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Updated action ideas to support Calais migrants

calaismigrantsolidarity | 16.07.2009 18:58 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression | South Coast | World

Information from activists on the ground in Calais points to the police preparing to destroy some or many of the ‘jungles’ housing around 1,800 migrants in Calais, this Monday 20th July or Tuesday 21st July. These ‘jungles’ are where people who have travelled across Europe wait in makeshift shelters, with little food or medical assistance, for their nightly attempts to get onto lorries making the crossing to the UK. Many of the migrants will be unaware of this threat.

Call out for cameras, video activists, legal observers to go to Calais

See also Calais Witnesses statement

French Tourist Office protest on Tuesday 21st July, London, 12.30pm

Model letter for MPs and MEPs


Please act now. We are calling for phone and email blockades of the French Embassy in London; Phil Woolas, UK Immigration Minister; the French Interior Ministry. All contacts at the end of this message.

We are calling for these targets as the UK Border starts in Calais – both the French and British states are implicitly involved in any attacks (legal or otherwise) that are launched against migrants in Calais. As the burning and destruction of the migrant camp at Patras in Greece shows, EU states now have little to fear in their attacks against migrants, as popular support for the far-right in the European elections shows. We need to show them otherwise. Of course, any other direct action is welcomed.

No Borders! No Nations!

To make the most of our calls, if you are calling from UK mainland, try calling from your area at these times:

9am -10am, Scotland

10am -11am, North of England

11am – 12pm, Midlands and East of England

12pm – 1pm, London

1pm – 2pm, South East and South Coast

2pm – 3pm, Wales

3pm – 4pm South West

4pm onwards, open season

French Embassy in London

French Ambassador, Maurice Gourdault-Montagne

From UK 0207 073 1000

Non-UK 44 207 073 1000

58 Knightsbridge, London, SW1 X7J

or ask for police attache Msr Eric Battesti, representative of French poilce in UK working with UK police and immigration

French consulate in London

Tel 0207 073 1200

fax number 0207 073 1201

21 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2EN

Phil Woolas, Immigration Minister

Constituency address: 11 Church Lane, Oldham, OL1 3AN

Telephone from UK 0161 624 4248

Non-UK 44161 624 4248


Honorary UK Consul in Calais

Telephone from UK 33 321 96 33 76

Fax 33 321 19 43 69

UK Consul General in Lille

Phil Boyle

Telephone from UK 33 320 12 82 72

Fax from UK 33 320 54 88 16

11 Square Dutilleul, 59000, Lille

French Interior Ministry

Place Beauvau 75008, Paris

Within France 01 40 07 60 60

From UK 331 40 07 60 60

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