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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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About the Austrian animal rights prisoners

20-06-2008 11:03

Details of the animal rights prisoners - please write to them

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Our Collective Duty to Zimbabwe

20-06-2008 10:49

Experiences in Guyana, in Kenya and in Zimbabwe have taught us that it is a mistake to adopt western standards of victory as our own, write Horace Campbell and Eusi Kwayana. Victory for us must mean reconciliation of divided populations. Reconciliation will fail utterly if it is imposed; or allows free rein to corruption, militarism or if it ignores the choices of the people in valid elections. We have responsibility as progressives and Pan-Africanists to Zimbabwe.

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Campsfield Detention Centre Breakout - 4 humans escape!!

19-06-2008 13:59

Four immigration detainees who are currently being hunted by police were part of "planned escape", a senior police officer has said.

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Urgent Action: Control Order Detainee on Hunger Strike til Death or Deportation

19-06-2008 12:04

In a London hospital Mahmoud Abu Rideh lies in a critical condition from a hunger strike against the Control Order conditions which he has lived under for more than three years. Following an attempt on his life more than a month ago, he has been refusing food, and much of the time even ice cubes or water for 31 days. Wheelchair-bound, he is now coughing and excreting blood. Disillusioned with the injustice he has encountered in Britain, all Mr Abu Rideh requests is allowance to leave the UK and be deported to Syria, or for his Control Order to be lifted.

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Repression and Revolt in the run up to G8 Japan

19-06-2008 00:06

Over the past week and a half, an unprecedented political crackdown has been enacted in advance of a series of economic summits around the country. Despite this, the brave workers of Kamagasaki stood up against the stiff security environment in riots against the brutal beating of a day laborer over the past five days. The twin situations of repression and revolt deserve to be examined in more detail.

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Cuba: Interview Porno Para Ricardo

18-06-2008 23:48

PPR - Cuba
* The Cuban Libertarian Movement (MLC) interviewed via internet a punk musical group active in Havana for over 10 years who are today a significant reference in a counter cultural scene that merits recognition and solidarity.

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Tibetan Demonstration not Thursday Now saturday

18-06-2008 12:07

The Tibetan Demonstration outside the Chinese Embassy is now not on Thursday 19th June But Saturday 21st June, this is to coincide with the arrival of the torch in Lhasa which has been moved to Saturday

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Fitwatch at anti-bush demo

18-06-2008 08:51

Steve Discombe
Report of fitwatch at sundays demo

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Fight Speciesism! #2 - Out Now

18-06-2008 01:14

Front Cover
The second issue has expanded from 6 to 10 pages because of the quantity of news and analysis that has been published since the first edition.

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Italy, Deportation Of 40 Afghan Refugees

17-06-2008 21:53


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Incidents of Serious Self-Harm in Removal Centres up 54%

17-06-2008 18:29

Self-Harm in Immigration Detention 1st Quarter 2008 Jan/Feb/Mar

There were 48 incidents of Self-Harm requiring medical treatment in Jan/Feb/Mar 2008 this is an increase of 54% on the last quarter of 2007 Oct/Nov/Dec during which time there were 31 incidents.

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UNISON's witchhunt of anti-New Labour activists intensifies

17-06-2008 17:32

Excellent chance of it all hitting the fan at Unison conference today: the four left-leaning union activists that the union bureaucracy is presently trying to expel are holding a special protest meeting. It’s a meeting which anybody who is anybody in Unison has a substantial stake in.

The union bureaucracy’s witchhunt of these four respected officers is easily the biggest issue at conference this year. There are those who think that the union’s future is written in this battle. Either left or the right in the union must win.

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British Government rejects Scientology petition - again

17-06-2008 17:08

Earlier this year, a petition was submitted to the British government calling for an investigation into links between UK Police and the Church of Scientology, a notorious international cult with an array of front groups at its disposal. The petition was dismissed out of hand, with a quote from a representative not even involved with the forces in question.

More recently, a second petition was submitted, this one calling for the British government to refrain from granting the Church of Scientology religious (and therefore tax-exempt) status. Today Number 10 issued its response. Take a guess what it was.

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Atenco Political Prisoners

17-06-2008 15:42

On 3 and 4 of May, 2006, more than 2,500 state and federal Mexican police arrived at the small town of San Salvador Atenco, Mexico State, to repress members of a social movement (People´s Front in Defence of Land, FPDT) protesting in support of local flower sellers who had been displaced from their traditional place of work because the government was planning to build there a Wall Mart.

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Operation Overkill as 11 Police Forces Snoop on Animal Rights Gathering

17-06-2008 13:53

Sorry for the blurry pics...
No doubt supremely jealous of animal rights folk meeting together, socialising , drinking lots of tea, helping on the sanctuary and of course workshops the police decided to get their own national gathering together. Being too wimpy to actually camp local hotels (so our sources tell us) burst at the seams with police at the bar, at the gym and comparing camera lens sizes with one another at every opportunity.

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Charged - "Fitwatchers" arrested at STWC March, March 15. Update

17-06-2008 13:08

Having been arrested under Sec 241 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 for "intimidation or annoyance by violence or otherwise" towards the FIT team, 3 of the 4 arrestees have now been charged with the less obscure charge of Obstruct Police.

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Solidarity continues for imprisoned Austrian activists

17-06-2008 11:50

Humburg, Germany - June 4th
In response to the extremely brutal police operation carried out, the seizure of numerous materials and the arrests, solidarity demonstrations have appeared so far to several in Graz, Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Stockholm, Bregenz, Salzb urg and Wiener Neustadt. There are also a few new pictures...

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FIT at londonfete

17-06-2008 11:44

Approaching the Pullen Centre
While protesters were beaten and arrested at Whitehall, the police still had enough manpower and resources to take pictures and notes of individuals attending a public meeting, and eventually arresting two people for holding a banner. What's that smell? Not democracy.