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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Preemptive Crowd Control: Why Are Some Protesters Treated So Differently By Police

07-01-2004 18:56

Natural Graffiti: Peace Signs Mysteriously Appear on Seattle Lawns at Pre-Dawn
Why do police spray anti-war protesters with pepper spray and rubber bullets if they stray off the sidewalks into streets, but they accommodate rowdy sports fans blocking streets, with smiles? Is this difference politically driven? The police violence at the Miami FTAA protests in Nov, 2003, could easily be repeated in Boston and NYC this summer, in 2004, at the Democratic and Republican National Convention protests...

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Freedom for the 6 basques in Mexico.

07-01-2004 17:48

Please read, sign and circulate among friends and defenders of elemantary human rights of Basque People.

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Five Israeli Conscientious Objectors Jailed

07-01-2004 16:38

Israeli Conscientious Objectors Jailed

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Italian Anarchist Federation - FAI: press release

06-01-2004 17:06

Italian Anarchist Federation about mail bomb in Europe

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Scrap Section 55

06-01-2004 11:34

8th Janurary will the 1st anniversary of Section 55, which maked asylum seekers destitute, coming into force.

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Letter Bombs Attributed to Anarchists Raise Questions

06-01-2004 10:37

(en) Italy, Letter Bombs Attributed to Anarchists Raise Questions
Date Mon, 5 Jan 2004 23:42:18 +0100 (CET)
A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
News about and of interest to anarchists

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Communique of the Anarchist Federation of Italy

06-01-2004 00:30

Here is a translation of a press release from the communications committee of the Italian Anarchist Federation (whose acronym is FAI from the Italian: FEDERAZIONE ANARCHICA ITALIANA). The press release pertains to the hostile media campaign and repression targeted against the anarchist movement in Italy.

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Freedom From Nauru - Electronic Sit-In

05-01-2004 20:45

At 9am Monday morning (Australian East Coast time), Cyber activists from
across the world started their solidarity sit-in on the websites for Australian
Department of Imigration and Multi-cultural Affiars (DIMIA) and the Liberal Party.
They vow to keeping jamming these websites whilst people are starving to death on
Nauru at the hands of Liberal party policy.

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The Hidden smell at Sheer Hell

05-01-2004 20:22

A more succinct note on a long standing injustice perpetrated at Shire Hall and suppressed by self interest, political indifference and professional protectionism.

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Struggle to close down military base military base on Diego Garcia

05-01-2004 01:36

[Here is a report of an action planned for a reclamation of a US military base in Mauritius. Sounds very inspiring and potentially groundbreaking. Report received through the Women in Black network.]

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Watch Lists or Witch Hunts: American Terrorist Lists

04-01-2004 20:49

American terrorist lists of today, resemble the FBI's watch lists during the Red Scare in the 1950's. American intelligence agencies are notorious for mistakes, and this latest grounding of Britain to US flights may be due to terrorist list mistakes...Let's explore the recent past activities of American intelligence from the 1950's to today...

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Oystercard Surveillance & Public Transport

04-01-2004 18:35

Fares go up. Fuck the Mayor. London - Panoptican city. Shoppers paradise. hell for the rest of us.

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The new year in palestine

04-01-2004 18:23

Shooting of Israeli anarchist during anti-wall protest; invasion of Nablus continues over the New Year.
Taken from

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Waiting - home demolitions in Balata Refugee Camp, Palestine

04-01-2004 18:09

Collective punishment continues in Balata Refugee Camp, as the Israeli Army takes out its frustration at not catching the Palestinian independence fighters on the local population.
Taken from

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Israeli military invasion of Nablus

04-01-2004 18:04

A short update on the extension of the Israeli invasion in the Nablus area from Balata Camp to Nablus City from a week ago. Taken from

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From Nablus Under Seige

04-01-2004 17:49

CALL TO ACTION Jan 4th and 5th

"We are not two different sides. We are rather one in our common struggle for justice in Palestine, for an end to the occupation, for peace for all."

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Sixth day of action against the wall - Budrus update

04-01-2004 15:31

About 500 villagers of Budrus, West Ramallah attempted to return to their land from 10am this morning. They were accompanied by about 20 International and Israeli activists. One hour later, soldiers were chasing the demonstration through the streets, and have beaten some people with batons.

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Dick Cheney's Christmas Card

03-01-2004 05:20

Dick Cheney overlooked more relevant quotes from Benjamin Franklin when he chose one for his Christmas card. Here are a few he should have used.

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British Government Welcomed Chilean Coup

02-01-2004 01:15

New documents released by the government archives show that the British government welcomed the 1973 coup in Chile. At least 3000 people (mainly left wingers) were killed soon afterward. The Pinochet regime that took over was in power until 1990.

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ISM Reports: Activists Face Deportation From Israel

01-01-2004 15:19

Jan 1 2004
Latest News Of Peace Activists Arrested In Israel