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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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BBC reports Tom Hurndall's murderer to be jailed

11-08-2005 21:38

According to BBC news, the murderer of Tom Hurndall is jailed.
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Police seizes activists' computers in Germany: Update

11-08-2005 20:21

This morning (thursday, 11.8.) a house in the Wendland region (Germany) was searched for alleged call for criminal offences on the website This is not "only" about the precarity camp, because in the house are the offices of the "anti atom aktuell" , a monthly anti nuclear magazine for grassroot activism.

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DSEi news round up

11-08-2005 16:38

DSEi 2005 is approaching fast. Here's some a little random news...

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Over 100 on Iran Embassy demo...

11-08-2005 16:19

OutRage! led demo at the Iranian Embassy- 11 Aug.

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7/7: The war comes home - a comment from Bristol

11-08-2005 15:01

Bristol activists from a number of groups have come together independently to produce a critique & comment on the recent bombs in London and the British state's response. We'll be printing several thousand flyers & posters to ditribute around Bristol.

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Number plates to be chiped with RFID

11-08-2005 14:55

The British government is preparing to test new high-tech license plates containing microchips capable of transmitting unique vehicle identification numbers and other data to readers more than 300 feet away

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News Flash: Police send in riot squad to deal with 4 peaceful protesters

11-08-2005 11:58

RIot police send in riot squad to deal with 4 peaceful protestors

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Police searches activists' house and seizes computers in Germany

11-08-2005 09:43

Since this morning German Police is searching a house in the Wendland region in northern Germany. They seized serveral computers and other material saying that the Precarity Camp Website is calling for offences.

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Demonstration at Iranian Embassy - Sat Aug 13, 3-5pm

10-08-2005 21:18

Kurds in London plan to condemn Iran’s oppression of Kurds in eastern Kurdistan.

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5 city protest against Iran's anti-gay hate..

10-08-2005 15:23

Protests are to be held in 5 cities around the world on 11 Aug against Irans anti-gay hate and the execution of two gay teenagers on 19 July.

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'Phillip Duddock's' accent' heard in militant broadcast

10-08-2005 05:36

How low can you go Phillip Duddock?
Now we have to be on the lookout for an Australian terrorist because they make good bait over-here and there is no lack haters on behalf of the bad examples that the government is setting on behalf of the Australian people. How low can you go Phillip Duddock?

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August 7: Parliament Square - MAD

09-08-2005 15:19

More video of the demonstration at Parliament Square, August 7.

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Pledge to fight the backlash against Muslims

09-08-2005 14:05

"I will use any opportunity to speak out against racism and hate against Muslims sparked by the London bombings. I will offer support to my Muslim brothers and sisters, regardless of my own faith but only if 100 other people will too."

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The Crisis of the Media and the Fifth Estate

09-08-2005 13:38

"In many coungtries, the media long regarded as a characteristic element of democracy have become the main problem for democracy. Media's association with information has become a problem.. The quality of democracy depends on the quality of democratic debate.."

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CIA allowed nuke spy to continue

09-08-2005 13:14

Former Dutch Prime Minister: nuclear proliferation to Libya, Iran and North Korea by the CIA tolerated Pakistani top spy Dr. Kahn.

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Italian prisoners update - call for response

09-08-2005 12:57

support italian anarchist prisoners

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Blog for Uzbekistan on September 1st

09-08-2005 09:44

Support the worldwide campaign for human rights and democracy in Uzbekistan. Blog in support of targeted sanctions on September 1st.

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This is what democracy looks like?

08-08-2005 23:34

Video of arrests in Parliament Square and Interviews with Brian Haw, Spark, Gerry, Keith Shilson (Middlesex University Student Union President), and Kate.

Sunday 7th August 2005

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justice betrayed ......

08-08-2005 22:57

The rights of a defendant to a fair trial are protected?
These deficiencies are peculiar to the US Miliary Commission, as proceedings brought before International Tribunals, US, British & Australian criminal jurisdictions & Military Courts Martials ensure that the rights of a defendant to a fair trial are protected.

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Second Parliament Square protest halted under anti-terror laws

08-08-2005 18:11

UK London Metropolitan Police continued to gag peaceful protest using laws designed to tackle organised crime and terrorism on Sunday 7 August.