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Eyewitness Report from Fallujah by an Iraqi Doctor - urgent

26-01-2005 01:44

Pic from Fallujah
This came from Dr Salam T Ismael, General secretary, Doctors for Iraq Society, who has spent extensive periods of time in Fallujah where much of his tribe lives. Please read what he has to say

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"shadows of occupation": third film from Palestine

25-01-2005 17:53

Shadows of Occupation [2005; 3min]

"Balata camp children prepare a shadow puppet theatre production. During the performance, the characters of their imagination move from the screen onto the streets."
Download it now from

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"shadows of occupation": third film from Palestine

25-01-2005 17:48

Shadows of Occupation [2005; 3min]

"Balata camp children prepare a shadow puppet theatre production. During the performance, the characters of their imagination move from the screen onto the streets."
Download it now from

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"shadows of occupation": third film from Palestine

25-01-2005 17:41

Shadows of Occupation [2005; 3min]

"Balata camp children prepare a shadow puppet theatre production. During the performance, the characters of their imagination move from the screen onto the streets."
Download it now from

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25-01-2005 17:40


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ROMA HOLOCAUST DAY RALLY - outside the Houses of Parliament Thursday 27th Jan

25-01-2005 11:38

Join the rally outside Parliament at 2pm on Thursday 27th January (Westminster Tube)
on the occassion of the official Holocaust Memorial Day event STOP 2nd. HOLOCAUST!

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UK Mercenary Leader comes to SOAS to publicise Private Military Companies

25-01-2005 10:43

Lt Col Tim Spicer, Chief Executive of Aegis Defence Services Ltd will be
speaking at School of Oriental and African Studies on Thursday 27 January
2005, 18:00. Often described as Britain's most notorious mercenary, Spicer
will be talking about his experiences in Africa. Nearest Tube - Russell

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Human rights violations in Guantanamo

25-01-2005 07:10

Not only must the recent FBI-revelations about the torture of prisoners in Guantanamo be seen in the light of the known facts about their treatment, there is also a close connection with the official denying of their elementary human rights, due the refusal of the American government to give them a judicial status according to International Law.

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Report from Palestine with 7 photos.

24-01-2005 20:16

Map of West Bank. (Aida is near Bethlehem.)
This is a 1,000 word report from Palestine by Margaret Pacetta of Glasgow with 7 photos.

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24-01-2005 15:26

As in all history, it is shown that it is impossible to make friends by invading, intimidating, shooting, bombing, jailing, torturing, killing, maiming, napalming or other deadly actions. It showed every time, that the only people the US could call their friends were the dead, because they couldn't protest anymore.

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Police find Palestine flag offensive

24-01-2005 14:43

Greater Manchester Police criminalise pro-Palestinian protest

Greater Manchester Police are actively attempting to criminalise pro-Palestinian protest in Manchester. In the three weeks since the end of their ban on the regular Saturday picket of Marks and Spencer in Market Street Manchester, they have:

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24-01-2005 00:06

When repression begins, solidarity must arise... We just received this
letter and decided to spread the word.

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The 10 best Writers on the Net

23-01-2005 05:37

The Ten Best Writers
On The Internet
Always Read The Stories These People Write

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Photos from Ramallah, West Bank and a short report.

23-01-2005 00:47

Apartheid wall.
Here are three photos from Palestine showing the Apartheid wall and the stopping nad searching of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers.

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Protests and Counter-Inauguration at Bush Coronation

22-01-2005 19:58

Heard about the protests at Bush’s inauguration this week? No? Little attention has been paid to the protests, but some ten thousand people gathered in Washington DC to register their opposition to the Texan tea-leaf, and smaller demonstrations occurred all over the US.

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22-01-2005 10:19

President George Bush has launched a New War on Tyranny and Oppression
and the 30 members of his *Willing Coalition* are the Ideal Targets!
According to the U.S. State Department

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Rumsfeld cancels trip to Germany after war crimes accusations

22-01-2005 08:36

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld cancelled a planned visit to Germany after a US human rights organisation asked German authorities to prosecute him for war crimes, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) has learned.

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Kurds Refugees deported from Japan

21-01-2005 09:03

deported kurdish refuggee in turkish police
calling sollidarity on deportation of refugees in Japan .

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A mockery of the European charter – evictions of Roma in Romania

21-01-2005 01:50

“In order to combat social exclusion and poverty, the Union recognises and respects the right to social and housing assistance so as to ensure a decent existence for all those who lack sufficient resources, in accordance with the rules laid down by Community law and national laws and practices.” (Art. 23.3, European Charter of Fundamental Rights)

On January 13th a group of 70 Roma were taken by the Romanian Police in Bucharest and fined between 750,000 to 1,000,000 Rol (20 - 25 euro) for illegal housing. They were released around 2 p.m the same day. Later on the representatives of the City Hall, police officers and gendarmes came to the Roma neighbourhood with orders for eviction and demolition of houses.

Due to the presence of Romani Criss a Romanian Human rights NGO; the actions were postponed for the next day not before non-nominally summonses were handed.

According to Romani CRISS[1] there is no legal ground for the actions of the 1st district Bucharest City Hall since the field is private property.

The actions are a serious infringement of the right to property granted under the Romanian Constitution as well as a violation of International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights respectively the Government Obligations to Prevent Forced Evictions.

Despite the legal arguments invoked by Romani CRISS, the City Hall representatives continued to execute the demolition of the houses. The Mayoralty pulled down two buildings. Following a series of interventions from representatives of the Romanian Government and Parliament the actions was stopped and measures to address the situation taking in consideration the complex issues affecting the Roma community from Tarafului Street.

ERIO[2] and Romani CRISS consider such actions of social exclusion carried out by public local authorities against Roma are not only illegal but against the Lisbon Strategy and in grave discrepancy with the political discourse of the Romanian Government.

Both ERIO and Romani CRISS express their concern regarding the potential danger of such practices carried by local authorities and recommend a better collaboration between national and local authorities in order to promote the social inclusion of Roma.

Both organisations congratulate the reaction of representatives of the Romanian government and parliament and consider that further steps in the same direction, together with a stronger collaboration between the Roma NGOs and the political elites could curb the historical exclusion and discrimination of Roma in Romania.


[1] Romani CRISS combines civic militantism with the designing and the implementation of public policy programs for the benefit of local Roma community, in order to respect Roma rights as human beings and as a minority. CRISS activates in the multiethnic communities with Roma population from Romania in order to consolidate the local democratic institutions based on the non-discriminatory respect of the civil, political, economical and cultural rights. CRISS promotes the political concept of Roma as people in the world Diaspora and as a European minority to whom the national states and the intergovernmental institutions have a special responsibility.

[2] See

Valeriu Nicolae Executive Director ad interim ERIO
European Roma Information Office
Avenue Edouard Lacomble 17 , Brussels 1040
Tel : 0032 (0) 2733 34 62
Fax: 0032 2733 3875
Mobile :0032 (0) 476538194

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Palestine and the UN - Public Meeting - Brighton

20-01-2005 14:00

Public Meeting on Palestine and the UN with David Roberts from the Campign for UN Renewal