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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Solidarity demo in front of court 3:30 TODAY

07-07-2005 13:23

~There will be a solidarity demo today at 3:30 in the afternoon outside the court on Chambers Street in Edinburgh.

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Full account with pics from Auchterader on Wednesday.

07-07-2005 12:32

Some shops were boarded up in anticipation
A wide selection of photos from the protest events in the town of Auchterader near to the Gleneagles hotel. Also some text of my experience of the day.

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Arrested for playing music? Samba drummers criminalised and charged at G8 summit

07-07-2005 09:02

On monday the 4th of July, three samba musicians have been arrested during the Carnival for Full Enjoyment in Edinburgh. These people, who did nothing but playing music, now find themselves in jail, charged with riot leadership and breach of the peace. The next day, two dancers were arrested. The global network of Rhythms Of Resistance samba bands thinks these arrests are out of proportion and will follow up with support actions for the arrested musicians.

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Auchterarder Diary & Video Diary from a marcher on BBC News website

07-07-2005 07:56

Contains a link to some more good independent reportage from a member of the BBC's UK interactive panel - good and reasonably accurate - and some of my own comments and reflections on march events and the accuracy of mainstream media reporting surrounding it.

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Police Protecting Sheraton, Edinburgh

07-07-2005 07:40

7th July, Police employ similar tactics as yesterday around Sheraton Grande Hotel on Lothian Road, where G8 delagates are being housed.

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eco-camp in stirling surround by the police

07-07-2005 04:46

eco-camp in stirling blocked by the police.

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Solidarityactions: Bern,Hannover,Heidelberg,Lugano

06-07-2005 23:18

Solidarity actions and other actions to inform about the G8 summit took place in various places round the continent today.

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Police at rest in Edinburgh

06-07-2005 21:58

Video Fancy a night in with the boys?
University of Edinburgh supports make poverty history. University of Edinburgh halls house the police.

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Police trash guy's bikelock and act like dicks

06-07-2005 21:58

2:40 7.5MB Quicktime video.

Police stopped a man riding his bike down the A9 this afternoon, grabbed his bike, used bolt-cutters on his bike-lock (presumably they were worried he might be able to use it to lock on to something) and refused to display uniform numbers or provide a receipt for damaged property. Note the particularly dick-headed look on this cop's face throughout the incident.

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On the way to Gleneagles -- Edinburgh

06-07-2005 21:42

Fed up waiting on buses held up by police people decided to take a stand
On the 6th July, a few hundred people were stuck in Edinburgh waiting for their busses to go to Gleneagles -- at the end they decided to hold an impromptu march in the city.

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Police Iron Horse Mobile Freedom of Movement Preservers

06-07-2005 21:31

Police protected freedom of movment
Police deploy the ultimate street blocker in Edinburgh

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Oxford in Solidarity with Edinburgh - Audio and Photos

06-07-2005 21:06

A demonstration was held at 6.00pm in Oxford city today in solidarity with the protests in Edinburgh. Up to 100 people turned out to hear speakers from various groups, a samba band and street singers. Pictures and audio are below.

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Glen Eagles Demo - quick rushes

06-07-2005 20:13

The first video rushes of footage from Gleneagles we have. Some fence pulling action. And some walking into the field.More soon about how the police stopped people from getting there.

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Thank God we live in a free country...

06-07-2005 19:44

March Goes West
I spent the day on the streets of Edinburgh, where I witnessed democracy and the right to peaceful protest in its full glory.

After months of negotiations, G8 Alternatives had negotiated the right to protest against the policies of the G8 counties, seen by many not as the solution to the world's ills, but the principal part of the problem.

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Police Movements, Edinburgh

06-07-2005 18:18

6+ police vans seen speeding off A7 towards Preston Street, Edinburgh

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06-07-2005 15:20

On Monday 4th July we came back to Edinburgh from the peaceful and inspiring blockade of Faslane nuclear submarine base. On the way home when we got to Princes Street we saw a small crowd of people and a large number of riot police. We walked down Hanover Street unchallenged, as did dozens of other bystanders, curious about the assembled riot police who blocked off Princes Street on either side of the assembled group. We interviewed and filmed young protestors who were playing the Darth Vader tune on a kazoo and waving peace flags in front of a line of riot police. The atmosphere was relaxed. Some people were snoozing in the afternoon sun. Tourists were taking snapshots. Most of the people in the area were observers like ourselves.

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UGLF Takes Local Direct Action in Solidarity With Those in Scotland

06-07-2005 14:55

banner drop
scotland is hosting this year's G8 massive protests, direct action arrests and brutality.

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Photo Report Blokade of M9 near Stirling the 06 July 2005

06-07-2005 13:06

Begining of Blockade
Action 2 Affinity group with the Clown Army on the autoroute

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Report and analysis of Police Tactics around the Sheraton Hotel

06-07-2005 12:02

How the police got the delegates out of the Edinburgh Sheraton Hotel

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Agathon Rwasa - a strange innocence regained

06-07-2005 11:38

John Mellor travelled to Burundi to meet the family of Richard Ndereyimana, one of the victims of the bloody attack on the "Titanic Express" bus, which was ambushed en route to Bujumbura on December 28th 2000, and in which Richard's fiancée, Charlotte Wilson, a British citizen, also died.