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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Alternative Christmas Carols

18-12-2003 12:29

Christmas Carols with a difference...

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Dublin - Solidarity with Ploughshares Backin the Four Courts, Friday Dec. 19th

17-12-2003 23:10


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Collective sentences passed in Sweden. Nixon Nuñez excommunicated by law

17-12-2003 13:37

Collective sentences passed in Sweden. Nixon Nuñez excommunicated by law

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Gathering protests recent elections in Azerbaijan

17-12-2003 04:22

Repression is the same in any language
A rally was held on December 9, 2003 by Students for Freedom and Democracy in Salt Lake City, Utah to protest fraud committed by Azerbaijan's government in the country's October 15 presidential election and the arrests of opponents that followed.

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Video: The Trials and Tribulations of the Littlemoor Four

16-12-2003 23:17

Video Littlemoor Four
Five minute video of interviews with the Littlemoor Four of Pink Castle fame. The four defendents, from Totnes, Oxford, Somerset and Wales, were just about to enter the court for a 'retrial'...

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Public Meeting on Threat from the Extreme Right

15-12-2003 15:11

A Radio 1 DJ and several national figures will reveal their experiences of racism at a meeting organised by Broxbourne Against Racism (BAR).

Entitled “The Threat of the Extreme Right”, the meeting takes place at the borough’s premier venue, Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hoddesdon, from 7.30pm on 16 December.

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US "Intelligence" Looks Down Saddam's Throat for WMD

14-12-2003 21:20

Searching for WMD
US "Intelligence" Looks Down Saddam's Throat from WMD

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REPORT BACK - European Social Forum meeting London 2004

14-12-2003 19:55

The big meeting
The ESF is boring – stuck in its way – but the are real people involved and it will be a huge gathering of alternatives… here are some views from the meeting.

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Injustice at Shire Hall

12-12-2003 16:12

My time trying to defend honesty at Shire Hall when the culture was elitist and not opposed to promote deviousness and dishonesty. I eventually felt obliged to walk out.

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Take No Prisoners: Another proud moment in U.S. Military History

11-12-2003 04:12

firing squad
U.S. Marines execute a man who appears to be a helpless and mortally wounded Iraqi to the cheers of fellow marines

"Those guys are dead now, ya know? But it was a good feeling ... afterwards you're like "Hell yeah! That was awesome. Let's do it again!"

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Mick Jagger Breaks Burma Boycott - Protest Friday

10-12-2003 13:53

Mick Jagger, yep, him, has just broken the Burma Boycott. So we're gonna protest against him on Friday.

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WSIS: Todays Performance At The Geneva Polymedia Lab

09-12-2003 14:15

polymedia lab venue raided and shut down
Polymedia Lab: Live Performance Earlier Today

By now you have missed the Special State Funded Live Performance at the Polymedia Lab!

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wsis - Polymedia Lab Raid

09-12-2003 13:14

police are shutting down indy-media initiative counter to WSIS

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WSIS Polymedia Lab Closed by Riot Police

09-12-2003 11:57

The WE SEIZE! Polimedia Lab which was planned as a temporary media and communications laboratory in Geneva was closed by police this morning.

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Witnesses Needed! Fairford 22 March 2003 police stop and searches outside demo.

09-12-2003 04:11

Witnesses needed urgently!!
Occasion: Police Stop and Searches of Vehicles and People during the Fairford Demo on 22 March 2003
Location of searches: Letchlade (just outside of Fairford)
Time: from 12:00-2:30pm.

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Nuclear fuel railed through Bavaria to france

08-12-2003 19:56

Regensburg and surroundings
Castor through Bavaria to France tomorrow or Wednesday

A train carrying highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel rods will pass Regensburg in Bavaria tomorrow or Wednesday, reports the local Greenpeace group. Their media release says the train with two Castor caskets will start out from the Isar2 nuclear power station at Essensbach near Landau and head for the plutonium factory at La Hague on the north-west French coast.

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The Geneva storm's silver-lining

08-12-2003 18:40

The rejuvenating efforts of the Geneva Groups have; shattered dangerous myths, rekindled hope, put Sharon in a corner, and led to a healthy redefinition of the meaning of being pro-Israel.

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first person accounts personalising social issues

08-12-2003 16:21

Hole Books at is a small press that publishes first person accounts personalising social issues, such as 'Afterlife' and 'The Making of a Child Prostitute

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Resist Bush 'bubble' arrest, 19/11/03 SW1, witness appeal

07-12-2003 19:49

I was arrested around 4pm on Wednesday 19th November in Victoria St, en route to the Resist Bush tea party. I have been charged with assaulting a police officer in the course of his duty. Were you there? Did you see my arrest, or could you describe the demonstration before and/or during the arrest. Do you have any video or photos of the demo from when we gathered outside Victoria Station up to that time?