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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Moazzam Begg and Andy Worthington on Human Rights in The War on Terror

11-12-2007 01:12

Audio Moazzam Begg
Moazzam Begg, Guantanamo Survivor and author of Enemy Combatant, Andy Worthington Journalist and Author of Guantanamo Files, a student from the Amnesty Society and Shazia Rashid from the Stop Islamophobia Society all spoke to a public meeting titled Human Rights in The War on Terror at Sheffield University on 10th December 2007.

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Police manhandle Tesco biofuel protestors – corporate protection gone mad?

10-12-2007 09:36

Protestors forced into metal pen
3 protestors who arrived to set up a peaceful protest against Tesco’s investments into biofuels were manhandled by Police in central London on December 8th who forced them into a metal pen. Despite, this a peaceful protest was held for an hour including a stop by 300 cyclists and 1 minutes silence for those who are suffering or who have died as the result of massive expansion of large scale biofuel plantations across the South.

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Channel Tunnel / Eurostar fears as deadly virus container gets go ahead!

10-12-2007 02:21

Fears over the opening of the Channel Tunnel / Eurostar became reality this week. The Channel Tunnel links the UK to mainland Europe and could carry deaqdly disease actoss the world, thanks to the go ahead for a deadly vurus containement facility. The facility is going to be the world'd largest, highest level virus lab.The tunnel will also bring tourists wishing to view thr 2012 Olympic Games.

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Protest March against Kidnap of Activist in Oaxaca

09-12-2007 00:06

On Friday several hundred marched through the streets of Oaxaca to protest the kidnap last Sunday of Nancy Mota Figueroa, member of the Coordination of Women of Oaxaca (COMO, which is part of APPO). Nancy was kidnapped by suspected cops and released an hour later after being tortured.

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More traffic cam censorship?

08-12-2007 12:11

Prevented from watching London demonstrations on traffic cams?

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SPEAK demo and fundraiser Sat 8th Dec

07-12-2007 20:48

On Sat 8th December SPEAK will be holding a demonstration in Oxford to remember Felix and to highlight the plight of the other nine Macaque monkeys who are destined to suffer the same fate as him in the next four years. This will be followed by a fundraiser at Oxford Rugby Club in North Hinksey from 7pm

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Coca-Cola’s Corporate Crimes: The Case of Colombia

07-12-2007 18:16

Killer Coke bottles
Update on CocaCola workers’ union Sinaltrainal’s heroic struggle against the multinatinational’s ongoing brutal and ruthless attempts to ensure it has no presence in the plants

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10th December - International Human Rights Day - March for Tibet

07-12-2007 16:31

December 10th marks International Human Rights Day, At a time when the Chinese government cares more about its international image than ever before, we need to spread the message that China is a human rights failure.

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Security forces detain 15

07-12-2007 15:51

15 Human rights dissidents have been detained by police and security teams after they stormed into a church

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France: Student day of action, early reports

07-12-2007 13:59

A national day of action, with demonstrations and continued action by student strikes was called for today. Most demonstrations are to take place in the afternoon, with militants trying to convince as many students as possible during the morning to join demonstrations and mass actions.

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Climate Change Autonomous Bloc: Stop the police filming our protest

07-12-2007 12:50

Maintain the pressure following recent court victories and join FIT Watch
to kick the FIT off our bloc.

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G-Star on their knees

07-12-2007 10:24

Clean Clothes activists leaflet workers at G-star in Amsterdam
The Dutch jeans label G-Star has broken ties with the discredited Indian manufacturer Fibers and Fabrics International (FFI). The manufacturer is accused of violation of the labor laws. Human rights organizations who have been campaigning against G-Star respond that they are pleased.

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The death sentenge of Makwan has been carried out

06-12-2007 17:49


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Guantánamo Bay Q & A with Zachary Katznelson – 10 December, 7pm

06-12-2007 15:12

To mark International Human Rights Day on Monday 10 December, the London Guantánamo Campaign invites you to learn about one of the grossest human rights abuses of our times - almost six years since the illegal detention camp opened, we invite you to ask any questions you may have about it to someone who has visited many times and represents several dozen detainees.

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ACTSA hold protest about Mugabe's visit to Portugal

06-12-2007 14:48

Report on protest about Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe being invited to the EU-Africa summit in Portugal

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Basque Info News December 5

06-12-2007 11:53

Demostration in Bilbao
-The Spanish Court orders the arrests of 46 defendants on 18/98, show trial.
-Thousands of people demonstrate against this mass of arrests in Bilbao.
-One Spanish civil guard has been killed and another one seriously injured in a shooting in France. ETA has been accused of the murder.

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Meeting tonight: Eye Witness accounts of the Guantanamo Bay prison

06-12-2007 10:11

Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign invite people to attend a truly unique opportunity to hear former US army Chaplain James Yee speak and discuss his experiences with former Guantánamo detainee Moazzam Begg. Yee will be speaking as part of his UK tour, at Carrs Lane Church Centre, Birmingham City Centre, B4 7SX at 7.00 pm.

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Solidarity with the Harmondsworth 4 - Public Meeting Dec 11th

05-12-2007 21:49

A Public Meeting
called by No Borders London.

7pm, Tuesday 11th December,
at the Institute of Race Relations,
2-6 Leeke Street, London WC1X 9HS
(near Kings Cross)

In November 2006 detainees at Harmondsworth immigration detention centre
protested against conditions inside the centre and their treatment by
the guards. The centre was damaged and the detainees were moved to
other detention centres and prisons.

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Activists chained to bulldozers to prevent work on open-cast coal mine

05-12-2007 09:53

9am - More than thirty climate activists and local residents this morning took mass direct action to prevent excavation work on Britain’s biggest ever open-cast coal mine at Ffos-y-fran in South Wales. (1)

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Herbiyar Marri detained by British authorities

05-12-2007 01:00

Exiled Baluch Patriot Herbiyar Marri has been arrested by British authorities, his house and the entire neigbourhood in London has been cordoned off. The property is being searched and his family has been evacuated. This incident has been prompted by the Pakistani authorities to pressurise and curb Baluch human rights workers