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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Second West Bank Wall Protest in Manchester - Video

15-11-2003 19:47

On Subday, 10th Novemeber 2003, a proests against the West Bank Wall took place in Manchester as part of an international day of action.

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Update of actions of solidarity with thessaloniki 7

15-11-2003 11:18

This is a summary of actions of solidarity that took place the last days (sorry if I forgot anything)

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EU Greens demand immediate Release of Thessniki 7

14-11-2003 21:12

Adopted resolution from their luxemburg meeting last week.

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Report & photos from Thessaloniki solidarity demo in Dublin, Ireland

14-11-2003 19:17

one image from the demo
Click on the link for Indymedia Ireland for full report

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Israel's Guantanamo

14-11-2003 17:55

Facility 1391: Israel's Guantanamo
Le Monde diplomatique
November 2003

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Simon et al: Greek Ambassadors Reception GATECRASHED! & thoughts on more demos

14-11-2003 09:49

The ambassadors receptions are noted for their elegance, for the whiff of stinkbombs too!
Gatecrashers account of attempted action at Ambassadors reception on Tuesday night.
Preceeded by thoughts about Greek cultural events in UK, sponsored by Greek Ministry of Culture. I think that 5000 YEARS OF CULTURE IS MEANINGLESS WHERE THERE IS NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

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police state in Victoria

14-11-2003 03:41

a boy introduction to the justice state in Victoria

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Case dismissed against one of Fairford Gate 3

14-11-2003 00:09

The charge of criminal damage to Fairford main gate was dropped against
one of the defendants today. One free, two to go!

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13-11-2003 16:00


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Oxford Palestine wall

13-11-2003 14:06

It happened in oxford and is continuing in Palestine all the time

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@narchist Bikers protest Greek PM over Salonika 7

13-11-2003 12:39

Article from Greek newspaper on @narchist bikers protesting the Salonika 7's treatments, they got to the Prime Minister's house unhindered...

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What ''Homeland Security'' is all about

13-11-2003 10:09

Please circulate:

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The Learning Experience of Rakan

12-11-2003 21:45

Defence of Children International has received previous reports of threatened sexual abuse, usually pronounced during extraction of a confession during interrogation. Threat of such a thing to a child, is a vile act by itself, but now allegedly there has been an actual incident, which took place in Ofer Military Prison just outside of Ramallah.

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Grosvenor Square to be shut for bush

12-11-2003 15:37

Due to the visit of President Bush on the 19th November, there will be a
major security operation around Grosvenor Square. This will involve
off Grosvenor Square to both vehicles and pedestrians from 7am.

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Israel’s racist UN resolution

12-11-2003 02:02

This week, Israel introduced a resolution in a UN General Assembly committee calling for the condemnation of “Palestinian attacks on Israeli Children.”

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Bush has his rape victim silenced!!

11-11-2003 17:12

Just like Clifford Baxter form the Enron scandal this person was shot in the head and written off as a suicide! This is how crime familys like the Bushes operate!

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Thessaloniki Prisoners Benefit Night

11-11-2003 11:14

Friday 14th November

a benefit night in support of the Thessaloniki Prisoners Support Campaign at the Eton Mission Social Club, 91 Eastway, Hackney Wick.

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Cambridge Man Shot by Israeli Army

10-11-2003 23:15

Cambridge based activist Mika who is working with the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine has sent us the following report...

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A New Song To Sing!

10-11-2003 22:09

Something for you to sing as you're being knocked about by John "ID Cards" Stevens' mob in London next week.

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Thessolaniki Prisoner Update. Now refusing liquids. Demonstration call out

10-11-2003 18:58

The hunger strikers, who have all been in hospital
since Friday night, last night also began refusing