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DSEi news round up

Dice up DSEi | 11.08.2005 16:38 | DSEi 2005 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Technology | London

DSEi 2005 is approaching fast. Here's some a little random news...

The SWP seems to be playing their normal game of discouraging direct action with an article in their paper by Guy Taylor of Globalise Resistance.

He writes, "Police are planning to impose an exclusion zone around ExCeL centre for DSEI 2005, which takes place on 13-16 September. This will prevent any kind of effective protest there."

Of course that isn't remotely true since the kind of actions which were most effective were affinity group actions which are less prone to sabotage by heavy policing.

So, what's inside this year? Well it's 30% bigger and sporting all kinds of exciting new toys and technologies for repression.

The US government is playing a major role in helping US arms companies strut their stuff to potential buyers via the Office of Defense Cooperation. The ODC UK is the lead agency within the US Embassy, London, for DSEi coordination. It helps to facilitate senior DoD visits and invites military aides and senior staff to contact them for "visit coordination information".

Israel arms companies have their own pavilion to establish their place as one of the world largest arms exporters. For example, Rafael will be displaying a wide range of advanced defense systems including: Canister-launched mini-UAV, Door breaching munitions, , Multi-purpose breaching munitions, Wall breaching munitions, Reactive Armor Protection, Remote Controlled Weapon Station, Acoustic Small Arms Detection System, Multi-purpose missile for helicopter platforms and Active protection for combat vehicles. For a list of other companies see

Meanwhile a counter arms fair is being organised in which exhibits from Palestine can be found with assorted sizes of rocks and pebbles to be used against tanks. Meanwhile Bougainville cottage arms industry is displaying this years blow guns and single shot rifles made from recycled water pipe and Black Bloc Inc is demonstration it's much loved multiple half brick launcher.

On a more serious note, NoWar (Newham Opposition to War and Racism) has organised a public meeting in Stratford on Monday 5th September as part of the growing campaign against the world's largest arms fair. The venue is St Francis of Assisi RC Church, Grove Cresent Rd, Stratford E15 . 7pm

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