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News about the proceedings in Genoa

translation | 14.07.2003 00:19 | Genoa | Analysis | Repression | World

This is a shorter summary and translation of the legal updates on the legal proceedings, posted on the 9th of july on Indymedia Germany.
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Diaz school
There are court cases in relation to the Diaz school against police/carainieri and against activists. Both preliminary proceedings have to be finished latest till july, that demands the law.

Proceedings against activists
The public prosecutor investigates posession of weapons and formation of a criminal association. The proceeding have been suspended in relation to posession of weapons, it became clear, that the police had faked the offered evidence. It seems very likely, that the proceedings in relation to the formation of a criminal association will be suspended, too.

Proceedings against police and carabinieri
More witnesses will be heard and then these proceedings will be finished, too. It seems like the public prosecutor will press charges. Accused are mainly the leader of the units, because of not preventing offences and the identified policemen because of physical injuries, false statements, false suspicions, deprivation of liberty in administration.

Proceedings are also carried against policemen, who claim they would have been attacked in front of the Diaz school when driving past in the late afternoon. This was used to legitamise the raid. Witnesses should get into contact with the legal group.

There are political conflicts happening, because of the different police units used in the raid. SCO(Servizio Centrale Operativo), Riparto Mobile Anti Somoza 7. Nucleo (who had special training in the prevention of insurecctions before Genoa, Anti-Mafia units of the police and officers of the DIGOS.
There is also a committee formed of relatives and parents, who demand a clarification.

There are also proceedings in relation to the raid in the Pascoli school, which was situated opposite the Diaz school. The proceedings are against policemen, the accusations are physical injuries, illegal searches and theft. Herefore also witnesses are looked for.

Proceedings in relation to the events in the policestation in Bolzaneto

The proceedings against the leader of the units will end this summer, too.
The responsible leaders of the operation of the Carabinieri, police and Guardia Finanzia are facing proceedings in relation to physical injuries and maltreatment.
There are also proceedings open against individual policemen and other personal being recognized.
About the other proceedings/ Formation of an international criminal association Black Bloc

There were in total about 350 arrests in Genua during the protests.
But it is important to destinguish before Saturday 2pm and after, because the responsible police units were changing.
Up to then 120 persons had been arrested who are acclaimed of resistance, destructions and illegal posession of weapons. This is mainly of concern to Italians.
After 2pm the first mass arrested were happening, the accusations are now plundering, destruction and 'formation of an international criminal association Black Block' with the aim to cause devastation.
However, this construct does not seem to matter for the sentence, because the legislation intends 8-15 years imprisonment for destruction.

About the proceedings
23 persons were arrested, 21 Italians, 1 Swiss, 1 Greek, on the 4.12.2002- there are claims of looting and destruction. In February 2002 there was a raid of Indymedia Italy, where videos were confiscated. At the moment 1 person is still in jail, 4 more have
house arrest and the others have to register regularly at the police.
At the press conference after the arrests happened, DIGOS announced that 400 more persons would have been identified. Nothing more has been released afterwards.

The police has also passed on pictures and videos to foreign police.

Also, the first convictions have happened.
First the simple cases were up on trial. The sentences were relatively high: 1 year 6 months; 1 year 8 months, all on probation.


There are also still 12 boxes with material confiscated from the Diaz school. The things can be retrieved, if there is a claim made to get these handed over, but they have to be described as exactly as possible so that they are identifiable.


Interdiction of entry
Nearly all arested foreigners were being banned for 5 years to enter Italy. All complaints, which were pressed by the EU-cititzens were won, if the respites were kept. This is because of a formal mistake, which was made by the officials.
Everybody, who is planning to travel nethertheless should contact the lawyers, because the classification has not been eradicated in the SIS yet, this is only happening on formal requests.