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Solidarity with the Harmondsworth 4 - Public Meeting Dec 11th

one of noborders | 05.12.2007 21:49 | Migration | Repression | London

A Public Meeting
called by No Borders London.

7pm, Tuesday 11th December,
at the Institute of Race Relations,
2-6 Leeke Street, London WC1X 9HS
(near Kings Cross)

In November 2006 detainees at Harmondsworth immigration detention centre
protested against conditions inside the centre and their treatment by
the guards. The centre was damaged and the detainees were moved to
other detention centres and prisons.

Their trial starts on 7 January 2008 at Southwark Crown Court, London.
Once again a handful of men are scapegoated for the failure of an
unjust detention system. Similar trials (Campsfield 9, 1998, Yarl’s
Wood 13, 2002) ended in all/nearly all Not Guilty verdicts.

The campaign is supported by London NoBorders, Barbed Wire Britain
Network to End Detention, Institute of Race Relations, National
Coalition of Anti Deportation Campaigns, Black Women’s Race Action
Project, All Africa Women’s Group, Fight Racism Fight Imperialism,
Campaign to Close Campsfield and other individuals.

In the meeting we will give updates on the upcoming trials, feedback
from meetings with the prisoners, and discuss possible political and
practical support.

The Harmondsworth Uprising

A year ago today, there was a mass protest at Harmondsworth Immigration
Removal Centre near Heathrow Airport. The protest broke out shortly
after 10pm when guards stopped detainees from watching TV news of a
highly critical inspection report on the detention centre by Ann Owers,
Chief Inspector of Prisons.

The centre was seriously damaged, the detainees were moved to other
detention centres and prisons, and the centre was closed for some time
– as it was after another protest in 2004. It is run by Kalyx (formerly
UK Detention Services; owned by Sodexho), and in 2006 was the UK's
biggest detention centre. Now it has 259 beds (Home Office website,
18.11.07). The human rights organisation Liberty has called for a
public inquiry into the protest and its background.


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