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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Pictures of solidarity protest in front of US embassy, London, 12th of October,

20-10-2004 20:51

Some pictures about the rally in front of the US embassy in London at the Pachamerican day 12th of october. Unfortunately was too late for the Zapatista support demonstration at the Mexican embassy, but here are the pictures of the Venezuela support rally at the US embassy the same day.

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"We tell lies for white supremacy every day" admit PSNI.

20-10-2004 17:22

PSNI confess to covering up the facts of sectarian murder in the still-occupied north.

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Sheffield Indymedia Press Release

20-10-2004 10:35

Press release from Sheffield Indymedia regarding the stolen servers on October 14th 2004.

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Kings Cross Detention of anti-capitalist block

19-10-2004 22:52

Pictures from the detention of the radical anti-capitalist block on Sunday, 17th of October, Kings Cross St.Pancras station.

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Medical Aid For Palestine gig in Swansea

19-10-2004 22:06

Gilad Atzman to play benefit gig in Swansea

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COBAS Union condemns UK ESF organising committee (swp/sa/gla)

19-10-2004 21:54

COBAS condemns uk esf committee domination of the ESF closing demonstration and treatment of young people from 'autonomous spaces'.

Tuesday 19th October 2004 :
From Italian union COBAS regarding the ESF rally

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Protest FBI Crackdown on Indymedia!

19-10-2004 20:45

Government Seizes Servers: Protest FBI Crackdown on Indymedia!

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Photos of Belmarsh Prison Protest - 3rd Oct

19-10-2004 19:34

These photos were long overdue ... A protest took place outside Belmarsh high security prison on Sunday 3rd October. This was in solidarity with the 14 people that have been detained indefinitely without charges or trial. Read indepth article:

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Waverley to force through housing sell off

19-10-2004 15:43

Waverley is trying to force through privatisation of its housing stock.

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The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear

19-10-2004 15:01

With Love
Wednesday evening at 9:00. BBC2 is to broadcast the first episode of a three-part documentary series called
The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear. This television channel is off limits to most of the world. But i have also heard that this really should be a program that should be payed attention to.
(this coming from someone who do not own a tv) My "request" is, if anyone have the equipment to record this program and make it available for download online, i would very greatful. I am a part of a larger network that "distributes", profitfree ofcause, information and documentaries that attempts to change the minds of the passive television consumers. Most of the network exists outside of the UK, which means we dont have a chance to "get" this tv program. Please exuse my english. it is not my "main" language.. I hope someone can help me... if you can. please write me at:

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indy paris an indy brasil newswires are out

19-10-2004 11:02

it's impossible to publish on the paris indymedia site as on the cmi brasil, the newswire column on the right doesn't work

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All arrested in connection with ESF free again

19-10-2004 08:20

According to Indymedia Germany, posted by International Legal Support Team, all arrested in connection with the European Social Forum should be free again now.

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Donations campaign to save the cave dwellers of south Hebron, Palestine

19-10-2004 06:34

The cave dwellers suffer from settlers, army and civil administration harassment.
The aim is clear - expell them, destroy their humble livelihood so that the area
is annexed to Israel.

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ESF demonstration and actions wrap-up

18-10-2004 23:46

A quick wrap-up of the Sunday ESF events, demonstrations and actions.

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18-10-2004 23:25

Guess who said this? That's right, our friend Plod.

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arrest video

18-10-2004 22:22

footage of police arrestinga protstor

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The US and Russia: Democracy in Check

18-10-2004 22:20

At the end of September, 115 politicians and foreign policy experts signed a letter that was delivered to the heads of NATO and European Union States. The letter criticized Russian President, Vladimir Putin's recent moves to end Democratic process in Russia. One of the recipients of the letter was George Bush, jr. As a man who has moved to end Democratic process in his own country, it would have been very hypocritical of Bush to condemn Putin for his actions. Consequently the only rebuke was Bush stating that he hopes Putin does not abandon Democracy upheld by checks and balances within the Russian government, but even this was ironic.

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Indymedia Seizure question in Parliament by Birmingham MP Lynne Jones

18-10-2004 19:38

A parliamentary question has just been asked by Lynne Jones MP for Selly Oak, Birmingham. I'm not sure who suggested that she ask the question or if she may have asked it spontaneously. (She's not my MP, and I don't actually vote - I'm not eligible to vote.)

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Haiti and sweatshops - union organiser speaking - Tuesday 19th October

18-10-2004 16:54

Yannick Etienne of the Batay Ouvriye union federation is visiting Britain to speak about the organisation of sweatshop workers in Haiti. As part of her short tour, the activist is speaking at Sheffield University.