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What's Happening in NYC, as I write this...(it's not good)...

kl | 01.09.2004 01:54 | Repression

It's not good ... keep checking in to NYC Indy...

09:39 PM 300-500 people are taunting delegates from the sidewalk at 33rd and Broadway. There are about 200 cops. Delegates are coming out of their hotels, walking down 34th st. to go to the Garden. Reports of mass arrests one block away at 34th and Broadway.

09:37 PM 5th and 17th: had been marching single file, told they would be allowed to do so. They are now experiencing mass arrests.

09:33 PM Police are closing off all streets around Union Square using cops, horses and motorcycles. People are about to get arrested.

09:32 PM At least 4 vans full of arrestees have pulled away from 28th and Madison. Allegedly holding 7-8 people.

09:26 PM An NLG person reports that 75 - 100 people are being arrested at 35th and 5th. A police van is being brought in.

09:21 PM On the north side of west 35th street and 6th avenue reports of 50 violent arrests- people being thrown to the ground and against walls. .

09:16 PM Receiving reports of numerous fires on Park Ave south. It is possible they were set by provocateurs.

09:12 PM IMC and NLG people are blocked in on 35th between Harold Square and 5th Ave. Police pushed them onto sidewalk, telling them they had to leave, but systematically blocked all possible exits. They are now being arrested.

09:08 PM Update at Herald Square: 400 people remain. People can leave, but not enter. Buses of arrestees are driving away. Some one at 27th and park is in need of medical attention.

09:05 PM At 16th and Irving police have barricaded the pen and are still arresting people. Many reports of police violence. Instruments from marching band reportedly broken.

09:03 PM Charles from Rochester IMC was arrested along with three other videographers at 33rd and 9th; several other videographers were reportedly picked up by police.

09:02 PM At 36th between Park and 6th Ave, violent arrests are occuring. Police gave a dispersal order. 200 people cannot leave because they are surrounded.

09:01 PM Trash fires are being reported on Park and Madison.

08:58 PM The 400 people who had been marching up Broadway are now boxed in at the intersection of 35th and 5th Reports of violent arrests in that location.

08:55 PM Update at Madison and 25th: there are way more police than anybody else in the streets. They have issued dispersal orders with bullhorns.

08:53 PM Broadway from 33rd to 35th: 200-300 protesters and 200-300 sympathetic bystanders. Police are having to escort delegates across Broadway. People are shouting "shame" and "go home."

08:51 PM Update from Union Square: Several hundred people left heading north east but are now trapped in a potential mass arrest situation. One person is being taken away on a stretcher. Details unknown.

08:47 PM 400 protesters are now heading west towards Broadway on 35th. Minimal cop presence right now, people are chanting "whose streets? our streets!"

08:35 PM Currently 2 locations where protesters are locked down blocking delegate buses: 34th and Broadway / 35th and 6th. Reportedly 150 people involved now.

08:27 PM CORRECTION: Ivan from Puerto Rico IMC has been arrested.

08:22 PM About 100 people broke away from Harold Sqaure, taking over the street on 28th just off of 5th. Police ran down Madison Ave chasing the group on bikes first then dropped bikes to pursue marchers on foot. People are being tackled and arrested. Protesters are now at park and 26th, shoved face-down on ground. Media is gathered at the corner, being pushed back.

08:19 PM At the intersection of W.35th and Broadway there are 12 people sitting down in front of delegate buses, preventing them from passing. Virtually no police presence at the moment. They are chanting "NYPD arrest Bush, not me!"

08:17 PM At 28th and Broadway, things are relatively calm. People who had been dying-in are being arrested one by one.

08:09 PM Update on Jonny Cash action at 41st and York, earlier today: it wrapped up at 7 o'clock , cops were overwhelming, occasionally letting ppl out. Protesters sang loud, delegates were made to feel "ashamed" of being in this city. Approx. 600 protestors, 100 cops.

08:08 PM Police have arrested an African-American male at Union Square on Broadway. He was picked up quickly by a dozen police officers who said he "committed a crime yesterday."

08:04 PM At 16th and Irving, 2 buses have been filled and left with arrestees. Caller estimates 150. A third bus has arrived to take the rest of the arrestees.

08:03 PM Warning about shifting boundaries of "frozen zones" around Penn Station / the Garden



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