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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Photos from Dale Farm March, Sat 10 Sep. [Set 1]

13-09-2011 00:02

Most people arrived at the demo by train
Around 250 people marched from Wickford Station near Basildon to the Dale Farm Traveller site on Saturday 10 September in protest at the council's plans to evict 90 families from their longstanding homes on the site, with no concern for their welfare. Those affected include the sick, disabled and elderly and around 200 children. More people are needed right now on site to help resist the eviction. More info here:

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Defend The HSBC 3! The Appeal Approaches

12-09-2011 17:54

Defend the HSBC 3!
The HSBC 3 were 3 anti-cuts protestors who were put on trial on political charges in March. Two were convicted and fined - a direct attack on the anti-cuts movement. on the 27th and 27th September their appeal will be held in Newcastle. Demonstrate and show your solidarity - defend the movement!

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Don't forget the (antifascist) prisoners!

12-09-2011 12:54

“Knowing there’s guys and girls like you on the outside supporting us makes such a difference...It’s really nice not to be forgotten and I’ll be eternally grateful to everyone.” – Ravi Gill

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Dale Farm: Important Eviction Update

12-09-2011 11:28

The public date of the eviction is the week of the 19th September, but
we still need supporters at Dale Farm. We have received unconfirmed
reports that part of the eviction operation may start tomorrow, and so
the more people on site the better. Please be ready to come to Dale
Farm in the morning, just in case -- you'll receive a txt if you've
signed up to txt alerts at

Residents believe that the bailiffs and the police may attempt some
sort of operation early tomorrow morning. This is a very stressful
time for a lot of the residents- they are being made homeless by their
own council. They need our support.

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Disrupt the FIT at DSEi

11-09-2011 15:05

Named Met FIT

It's that time again. DSEi, Defence Systems Equipment International, the world's largest arms fair, is returning to ExCeL, and Disarm DSEi, alongside others in the Stop the Arms Fair Coalition will be trying to stop them. 13th September has been announced as the main day of action, with Disarm DSEi calling for people to stop the arms dealers in their tracks by blockading the DLR from 10am at Custom House station. Actions will be continuing throughout the week, including at the arms dealers dinner on Thursday.

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Weekly blog roundup

10-09-2011 22:11

The weekly round up of blogs from Oxford/shire

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Dale Farm Demo - March from Wickford Station Sat 10 Sep.

09-09-2011 21:51

A reminder that there's a demo and march starting from Wickford station at 1pm on Saturday 10 September to Dale Farm in protest at the eviction of this longstanding Traveller site, which will cost Basildon one third of its entire annual budget and, more importantly, will cost many vulnerable people including children, elderly and sick people their homes. More support urgently needed at Camp Constant, so come and stay if you're able.

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The English Defence League and Redwatch

09-09-2011 21:22

Article with images at

It has long been suspected that the English Defence League have been in bed with white supremacists Redwatch.

Redwatch is an organisation set up by the far right British People's party in an attempt to track down the home addresses and work places of people who protest against them both on the street and the political stage.

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Updated ! Solidarity Action for a comrade detained in Norway

09-09-2011 18:03

action needed urgently
Andre is a Norwegian comrade, our loyal and good friend who had the
misfortune to experience psychological repression. whilst fearing for his life and liberty

Andre moved to Tromsø (north of Norway) in August 2010. Since then, he has
been almost totally socially isolated.

Andre has a long history of bad treatment and social exclusion. These
issues go back to his childhood days where he experienced sexual abuse
which was not considered execrable by his surrounding environment.

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Bashir the butcher of Darfur travels at will despite ICC arrest warrant

08-09-2011 23:40

It is an outrage that the architect of the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Darfurians and now responsible for bombings in South Kordofan may travel with impunity outside Sudan.

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Welfare/ATOS & Harrington's indifference

08-09-2011 16:29

Professor Harrington- WCA/ATOS says Test will continue regardless while he refuses to comment whilst 'reviewing'....

How many more have to suffer and/or die before this iniquitous 'Test' is dropped and ' silent' Harrington forced to resign in disgrace..????

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End the Arms Trade! Defend the Right to Protest! March from Westminster to DSEi

07-09-2011 06:51

End the Arms Trade! Defend the Right to Protest!
- March from Westminster to the Arms Fair, Wednesday 14th September

A march for peace and freedom will take place on Wednesday 14th September, from Westminster to the ExCel Centre in east London, where DSEi (Defence and Security Equipment International), the world's biggest arms fair will be in progress.

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Release political prisoner and activist Andre Dahl Jensen

05-09-2011 12:39

Andre Dahl Jensen, a political activist from Norway is currently being held within a psychiatric ward (UNN Tromso) in Tromso (Norway), on the belief that he suffers delusions, which the doctors have said only to occur when he is in Norway (the idea of regional psychosis being absurd), and on the belief that his political views are caused by mental illness. Many can vouch for his mental stability.

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Commute the death sentence of Santhan, Murugan and Perariva

05-09-2011 11:41

Tamilnadu Government order to execute Perarivalan, Santhan and Murugan Two
I am William Nicholas Gomes, a human rights activist and journalist. I have been campaigning for the abolishment of the death penalty for years. I want to start my appeal to you by quoting a comment of eminent jurist, W.J. Basil Fernando, who is the Director for Policy and Programme Development of Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), “I am opposing the execution of the killers of Rajiv Ratna Gandhi, not because they are the killer of 6th Prime Minister of India but it is because no State has a right to take the life of a human being, it being against the Right to Life. I am for abolition of death penalty”.

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The Slamming Of The Door by Sean Cregan

03-09-2011 21:51

A poem by antifascist prisoner Sean Cregan.

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Scapegoating poor travellers whilst bailing out bankers is Tryanny not democracy

03-09-2011 18:24

Blagger Ball leader of Basildon council& Eric Pickles are desperately trying to keep the masses happy by latching onto a campaign of hate by a largely priviliged minority. Meanwhile local primary schools playing fields are sold off for tory gerrymanders to help pay bankers, services are cut,ex visteon workers nearby are on the dole& Basildon golf course staff are sacked is over council& landfill deals.
Bizarelly it is nearby Kent county council, which is Tory showing a way out,with eviction costs there down80% since sites were sanctioned

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Catholic Workers Head to GCHQ on eve of 10th Anniversary of the Wars

02-09-2011 12:13

At the gates of GCHQ
Following a mass conducted by the Catholic Worker at the Greenbelt Music festival held at Cheltenham racecourse, Catholic Workers from Giuseppe Conlon House and the CW Farmhouse headed to vigil at nearby GCHQ (British Government Communications Headquarters).

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'New laws not needed' to block Twitter: UK can morph into police state at will

02-09-2011 09:14

One of the unanswered questions arising from the August riots is whether the government needs new powers to block the use of Twitter, Facebook and other social media which were used to organise the disturbances.

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London neighbourhoods terrorized by police raids: 30,000 arrests planned

02-09-2011 09:11

One month after major disturbances were provoked by the August 4 police killing of Mark Duggan in north London, the Metropolitan Police in the capital are intensifying raids on working class communities.

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Swiss Undercover Cop interview (G8)

01-09-2011 17:41

Today in the Swiss "WOZ" online, there is an article with a Swiss former undercover cop, who was sent to spy at the German G8. The article mentions also UK agent Mark Kennedy who was there, as well as other spies, from France amongst other places.
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