Democracy Village
Could we ask you to unite in support and join us this weekend, if you can't personally attend, please network this message so that you have some representatives present there, many thanks, PEACEfestUK

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Saville Inquiry continues cover-up of Bloody Sunday massacre

18-06-2010 13:59

British troops during the occupation of Northern Ireland
The Saville Report into Bloody Sunday in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, on January 30, 1972, maintains the cover-up of one of the most infamous massacres ever perpetrated by British imperialism.

Even after the passage of 38 years, the truth—that the murder of 14 unarmed civil rights protesters was carried out under orders from the Conservative government of Edward Heath and the army top brass—is denied.

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lets face the music and dance - call off the dogs please - i have a child

17-06-2010 21:11

will the good cops of the met please stand up and stop this silly bollocks

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So called Human Rights.

17-06-2010 06:16

Human Rights are mere concessions allowed by governments.

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Lawless Culture

16-06-2010 13:34

Upon entering college people prepare themselves for the real world through self discipline, new ideas and social experimentation. Testing society's boundaries is to be expected along with learning some personal ones. At a time when students are out of sight from their parents often the only persons left to provide guidance, assistance and assurance to impressionable minds are professors.

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Now the Saville report is out, what about the Ballymurphy families?

16-06-2010 11:33

On Monday 9th of August 1971 Interment without Trial was introduced by the British Government in the North of Ireland.