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Chelsea Manning demo US Embassy, London

18-12-2014 21:25

Yesterday, 17/12/2014, was the 27th birthday of Chelsea Manning. Several groups conducted a noise demo outside the US Embassy, London to support the call for her release.

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Vigil for Chelsea Manning

17-12-2014 17:38

Over 50 people attended the Vigil to celebrate Chelsea Manning’s birthday in London on Wednesday afternoon.
The event was part of an international day of events demanding to free one of the world best known whistleblower.
The vigil, organised by Queer Strike and Payday men’s network was one of the actions taken place in 12 cities – from Dublin to Istanbul, Boston to Rome.

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Peace & Reconciling the Past - a talk at the Carnegie Conference Centre

14-12-2014 10:51

Professor Ilan Pappé, the well known Israeli historian and activist took part in a discussion at the Carnegie Conference centre in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland on Tuesday 25th November 2014.

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Nikos Romanos wins: ends hunger strike pending release for studys with leg ring

10-12-2014 14:02

Nikos Romanos has ended his hunger and thirst strike after 31 days, as he petitioned to study university on release. The law that will be applied is that he will wear a bracelet to control his movement while studying out of prison.

Solidarity with you comrade, on your long recovery!
Solidarity with everyone arrested and accused for the 6th!
Solidarity with the Syrians and migrants of Greece!

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17 Dec: Noise Demo at US Embassy on Chelsea Manning's Birthday

09-12-2014 23:40

previous solidarity event at the US Embassy

On 17th December 2014, Welsh-American whistleblower and prisoner of conscience Chelsea Manning will celebrate her 27th birthday, her fifth while incarcerated by the US government. Today in the news we have had mainstream confirmation of the CIA torture program.

This torture took place in what have become known as CIA 'Black Sites' across the world. Let's not forget that that we only know about this because of whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, Craig Murray and WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, all of whom made significant sacrifices to get this information to us and have suffered persecution for doing so.

NOISE DEMO for whistleblowers and against torture, 4.30 - 6pm, Wed 17 December, outside the US Embassy, London

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John Pilger: War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda #LoganCIJ14

05-12-2014 18:51

Following is John Pilger’s address to the Logan Symposium, “Building an Alliance Against Secrecy, Surveillance & Censorship”, organised by the Centre for Investigative Journalism, London, on 5th December, 2014

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Obstacles to Solidarity: On the Decline of Radical Activism in the UK

05-12-2014 16:19

Five years ago, radical activism in the UK appeared to be entering a golden age. Today, it seems to have run out of momentum and ideas. In his latest column, Mikhail Goldman examines the sources of the malaise, and potential ways out of it.

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Demo Against Police Harassment at Bristol CID (report)

18-11-2014 12:15

Badgers at Bristol CID HQ
Last month a statement was released about police harassment in Bristol and the South West - . On Saturday, some anarchists in Bristol decided to pay the police a visit of their own...

(for advice on dealing with police harassment, please see this guide - )

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Paul Morris AKA Green Arrow has arrived on Twitter! @edlnews @slatfascists

17-11-2014 22:43

Veteran BNP stalwart, and troll of the old Lancaster Unity website, Paul Morris, has arrived on Twitter posting toxic racism including Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

The long-time fascist loser is calling himself Kevin Smith, the creator of the Green Arrow cartoon strip but his twitter URL is a dead giveaway: -

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The Windsors: 23 reasons why they must be compelled to answer police questions

17-11-2014 21:35

The British Royal Family is connected to at least 23 individuals suspected, or convicted, of sex offences.

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The Darker Side of Development!!! Why did Rémy Fraisse have to die?

13-11-2014 10:53

This article reviews the construction and controversies on Sivans Water Project and death of a student activist Remi Fraisse to argue coloniality, modernity, and civilizing tactics of the development state. The death of Rémi Fraisse and the brutal assault of armed police against the non-violent environmental demonstrators make this sufficiently clear that the logic of polycentric capitalist neoliberal world can be historically and currently traced in the ‘civilized’ European metropoles.

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A Sheffield-based Death Squad?

11-11-2014 08:00

It seems that a whistleblower is making some major revelations about an ultra "black ops" death squad organised around an extended family based in Sheffield.

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The revolution has begun !

06-11-2014 09:25

Last night in an unprecedented display of the power of the people the British establishment was rocked to its foundations by hundreds of thousands on the streets.

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Execution of "Occupy Democracy" and the Banality of Evil

29-10-2014 13:05

Heritage Wardens enforce a ban on music
The sense of duty trumped ethics in the state repression at Parliament Square

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Iranian Anarchist Musician Shahin Najafi Speaks About Acid Attacks On Women

25-10-2014 09:11

Iranian Women Rally Against Acid Attacks
An important article from our Iranian Anarchist Network comrades that they wish to share with all genuine leftists, anarchists & other progressives in the Western World - we ask that you please concentrate and put aside any inbuilt cognitive dissonance re : "Islamophobia" and please read and understand that what is explained here is not some kind of unwarranted / bigoted attack against Islam but an extremely passionate & angry commentary against the barbarisms that are committed in the name of Islam by the brutal Islamic regime of Iran. Please share with your networks and if you are able to contribute a better English translation (source at bottom of article), then please do so!

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Wide angle on Calais

22-10-2014 13:25

There are over 2000 migrant people in Calais and their number is rising, more people than in 2009 but there are more women and children . There is not even water, enough tents or sufficient food.
Police violence aganst those trying to cross has escalated to appalling levels.

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Turkey : Armed Manifestation In Support Of Kobane

20-10-2014 21:31

Armed militants appeared on the streets of Diyarbakır, Southeastern Turkey tonight (20/10/2014) in a demonstration of combative solidarity with Kobane and in complete defiance of the fascist Turkish government.

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Brief Analysis of Western Anarchist / Leftist Critique of Rojava Solidarity

19-10-2014 19:23

Kobane Refugees
Some brief analysis from Insurrection News of Western / English-speaking world anarchist & leftist criticism / critique of solidarity campaigns for the people of Rojava that have appeared in many counter-information networks recently.

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UG#694 - Social Destabilization Tactics Post 1989 (The Terrifying War On Terror)

19-10-2014 17:47

We look this time at the terrifying reality that is "the war on terror", and the effects of that terror on two target populations - US and UK. Our first speaker, author, academic and activist asks why more US citizens today consider torture acceptable than did during the Bush presidency. Our second speaker, a senior lecturer in Risk and Corporate Security analyses the disproportionate reaction to the purported threat of terrorism. We conclude with more from Sibel Edmonds on the global heroin trade, and especially on its close connections with NATO.

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Rotherham:Against Rape, Against Racism

17-10-2014 13:58

An Antifascist/Feminist response to abuse in Rotherham