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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Freedom fight for justice, truth, and human rights:

03-02-2007 11:25

Brighton solidarity with Oaxaxa and chiapas Mexicans
who are the targets of state sponsored human rights abuse:

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German Arrest Warrants for CIA Kidnapping

03-02-2007 02:54

Extraordinary Rendition
German Arrest Warrants for CIA Kidnapping, Torture of Khaled El-Masri Come as US Extraordinary Rendition Scrutinized Around the Globe

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SOCPA - full court report - banned from the zone!

03-02-2007 01:41

barbara arrest 24th jan (photo: brian haw) 1
barbara tucker has for the moment given up her daily protest in parliament square. she was forced into this decision through ill health caused by more than a year of police victimisation and harassment, and by a court threat that if she breaks bail conditions imposed today she will be imprisoned. having been detained overnight by police on a dubious charge of breach of bail, steve jago has now regained his unconditional bail and is free.

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Solidarity Demo with Greek Hunger Strikers this Monday

03-02-2007 00:52

Two Greek political prisoners are in the midst of a hunger strike. On Monday, one of them will be on his 67th day. They have been held in prison for over 8 months for participating in a demonstration at the European Social Forum. It is entirely possible that the Greek state will watch them die. It is time for London to stand up.

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Storm Troopers

02-02-2007 23:26

Police seal off two streets and search every home.

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Iraq: Who did the US military massacre near Najaf?

02-02-2007 21:22

Massacre near Najaf
Whether the slaughter outside Najaf was inflicted on a cult, anti-government tribesmen or a combination of both, it demonstrates that the illegal American presence in Iraq can only be continued by repression and indiscriminate killing in every part of the country. The scale of the massacre is a warning of what is being prepared as US operations are stepped up in Baghdad under Bush’s planned “surge”.

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SOCPA - bail act used to ban protest

02-02-2007 17:16

barbara tucker has been temporarily beaten in court. on the latest farcical charge against her (supposedly assaulting a police officer), she has been given conditional bail for five months till trial and warned she will be jailed if she enters the socpa protest zone for any reason before then.
the harrassment of the past few days has taken its toll on her health and she has decided to take a rest for a short while before deciding what to do next.

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Lindis Percy:- Pervert Walked Free, But I Was Jaiiled Over £50

02-02-2007 14:40

A Peace campaigner said today she could not understand why she had been jailed as the controversy over prison crowding continued.

Grandmother-of-six Lindis Percy, 65, who moved away from Hull in August and now lives in Harrogate, spoke after her release from Low Newton Prison for women, in County Durham, after serving half of a seven-day sentence imposed last Friday.

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Australia: Right up the backside of that bloody Bush Administration

02-02-2007 07:14

Civil Rights Defence in Melbourne
Terry Hicks: Howard Government "right up the backside of that bloody Bush Administration."

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AUSTRALIA: Habib to campaign on human rights

02-02-2007 06:37

Excesses by a powerful state
The citizens of Australia and other democracies enjoy the liberty they do because of the inherited wisdom of centuries that the rule of law must govern the relationship between the state and individual.

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SOCPA - another 'breach of bail' arrest

01-02-2007 18:07

barbara tucker and steve jago
steve jago was arrested just before 5pm in whitehall tonight. like barbara tucker, he may face jail for alleged breach of bail conditions. his crime? peaceful protest in the socpa zone

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Israel's Kafkaesque "Matrix of Control"

01-02-2007 15:00

The following article by Stephen Lendman ( ) makes reference to a couple of things already published on this site:

Leaked Israeli Document Gives Frightening Glimpse of Apartheid

Looking to the Side, From Belsen to Gaza
John Pilger

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SOCPA - it didn't take long for police to attack barbara tucker yet again

01-02-2007 00:26

peaceful barbara tucker
the charing cross campiagn against barbara tucker continued again this morning when she did her usual peaceful protest outside parliament as part of brian haw's demonstration. she was attacked by four burly policemen, held at charing cross for another eleven hours and bailed on what eye-witnesses say are trumped-up charges.

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The Trebanos Five - "Ramblers" arrested on route of National Grids Pipeline

31-01-2007 21:46

This morning ( Wed 31-01-2007 ) five people were arrested on the public footpath running through the construction site in Trebanos, South Wales.

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Sam Of Cafe )ne 5 ways still won't return my property

31-01-2007 19:36

he kept me waiting outside 1 hour
to tell me I was racist scum and so was the rest of my generation
still won,t return the best ever painting i did;(

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On This Day 1972: Bloody Sunday, Derry, N. Ireland

31-01-2007 01:29

British Justice. Bloody Sunday, Derry, Jan 1972. That was then.
A civil rights rights march by 15,000 Irish Catholics in the city of Derry was attacked by members of the British paratroop regiment. Under direct orders to "get some kills", the British soldiers opened fire on unarmed demonstrators, killing thirteen including six children. Five of the dead had been shot in the back. One demonstrator was shot twice in the back as he lay wounded on the ground. Another was shot at close range in the face. There was also evidence to suggest that some soldiers had used modified "dum dum" bullets that create a larger wound with greater blood loss and trauma.

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SOCPA - barbara tucker gains brief respite from possible jail sentence

31-01-2007 00:35

barbara tonight is free again after being threatened with jail for breach of draconian bail conditions for doing no more than wandering around near the seat of power with her distinctive pink banner portraying the genocide being committed by us and uk troops.

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For immediate release: 6 Boat Lane update

30-01-2007 15:02

Abuser caught on film at HLS
"I have now signed an undertaking to abide by the current injunction sought by Huntingdon Life Sciences. This involves accepting draconian limits on peacefully protesting against HLS and not allowing SHAC to use my home address (6 Boat Lane, Evesham, WR114BP) as a campaign address after 31st January 2007. " Lynn Sawyer Jan 2007

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SDO Demo Crazy Failures mp3

30-01-2007 05:56

SDO Demo Crazy Failures
It is not about defending D Hicks, it is about OUR rights of protection from powerful individuals and state - radical radio 30 mins stereo

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Photos: Barbara Tucker banned & arrested

30-01-2007 00:41

Credit: Marc Vallée, 2006. -
Barbara Tucker the peace protester was arrested outside Downing Street tonight (29.01.07) after a court told her today that she was banned from entering the SOCPA zone.