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Resist Bush 'bubble' arrest, 19/11/03 SW1, witness appeal

Barney Laurance | 07.12.2003 19:49 | Bush 2003 | Repression | London

I was arrested around 4pm on Wednesday 19th November in Victoria St, en route to the Resist Bush tea party. I have been charged with assaulting a police officer in the course of his duty. Were you there? Did you see my arrest, or could you describe the demonstration before and/or during the arrest. Do you have any video or photos of the demo from when we gathered outside Victoria Station up to that time?

I am white, about 6ft tall, have quite large curly dark brown hair, and wear glasses. I was wearing a dark blue long woolen coat and baggy black trouses. I shouted my name as I was forced into a police van. At the time I was arrested the police were not letting people out of the demonstration.

If you could describe, or have video of, either my arrest or the nature of the demonstration, you could be a extremely helpful for my defence.

I will probably be tried some time in the new year, but I need to find evidence as soon as possible. If you can help, please contact my solicitor:

George Gross,
Moss & Co
Bridge House 181, Queen Victoria Street
London EC4V 4DZ
020 7236 2626


Barney Laurance


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