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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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scab manager runs over striking paignton bus driver

16-07-2003 11:04

AN RMT picket was run over by a Stagecoach bus being driven by a manager this morning in an incident outside Paignton bus depot during the second of seven days of strike action against low pay.

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Naked walk from Lands End to John O'Groats

16-07-2003 10:41

Naked walk from Lands End to John O'Groats

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Fighting For Democratic Rights In The U.S.

16-07-2003 02:37

Steve Argue Interviewed in The Argentinean Newspaper Prensa Obrera Regarding The Patriot Acts And His Arrests In Santa Cruz For Political Tabling.

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Utah protesters thank the world

15-07-2003 22:38

Thank you-1
The July 10, 2003 weekly peace vigil rally in Salt Lake City focused on thanking all people around the world who opposed U.S. President George W. Bush's illegal war against Iraqis.

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Venezuelan Community Media Under Attack

15-07-2003 16:12

The year's most serious attack against press freedom

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Statement on 1000th day of hunger strike protest in Turkey

15-07-2003 15:26

A statement published by the DHKC (Revolutionary People's Liberation Front) marks the 1000th anniversary of the Death Fast in Turkey, hunger strike resistance to the state's introduction of isolation cells as a normal practice in the country's prisons. 107 prisoners and their supporters have died in the course of these thousand days. The statement gives an account of events and comments on the behaviour of various political forces within and outside Turkey.

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Manchester protests against the wset bank wall - video

15-07-2003 11:53

This is a 25 minute edited video of the Manchester protest against the West Bank Wall which took place on 12th July 2003. ,

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Video clip of Downing Street protest at Sharon's London visit.

15-07-2003 02:35

There were many great chants raised by the crowd during this lively evening of protest against Sharon. This one was about the most direct and epitomised the feelings of everyone there... except the cops of course who just wouldn't comply.

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Pics and report from Downing Street anti-Sharon protest.

15-07-2003 01:22

The story of the day in a nutshell.
Many thousands of people gathered outside Downing Street, London to protest against the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, who was invited into the home of liar Blair.

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jose bove surrounded by supporters, outside the prison

14-07-2003 20:31

we surrounded the prison today, bastille day, where jose bove is incarcerated.*

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WHY NOT pester these DSEi-related people by EMAIL?

14-07-2003 15:11

Sept 6th - 12th will see a week of action against Europe's largest arms fair, the DSEi.

WHY NOT give the people organising the DSEi a bit of hassle. They're obviously finding it a little too easy to sleep at nights. Write them a well thought out balanced letter arguing your case. Or ask awkward questions. Or whatever you feel is appropriate. Needless to say I wouldn't advocate anyone being at all unpleasant to these thoroughly decent and honorable members of society.

As an example here are my letters which I wrote. They're a bit crap but it doesn't matter...

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News about the proceedings in Genoa

14-07-2003 00:19

This is a shorter summary and translation of the legal updates on the legal proceedings, posted on the 9th of july on Indymedia Germany.
The link is:

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Manchester Protests Against the West Bank Wall

13-07-2003 20:06

A cardboard "West Bank Wall" was build in Manchester to graphically symbolise and illustrate what is happening in occupied Palestine.

On 12th July 2003, the Palestinian solidarity movement in Manchester, UK mounted a protest against the West Bank Wall which the Israeli's are building. The wall is an attempt to contain the Palestinian resistance.

To graphically illustrate the monstrous nature of this crime, a wall made from cardboard boxes was built outside Manchester Town Hall. The wall was decorated with posters, photographs and painted slogans.

A rally was held in front of the wall and finally the cardboard was demolished by the protestors to provide a visual representation of what needs to be done with the real West Bank Wall.

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13-07-2003 19:03


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New activist group for disabled people in Leeds Bradford

13-07-2003 17:18

New group for disabled people wanting to campaign for disability rights and community in Leeds and Bradford.

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13-07-2003 14:19

We invite you to a showing of Cathy O'Brien's testement against the US government, on the horifc abuse and mind control she was subjected to as a child growing up as part of the American governments mind control experiment project MK Ultra.
Wednesday 16th July at County Tavern pub, New Kent Road, Elephant & Castle, Food and Refreshments, Doors open 4pm,Film Starts 6pm

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July 2003: Please come to Genoa again

13-07-2003 13:48

They wanted to exploit the july 2001 in Genoa to display power, arrogance, oppression, violence and death. They have tried to hide the urge for justice and solidarity, the urge, which a huge number of people has carried in public of the world, their programs and proposals, to let the hope for a better world become concrete. This is today even more necessary than ever, in the face of the wars, the growing poverty and the savagery in the international relationships.

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STOP sharon in London

13-07-2003 12:19

The Muslim Association of Britain calls the Muslim community and the British public to participate in and support the protest that will be held outside Downing Street on Monday the 14th of July 2003, at 5.30 pm.

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12-07-2003 21:42

Picket Ariel Sharon
Monday 14th July. 5.30pm till 7.30pm Downing Street / Whitehall

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Baku-Ceyhan Campaign

12-07-2003 14:08

Your money, for BIG oil to extract more oil and gas.