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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Police attack Police! Thug on anti war demo exposed as police officer

24-06-2008 09:51

Police violence on demo may have been aided by agent provocateurs present in the crowd of Stop the War demonstration against Bush visit.

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Passed HR 6304 Domestic Spy Amendments—choke 1st Amendment Rights

24-06-2008 05:19

U.S. House SPY AMENDMENTS—State, Persons Exercising 1st Amendment Rights “May be Considered” Agents of a Foreign Power.

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13 hens rescued for Austrian activists in Australia

23-06-2008 23:43

Animal Liberation Victoria press release - 23rd July

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Report on Zimbabwe Film Showing

23-06-2008 22:01

THE FLAME (director Ingrid Sinclair) film show was a quite a success attracting an approximate number of 50 or so people. There was also quiet a good representation of various nationalities: 12 Zimbabweans, 3 Congolese, 2 Burundi, 1 Asian, 1 Malawian and approx. 25 British. Organisations represented included Refugee Forum, No Borders, Indymedia, NAWEF (Nottingham African Women Empowerment Forum) and of the hosts Nottingham Zimbabwe Community Network (NZCN).

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Fox Hunt takes injunction out against monitors.

23-06-2008 19:37

The Crawley and Horsham hunt is taking an injunction out against monitors stopping them from documenting any evidence of law breaking.

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News from the battles for free space in Copenhagen

23-06-2008 17:47

Struggles around free space and squats continue abounds in Copenhagen, Denmark. Not only are there still weekly demos still for the campaign to have a new Youthhouse (Ungdomshuset) but a new extension to the famous squatted Christiania has been occupied with great success. It also looks like the council has given in to pressure from the squatters movement and agreed a new Youth House for the kids!!

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McDonalds Protest and Arrest – Pictures

23-06-2008 15:23

Expressing our view inside McDonalds
Here are some photos from another Independent cameraperson (yes, we had 2!) of the McDonalds protest in Cambridge on Saturday (21st June) where a protester was arrested and charged under Section 5 of the Public Order Act.

for a VIDEO and more details.

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More shops to close in Farnborough town centre

23-06-2008 15:14

Jean Jean closing down sale
Several shops in Farnborough town centre closed or announced their closure in the first half of the year. More shops are now closing down. If the trend continues, soon there will be nothing left of what was once a viable town centre with a wide range and diversity of shops.

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"COINTELPRO operations manuals" now posted

23-06-2008 12:25

Organized stalking and electronic harassment is the common name of the current-day COINTELPRO crimes. One OS/EH target has compiled "operations manuals" describing the perpetrator organization.

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Resistance in Oaxaca! Tour

23-06-2008 10:11

Matias, a mexican comrade is touring europe in representation of indigenous communities from Oaxaca.

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Arrested Activists in Austria: Solidarity continues - July 2: Day of Solidarity

22-06-2008 23:36

one struggle one fight
The activists are still in prison, one of them still in hungerstrike, put with forced feeding by the authorities. The solidarity protests are still going on - lots of protests around the prisons, but also in many other parts in austria and abroad.

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Young Communist seized and interrogated ahead of SOAS conference

22-06-2008 18:01

Buti Manamela was detained and harassed for his political beliefs
The national secretary of the South African Young Communist League (YCL), Buti Manamela, was interrogated for hours by the anti-terrorist unit of the British police last week at Heathrow Airport in London on his way to an event on Socialism at Britain's most prestigious Colonial College, the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). He tells us of his experience.

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Quietly and without sorrow: purging the undesireable in a Scientologist world

22-06-2008 14:34

The Church of Scientology is an international cult founded by science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard. Hubbard was an authoritarian with delusions of power, who sought to have his movement conquer the world and have his teachings form the basis of the new society.

But every utopia has its dissidents, every Eden its snake. And Hubbard was ready for them.

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Australia and the ICCPR

22-06-2008 05:34

In its Chapter 13 of its election platform of 2007, The Australian Labor Party promised to uphold the ICCPR and adhere to its obligations. Under John Howard many including myself had to have recourse to the UNHRC to uphold our rights. It should now be a relatively simple matter to get those decisions implemented......however

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Tent City Parliament Square.

21-06-2008 15:37

Unauthorised* 24-hour "Tent City" in Parliament Square to Protest Against Ongoing Deportations to Iraq. There are some 15 tents and a Gazebo now pitched on the grass.

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Canada's apology to Native Peoples: 'NOT ACCEPTED'!

21-06-2008 08:55

Canada's neo-con bushpuppet Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently 'apologized' to Indigenous peoples or did he...? Sorry for Genocide...? Apology 'NOT ACCEPTED'

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Sign The Petition To Lift Travel Restrictions on Palestinian Journalist

21-06-2008 01:59

Please sign this petition to help lift travel restrictions placed in this palestinian journalist.

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Actions against; Novartis, hunting, fishing & liberations

20-06-2008 20:23


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Eric McDavid - eco-prisoner - benefit @ Bowl Court squat, Friday 20 June

20-06-2008 15:04

A benefit gig for green scare prisoner Eric McDavid, recently
sentenced to 20 years in prison for 'conspiracy to commit arson' on a
genetics lab in the USA (more info at, and,
depending on how far the proceeds go, also for the vegan prisoners
support group (

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Broken Laws, Broken Lives: The Consequences of Torture

20-06-2008 13:22

Physicians for Human Rights, based in Washington, D.C., has just published a report entitled Broken Laws, Broken Lives: Medical Evidence of Torture and its Impact. It presents a very detailed and exhaustive study of the medical evidence of torture by U.S. personnel and its impact on the victimized detainees. The group has effectively documented the systematic use of torture during interrogations at Abu Graib, Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere and they call for an immediate end to the use these illegal and immoral practices.