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Magna Carta Anniversary Marked with Death of Habeas Corpus Rights for Guantánamo

14-06-2012 17:13

Credit: London Guantánamo Campaign
Magna Carta Anniversary Marked with Death of Habeas Corpus Rights for Guantánamo Bay Prisoners
- London Guantánamo Campaign, 14 June 2012

The London Guantánamo Campaign [1] regrets the decision of the American Supreme Court, on 11 June, to reject petitions from 7 Guantánamo Bay prisoners [2], held without charge or trial for over a decade, to challenge the basis of their detention. This comes in the same week as the 797th anniversary of the Magna Carta, on Friday 15 June, conferring the rights to a fair trial and habeas corpus [3], among others, for almost the past eight centuries. The court gave no reason for its decision to overturn this basic right it had earlier upheld.

The London Guantánamo Campaign will mark International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, on 26 June, with a vigil in Trafalgar Square at 6-8pm:

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Recent humiliation of Rajapaksa brings out new info dating to Dec 2010

14-06-2012 10:35

James Kingston and Mahinda Rajapaksa
In faraway Sri Lanka, which is never faraway for the political manipulations through the Oxford University using the Oxford Union, amidst contradictory accounts, an email from James Kingston, then president of the Oxford Union dating back to sometime after december 2010 is revealed.
Despite credible allegations that the PR outfit Bell Pottinger organised the whole event, James Kingston comes up with a different version and stands 'by my invitation to the President, and had looked forward to his speech with great excitement'. James Kingston also seems to assert that no one else holds power in the Oxford Union while claiming ownership for the decision to pull the plug on the 'largest demonstration seen in the history of Oxford'

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20 June: Protest the Israeli Women's Football Team in Wrexham, Wales

14-06-2012 05:10

Palestine Solidarity Campaign is organising a protest picket of the Israel – Wales Women's European Championship qualifying match in Wrexham on Wednesday 20 June 2012 – Outside the main entrance of Wrexham Stadium, near Wrexham General Station. 5 - 6.30pm.

This is an opportunity to raise awareness of the Apartheid nature of the Israeli State and the need for a sporting boycott of teams that act as virtual ambassadors for Israel.

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undercover cops - more shit emerges

13-06-2012 23:02

I'm sure this is not the last we'll hear of Mark Stone/Kennedy (undercover cop that infiltrated eco-resistance movement, using entrapment and sexual relationships) and his ilk.

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The Right's long history of using violent agents provocateurs to weaken the Left

12-06-2012 17:06

Right wing intelligence agencies and police forces have been using violent agents provocateurs to reduce public support for the Left in many countries from the 19th Century to today, as I explain in this detailed article. Violent provocateurs are currently being used, or are allegedly being used in at least 3 countries (the US, UK, and Canada) to reduce public support for the Occupy movement.

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John Bowden Writes From HMP Shotts

12-06-2012 16:47

John Bowden writes about his treatment at the hands of a megalomaniac social worker and an all too acquiescent Parole Board. Further articles by John, and others about his current situation and what you can do to help, can be found on the Leeds ABC website.

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UK’s soft policy towards Sri Lankan President criticised

12-06-2012 12:19

“Appearing at events such as [Queen Elizabeth's Diamond] Jubilee is a PR gift to heads of state with poor human rights records, giving the impression that they're just like any world leader. It also encourages a sense of impunity,” writes British journalist Joan Smith, criticizing the presence of Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations last week.

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Australia jails duped Indonesian children with adults for “people smuggling”

12-06-2012 02:28

Almost all Australians have no sympathy for those they perceive as people smugglers. I do not blame Australians for that because they don’t know the real story about why they end up in Australian waters. I believe Australians know only what journalists tell them through the media.
The real story of the people who crew the boats is that they are lied to by the Mr Bigs, the organisers, who have little sense of responsibility towards them.

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Support John Bowden - Today!

11-06-2012 06:46


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Solidarity with Bradley Manning, 6-8 June

10-06-2012 11:56

Four solidarity events by supporters from the WISE Up for Bradley Manning network took place on Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th June as Bradley Manning was back in court for another pretrial hearing. These were in Chester, London and Exeter as well as Brisbane, organised by our man in Oz, Ciaron.

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EDL/Casuals in relationship breakdown

09-06-2012 19:38

The deepening rift between the arseholes of the EDL and the cunts of the Casuals looks set to widen after key figures on both sides line up to dish the dirt on each other as Yaxley gets billed for Marsh gas' second fuck up in Brighton

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june 12th: Freedom for the turkish anarchists

09-06-2012 19:25

Freedom for the imprisoned anarchists in Istanbul/Turkey!
International day of solidarity - June 12th, 2012

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Sussex police unleash their new weapon: 'crowd psychology'

08-06-2012 19:53

Sussex Police have hired top riot specialist and crowd psychologist Dr. Clifford Stott to train local coppers on new mind control tactics to undermine social movements.

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Queen made to view protest before dining with Rajapaksa

07-06-2012 11:51

Queen Elizabeth II, celebrating 60 years of her coronation, had to pass through thousands of Eezham Tamil protestors before lunching with Mahinda Rajapaksa, the President of genocidal Sri Lanka, and other heads of states at the Marlborough House in Central London, the headquarters of the Commonwealth.