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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 26 August 2004 through Sunday, 2

30-08-2004 22:29

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 26 August 2004 through Sunday, 29 August 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.

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30-08-2004 18:31

Map to Epping Forest District Council
DEMO at Epping Forest District Council - 2pm Tuesday (near Epping Tube Station)

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Call for Global Day of Action in support of the Paestinian Prison Hunger striker

30-08-2004 17:25

The situation of the 8000 Palestinian Hunger strikers is becoming extremally serious. In some prisons people are being refused water for three days as water was removed by the army. Today the Red Cross was able to visit some prisoners and despite many of them being ill after three days without water they have promised to continue.
The hunger strikers are protesting agianst the inhumane prison conditions which they face.

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29-08-2004 12:50

I would like to congratulate the people of the Use Your Loaf autonomous Social Centre in Deptford South London in their work.

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28-08-2004 18:57

Sergeant Rigley (circled)

The police have, in the last few months, started to use intimidating tactics against what are normally peaceful and not very large demonstrations at Campsfield immigration prison. On the latest one, the intimidation reached heights of absurdity.

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Palestine news

28-08-2004 13:24

We heard Arun Gandhi, Mahatma's grandson, speak at rallies in Ramallah and Abu Dis.

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Iraqi Resistance Report: New Issue 08/ 23-25 /04

27-08-2004 21:43

The Iraqi Resistance Reports are Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.

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The Impeachment of Tony Blair

27-08-2004 17:23

All the evidence shows that the Prime Minister misled Parliament and the people on the eve of the Iraq war. Now, as Peter Oborne reveals, a group of MPs are determined to impeach him.

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ASBOs used against DSEi protesters

27-08-2004 13:51

Yesterday two people and a baby were prevented from holding a banner and handing out leaflets outside Reed Exhibitions (owners of Spearhead and organisers of DSEi, the world’s largest arms fair).

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26-08-2004 21:30

lollypop action
Campsfield Immigrant Detention Centre is a place where innocent people are made to suffer. It has a 10-year history of brutality, suicide-attempts, hunger strikes, and
massive protests. In 2002 the Government finally admitted that it was "unsuited to the needs of the 21st century", and announced its closure. But instead, the Home Office has now sent Cherwell District Council a planning application to expand it from 180 to nearly 300 places.

All detention centres are trouble - for the innocent people inside and everyone who lives near them. But big detention centres are real trouble.

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undercurrents video - campsfield

26-08-2004 21:16

Video of today’s lollypop action.

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Hunger-strike in solidarity with palestinian prisoners

26-08-2004 16:11

Extract from blog done by people from Oxford who are in Palestine at the moment.

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Eviction Venue Change: Thurs Autonomous Spaces ESF Meeting

25-08-2004 22:46

Due to the eviction of the Ex Grand Bank Occupied Social Centre this morning, Thursday's Autonomous / Self Organised Spaces meeting for the ESF has been moved to LARC:

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Lower Nazeing Roma Memorial Park

25-08-2004 20:15

These photos were taken at the Memorial Ceremony at the Travellers site, at Paynes Lane, Lower Nazeing, Epping Forest. The ceremony was held to dedicate a field owned by Harry and Linda Smith, as a Memorial Park, to Roma people, who were killed in the holocaust. and who have died from persecution up the present day. They also sought permission from the parents of Johnny Delaney, who was murdered in a racist attack, in Cheshire last year, to name the field after him.

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Iraqi Resistance Report 08/ 19-22 /04

25-08-2004 17:58

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 19 August 2004 through
Sunday, 22 August 2004. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu
Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.

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Pavilion Housing Association in Crisis

25-08-2004 15:45

Following a damning report on Pavilion by the Audit Commission and his forced appearance before a committee of Rushmoor Borough Council, Pavilion chief executive Mervyn Jones tried to pull a fast one by inviting the committee back to his place where he could brief them away from public gaze. Only problem was, it all backfired and Jones was left humiliated wondering if by the end of the week he would still have his job left.

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Ewa Jasiewicz update

25-08-2004 09:54

News from "The Scotsman"

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New bulletin of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights-Behatokia

24-08-2004 16:24

The new Basque Observatory for Human Rights bulletin is avalaible in our web page, at

PDF version of the bulletin in english:

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200 Birds: The First Victims of Dimona's Nuclear Reactor

24-08-2004 14:52

GAZA, August 24, 2004 (IPC + Al Bayan) -- Israeli environmental officials declared that about 200 migrating birds between Africa and Europe died when they stopped near the Israeli nuclear reactor Dimona.