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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Artists Against the Coup - Artistas contra el Golpe

19-07-2009 10:30

Detengan ese show! No nos gusta la música de las armas!
Stop that show! We don't like the music of your guns!

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Picket Indian Embassy, London - No to landgrab & state terror in Lalgarh, India

19-07-2009 02:28

Protest at the Indian High Commission, London, against the state terror unleashed on the people of Lalgarh, a village in West Bengal, India, who refused complying with a government sanctioned corporate landgrab of 5000 acres of land, uprooting them from their homes and depriving them of their livelihood.

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Urgent call for solidarity with migrants in CALAIS

18-07-2009 13:12

URGENT CALL OUT for activists, legal observers, journalists and video activists to support migrants in Calais against potential imminent police attack and deportation!

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Social Centre evicted

18-07-2009 11:51

Last night a large number of police with several vehicles, riot gear, and dogs evicted the newly opened social centre, on the pretext of fire safety. There were no arrests. The public meeting called for tonight will go ahead in a reduced format outside the bingo hall.

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Demonstrate outside the offices of Press TV - lead by G.Galloway

18-07-2009 10:50

Oppose Iranian state lies and censorship
Solidarity with Iranian political prisoners, students and workers !

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Habeas Corpus Application for Hearing in the High Court of Justice

18-07-2009 07:24

Time has finally ran out for Jack Straw (Justice secretary) and the Judiciary of England & Wales, which has remained guilty of the most severe perversion of justice imaginable, aided and abetted by other Public Authorities, Media Organizations, Downing Street and several Members of Parliament.

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UNISON management attacks socialists

18-07-2009 03:15

The UNISON four - innocent
Four UNISON members wrongly accused of circulating racist literature.

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Cops should trust crowds - fact

18-07-2009 00:37

This is a repost of a scientific explanation why 'police kettling' is wrong, but more than that it extrapolates to why policing and government of the majority are wrong. I am effectively stealing this important article in the hope that some relevant people who don't read NS will learn from it. Humble apologies and all my respect to Michael Bond and New Scientist.

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Bonuses are back party at Bank of England - Some photos

17-07-2009 23:06

Photos from the pigswill party outside of the Bank of England's Royal Exchange - 17th July 2009

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Repression in Italy - Anarchists arrested for subversive association

17-07-2009 18:00

On July 3 2009 two anarchist comrades from Perugia, Sergio and Alessandro, were arrested and accused of having attempted to disrupt the railway Orte-Ancona. They were also charged with article 270 bis (conspiracy or subversive association).

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Keep building the Free Media Net…Now in Oaxaca

17-07-2009 13:52

Across our Mexican Territory different free media, independent and communitarian collectives have spawned as an alternative to the capitalist mainstream media.
As alternative and free media our work is hindered by the state repression, the economic situation, and our technical and skills limitations to improve it and continue sowing rebellion.

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EU Council directives of use to lobby MEPs to intervene in Calais situation

17-07-2009 11:42

You can use the following information as the basis of letters, phone calls or emails to your MEP giving them information on which they can act. The weblinks at the end relate to wider legal issues.

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Washington & the Coup in Honduras: Here is the Evidence

17-07-2009 05:51

Soldiers entering the Presidential Palace compound, Tegucigalpa, 28 June 2009
No one doubts that the fingerprints of Washington are all over the coup d’etat against President Manuel Zelaya that began last June 28th. Nevertheless, the majority coincide in excusing the Obama Administration from any responsibility in the Honduran coup, blaming instead the lingering remains of the Bush-Cheney era and the war hawks that still pace the halls of the White House.

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Rough Music #21 Out Now!!

16-07-2009 23:46

Brighton's dirt-digging, scurrilous news-rag is out now with a bumper summer edition.

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Urgent-Stop Destruction of Calais Migrant camps and mass deportations.

16-07-2009 19:35

Urgent - Stop destruction of Calais migrant camps and mass deportations to Afghanistan 21-24th July 2009

Please forward and reply to, adding your name below.

Re: Migrant camps threatened with clearance at Calais 21st July, Mass deportations to Afghanistan planned for 24th July, widespread human rights abuses imminent

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Change of Date & Venue: Protest Against Destruction of Calais Jungles

16-07-2009 19:19

Please note that the date and venue of the protest originally called for Tuesday 21st July at the French Tourist Office in High Holborn has been changed.

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Updated action ideas to support Calais migrants

16-07-2009 18:58

Information from activists on the ground in Calais points to the police preparing to destroy some or many of the ‘jungles’ housing around 1,800 migrants in Calais, this Monday 20th July or Tuesday 21st July. These ‘jungles’ are where people who have travelled across Europe wait in makeshift shelters, with little food or medical assistance, for their nightly attempts to get onto lorries making the crossing to the UK. Many of the migrants will be unaware of this threat.

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You are too tall

16-07-2009 14:33

(shameless repost from The Register)

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UK Journalists Attacked And Arrested In Namibia

16-07-2009 13:48

A British investigative journalist and his South African fixer have today
been violently assaulted by seal hunters and arrested by police whilst
documenting the controversial Nambian seal cull.

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Protest Against Destruction of Calais Jungles

16-07-2009 11:36

France's Interior Minister Eric Besson made it clear in January that he wanted to see all migrants removed from Calais and the surrounding area by the end of this summer. And the project has already started with the bulldozing of camps at Loon-Plage and Teteghem and the destruction of squats in Calais. Now comes the main act in this summer festival of destruction.