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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Darfur - UN is all words, no action

04-02-2005 12:07

“The new UN report on Darfur is all words and no action. It is a cruel betrayal of black Africans who are being slaughtered by Arab Islamists. These killings are racially motivated and the UN’s failure to condemn them as genocide is craven appeasement of the Sudanese government and the Janjaweed militia,” said human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, a member of the ad hoc Darfur Solidarity Campaign.

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URGENT News from Nepal

04-02-2005 12:01

Photo: Nepalese Soldiers in Kathmandu Feb 2
The situation in Nepal is FAR worse than previously thought, The King is conducting massive repression and there is a communication blackout - this is one of the few reports getting out of Nepal

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ID Cards - Crime Prevention or Controlling the Peasants?

04-02-2005 09:29

Big Brother is going to be watching you
Blair's identity cards are going to have a big infrastructure linking data bases. BT is wondering whether to play. The public relations fall out won't do it any good.

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Defend the victims of Islamist repression

03-02-2005 13:55

Ramzi Isalam says it is time the left sided with the victims of Islamist repression, not the fundamentalists. First published in Labour Left Briefing, February 2005

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03-02-2005 13:28

Maelstrom has been given it's court papers after 3 months

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Piss Poor Support Services for "Mentally Ill" Dover Kent UK

03-02-2005 08:57

The provision of services in Dover, Kent UK for the mentally ill is woefully inadequate. No wonder so many people top themselves.

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How can you stand up against Racism, when one doesn't recognise it?

02-02-2005 19:28

Racism is a fable to the ignorant masses and one can only hope for a flame of compassion.

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Anti-ID Card Picket at Home Office

02-02-2005 12:38

Haringey Against ID Cards held a picket of the Home Office in central
London as part of the national day of action against ID cards on Friday
28th January.

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Interview with Gareth Peirce: onTorture

02-02-2005 10:59

An interview with British human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce. IMC UK should be doing interviews like and video of the interview is at

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Brent Palestine Solidarity Campaign Film Screening and Talks

01-02-2005 23:06

"Remembering Marwan Rahwanji"

An evening to remember the late Marwan Rahwanji with talks by Josie Warshaw and Asa Winstanley and a film screening of 'Arna's Children' in the calm of the spiritual Special Yoga Centre.

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Stop the Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill from going through

01-02-2005 16:00

The Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill is going to be debated in Parliament next Monday 7th January from 2.30pm.

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Make Poverty History

01-02-2005 15:54

Church launch of Make Poverty History, a global campaign on debt, aid, and trade. Held at Bloomsbury Baptist Church in London on Saturday 29 January 2005.

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Reports of violence still coming out of Sudan's Darfur region – UN

01-02-2005 05:10

Reports of violence continue to come out of Sudan's western Darfur region and several routes in South Darfur state are currently closed for United Nations movement because of ongoing insecurity, the UN Advance Mission in Sudan (UNAMIS) said today.

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Aust Community criticises Govt for 'crimes'

31-01-2005 22:56

The 'Community' is waiting for the prosecution of these offenders. The offenders of these premeditated, vicious and callous crimes should be charged with the offences they have been alleged to have committed. Mr Habib should complete a record of interview taken by the police.

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new laws vs protest

31-01-2005 20:54

new laws to target campaigns causing economic damage to sub-contractors etc

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Coca Cola in Colombia - Cambridge meeting

31-01-2005 10:11

Coca Cola is accused of trade-union busting in Colombia. Find out the latest news and how you can help to hold this and other corporations accountable. Colombia Solidarity Campaign and Cambridge Simultaneous Policy Adopters' Group meeting.

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Never again - Until Tomorrow

31-01-2005 04:34

Bare-headed in the snow-covered camp Romani Rose, a leading spokesman for Europe's 10 million Roma at the Aushwitz commemoration yesterday, gave us a grim glimpse of the past and an impassioned warning for the future.

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Irish American Humanitarian Arrested by Israel

29-01-2005 23:37


On Monday January 24, Israeli police arrested 41 year old Irish American ISM activist, Patrick O’Connor, on suspicion that he was carrying a fake passport. O’Connor was on his way to Jerusalem after planting olive tree seedlings with Palestinian, Israeli and international activists in the path of the Wall in the occupied village of Biddu. For the past year, Israeli and international activists have supported the villagers of Biddu through nonviolent protest and legal appeals in their struggle against the destruction of their farmland for the building of the Wall.

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Join your local campaigners against Biometric identification, new ID card

29-01-2005 12:41

one of campaigners' logoes
Everyone knows about the danger: not the seemingly harmless bit of plastic in your wallet –but a massive and intrusive database that fundamentally changes the nature of UK Citizenship.