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Channel Tunnel / Eurostar fears as deadly virus container gets go ahead!

Craig | 10.12.2007 02:21 | Bio-technology | Other Press | Repression | London | World

Fears over the opening of the Channel Tunnel / Eurostar became reality this week. The Channel Tunnel links the UK to mainland Europe and could carry deaqdly disease actoss the world, thanks to the go ahead for a deadly vurus containement facility. The facility is going to be the world'd largest, highest level virus lab.The tunnel will also bring tourists wishing to view thr 2012 Olympic Games.

Safety fears erupted across Europe last night as leaders argued over the world's largest ever virus containment facility to be built in the heart of London. There are fears that ther Channel Tunnel / Eurostar in the event of accident or attack could spread deadly disease and viruses across mainland Europe. With Bird Flu / Foot and Mouth [ which was agoverment lab outbreak] hitting the news people are asking why Gordon Brown and Mayor Ken Livingstone backed the plan despite local and national opposition. One can only wonder who may /may not have profited when the facility was NOT the highest bidder for the land. The area is nvery deprived, the peoplke living there have alower life expectancy. Community facilities would have been more appropiate say camapigners. The area will be hit by protestors for years to come and could also be a target for atrocities. Many people living near to the site and in France have voed to overturn the sale and urge the UK government to consider a compulsory purhase for the l;and at St PAncras, behind the British Library. Ther MRC /Wellcome Trust combo said they "would work with local people" - who DO NOT WANT the facility AT ALL!!!