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Show your support to stop Stoning Sakina in Iran's islamic regime

Kawah | 19.06.2010 14:13 | Gender | Repression | World

An innocent woman is jailed and waiting to be stoned under Iran's islamic law.

This innocent woman ( Sakina Mohammadi Ashtiani ) was arrested 4 years ago and found guilty under Islamic law due to adultery. At that time she was punished with 99 slashes, but her case was taken to court again and she was given death penalty by stoning!.
Sakina has a two children whom are seeking support from all progressive and freedom fighters people to support them that they could stop stoning their mum.

Sakina has asked for amnesty and her children are desperately waiting for her release.

International campaign against stoning woman ask all progressive people to rise their voice and do support innocent woman whom is jailed by Iran's islamic regime.

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