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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Turkish police detain women's rights protesters

07-03-2005 07:38

Turkish police have detained dozens of protesters after using pepper spray, batons and boots to break up a demonstration by women's rights supporters.

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outFarpress presents: Fr Roy Bourgeois on the School of the Americas

07-03-2005 05:18

Father Roy Bourgeois is a leader of the movement to shut down the School of the Americas in Georgia. He speaks of his military service, work in Central America, and the annual demonstration at Fort Benning. 48:46. 2 files, broadcast quality and slow modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast.

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Fortress America

07-03-2005 03:19

This is just part of a bigger picture of coming events.

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Vigil - Solidarity with Iraqi women - 8 March 12 noon

06-03-2005 14:39

Please try to attend this vigil in support of Iraqi women on International Women's Day, Tuesday 8 March, at 12 noon, outside the Iraqi Embassy in London (full details below).

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Anti-Civilisation Bulletin

06-03-2005 11:35


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Human Rights in Uzbekistan

06-03-2005 10:18

The Uzbek pro-democracy movement regularly posts news and information about the struggle for freedom in this Central Asian dictatorship.

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Coca Cola distribution plant in Bristol blockaded

05-03-2005 17:59

lock on!
This article is also on UK indymedia, but I am told people can't use it so...

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Urgent!! International Support for the workers of Zanon, Argentina!

05-03-2005 07:48

Social movements around the world are watching the struggle of the Zanon workers with great interest and passionate support. This highly successful alternative to the neoliberal status quo should not be repressed or threatened: it should be celebrated, supported, and exported

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Prevention of Terrorism Bill: Lobby of Birmingham MP’s - 5th March

04-03-2005 16:45

At least two MP’s are to be lobbied in Birmingham on the issue of the renewal of special powers, including Control Orders, to be given to the Home Secretary.

Khalid Mahmood (Perry Barr) Scheduled for 12:00 5th March 2005 (His surgery continues until 2.00 p.m. )
Rookery Road School
Rookery Road (off Soho Road)

Gisela Stuart (Edgbaston) Scheduled for 9.30 a.m. 5th March 2005 (Her surgery at this address starts at 9.00 a.m. and continues until 10.30 a.m.
Quinborne Community Centre
Ridgacre Road

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Between the Idea and the Reality....Falls the Shadow

04-03-2005 12:53

Are the winds of change blowing through the Middle East? Or is it just Neo-con hot air? The answers are depressignly predictable.

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Coca Cola distribution plant in Bristol is being Blockaded

04-03-2005 09:35

Currently in Bristol eight people are locked on in a circle of armtubes outside the main gate of coca Cola's distribution plant in Bristol. They have been there since 4.45 this morning.

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US Developing New Pain Pulse Weapon For Crowd Control

04-03-2005 09:06

Coming soon to a riot near you...

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04-03-2005 06:40


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**new police anti-lock on kit**

03-03-2005 18:08

the police have used what we believe to be new kit, against locked-on protestors

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Demonstrate Against Deportations - Rally Against Racism! - 2nd April

03-03-2005 13:26

Saturday 2nd April - 12.30 pm at Whitworth Park, Manchester
National demonstration and rally in support of people seeking asylum and against racism

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Anti Terrorism Bill

03-03-2005 07:54

1.Gisela Stuart MP, Edgbaston. 9.30 am 5 March 2005
Quinborne Community Centre, Ridgeacre Road, Quinton
2.Khalid Mahmmood MP, Perry Barr. 12 midday 5 March 2005
Rookery Road School, Rookery Road, Handsworth
Contact Details: Naeem Malik 07721 427690

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Massacre in Columbia

02-03-2005 22:58

On Monday 21st February members of the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado were massacred whilst in a hamlet in the countryside surrounding the community. There are multiple witness to these killings. They all state that the perpetrators were members of the Colombian Army.

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Walden Bello, Jose Maria Sison and Schisms in the Left

02-03-2005 20:19

Despite efforts by many around the world to rise above sectarianism in the face of the USA's raw imperialism, Walden Bello, a prominent critic of neo-liberalism, has launched an international distancing campaign against the Communist Party of the Philippines and the democratic sectoral movements which draw political inspiration from them. Claiming that the CPP's military wing has targeted him with a "hit list," which in fact is a mere diagram showing the international linkages of various Phillipino parties and individuals, Bello is playing a dangerous game. Included on the diagram is Bello's Akbayan parlimentary party.

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Reporters Sans Frontieres call for Sandra's release

02-03-2005 20:03

Sandra, photographed after her arrest
Reporters Sans Frontieres (Reporters without Borders) issued a statement on March 1 calling for Austrian citizen Sandra Bakutz, who has been imprisoned in Turkey since February 10, to be released.

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G8 Dissent International Networking Meeting in Germany - Report

02-03-2005 19:52

The Dissent international networking meeting was held over the weekend of 26th-27th February in Tuebingen, Germany.

Up to one hundred people from all over europe and beyond came together to continue planning protests against the G8 Summit and campaigns around the issues related to it. With people from well over 20 different countries in attendance this was a truly international event.