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Tom Holmes = Islamophobe

IHTF | 22.06.2010 11:01 | Anti-racism | Repression | Sheffield | World

Recently BNP activist and sad loser Tom Holmes has been in the news after he expressed disgusting views on his Facebook rofile and slagged off his fellow workers. He of course denied the accusations, claiming not to bbe a racist. We all know this is bollocks, as the following shows (caution, contains link to Geert Wilders shitty Fitna video)

So what do we have here, apart from a disgusting and inflammatory nazi style piece of scapegoating bullshit?

Well the top post, posted by none other than Tom Holmes himself declares that he, Tom Holmes, hates Muslims.

In quite plain and easy to understand language he succinctly points out his racist and offensive views on the Muslim community.

So much for not being a racist eh Tom?



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