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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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FEMA misled the public about the WTC collapse!

06-09-2004 07:06

If WTC was built correctly, it should have burned out and not collapsed, causing smaller material damage and much fewer victims among almost 1000, who died under the zones of impact in and around the both towers. Exposing design flaws causing the WTC collapse would have weakened the argument for the retribution war in Iraq, because the retribution should be proportional to the injury. So, not exposing design flaws, and putting more blame for the injury on the attackers, implied more retribution, i.e. a stronger argument for the war.

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Palestinians weigh the non-violent option

05-09-2004 20:03

If Palestinians had adopted a non-violent struggle against Israeli occupation, their conflict would have been over by now, says Mahatma Gandhi's 70-year-old grandson Arun Gandhi.

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Iraq: Media Suppresion & Yet Another Bomb

05-09-2004 10:19

Smashed up taxi at bomb site.
How can the truth possibly come out of Iraq if the media are too scared and too weak to even attempt to search for it? Yet another bomb goes off near Welsh activists. They document what happens immediately after a bomb goes off in Baghdad.

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Riots and Curfew in Kathmandu as residents target Manpower Companies

05-09-2004 07:05

The city of Kathmandu, NEPAL, has been under curfew for the past four days following riots which occurred in the aftermath of the killing of twelve Nepali workers taken hostage in Iraq. Both the government and the manpower company responsible for sending them have been held to severe obloquy after it was revealed that each of the twelve believed they were going to work on projects in Jordan or Oman.

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New: Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 1 Sept 2004 thru 3 Sept/04

04-09-2004 22:48

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member editorial board The Free Arab Voice.

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Free Palestine Radio

03-09-2004 10:29

Let the voice of resistance against imperialist oppression and racist ethnic cleansing rumble from your speakers!

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social cleansing is out of control!

03-09-2004 03:00

A collection of articles on "crime" in Britain showing the lurch towards fascism and the danger it poses.

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British journalist returns home after being prevented from entering Israel

03-09-2004 00:52

British journalist prevented from entering Israel

'I'll be back', declares Jasiewicz

Foreign Office Minister must make a statement, says Jasiewicz's editor

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"Guantanamo on the Hudson" - police repression in New York

02-09-2004 16:03

Unofficial Protests by various groups over the last two days to protest the Republican National Congress in New York have been met with outrageous treatment by the police force. Protesters and bystanders have been trapped en masse, and around 1800 arrests have been made. Detainees have been kept in makeshift warehouse facilities, called Pier 57, packed into rooms divided up by chicken wire. There are reports of chemical burns from asbestos and other waste in these facilities. Nearly one thousand remain locked up without charge despite the ruling of a local judge that this was illegal.

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McLibel case in Strasbourg court

02-09-2004 16:03

Media Release: 31st August 2004

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Terrorism Began at Deir Yassin

01-09-2004 23:49

We are constantly reminded by our elected officials (and those whom have stolen their elections) and our pro-Israel filtered media, about the acts of revenge that Palestinian and Muslim groups have committed against the people of Israel, however we are almost never told about the brutal and inhuman acts of state terrorism that the nation of Israel has been inflicting against the people of Palestine, ever since its inception.

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Nuclear Solutions Lost In Ambiguity

01-09-2004 15:31

Ambiguity: Mordechai Vanunu; a lawyer in Israel representing Dimona employees; two solutions for nuclear waste that give us alternative viable energy; a portable nuclear weapons detection system since 1999; blackmail and extortion; another dead scientist and the closing of the National Lab in Los Alamos

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from palestine>>>please translate!!!

01-09-2004 13:23

Jerusalem:an ISM activist arrested without reason by israeli police
please translate, the case is particularly serious as it could create a previous one for the international activists, who could be found in a situation of deportation without process!!!

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Ewa Jasiewicz deportation appeal hearing.

01-09-2004 09:54

Ewa addresses a public meeting at Dundee University on April 21st this year.
Appeal for support for Ewa Jasiewicz who is threatened with deportation from Israel.

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What's Happening in NYC, as I write this...(it's not good)...

01-09-2004 01:54

It's not good ... keep checking in to NYC Indy...

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New government announcement gives us an opportunity to smash ASBOs

01-09-2004 01:05

The government's flagship "Asbo Ambassadors" are a sitting duck for activists to begin the fight against these fascist laws.

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women on waves

31-08-2004 18:08

information on the situacion lived by the boat women on waves that has been stopped from entering portueguese watters by the governement and appeal for action

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The Scandal of Firgrove Court

31-08-2004 14:44

Pavilion, a RSL, is trying to kick out its tenants from Firgrove Court, a small of estate of 28 maisonettes in Farnborough town centre, to enable the estate to be demolished for a car park for a superstore, part of an unwanted town centre redevelopment. Pavilion claim they are making no money on this disposal! Why go through all the hassle, why is the issue extremely sensitive?

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Dr. Gandhi in the Holy Land

31-08-2004 12:57

Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, visited Israel and Palestine this past week.

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US 'Terror' Election Barring Voters Could Stand - Memo

30-08-2004 23:13

A government memorandum prepared for the Congress addresses the power of the administration to postpone elections. More notably, it reviews actions the Administration might take that could preclude large numbers of Americans from casting a ballot in November.