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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Letter from Ivan and Bruno from the prisons of Fresnes and Villepinte

01-06-2008 23:14

Greetings to all friends, to all those who are not resigned to the situation in which we live: police occupation of the streets, of the cities, raids, deportations, arrests, daily difficulties, the dispossession of our lives; the situation that pushes us to cede a major part of our lives to the bosses of every genre, to those who preside over our destinies, to power. If we've taken the road of revolt, it's for all these reasons, to retake the power over our lives, for the freedom to live.

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The Roma and security: ana appeal from EveryOne Group

01-06-2008 21:09


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Austrian Animal Rights Activist on Hunger Strike

01-06-2008 20:46

Ten Austrian animal rights campaigners have been held for two weeks without charge after draconian raids on the 21st May. One has been on hunger strike since then and is becoming very weak. We urgently need international support to exert pressure on the Austrian authorities and media.

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Proposed Treaty Turns Internet Into a Virtual Police State

01-06-2008 20:45

Leaked documents are one of the banes of modern western politics. They reveal exercises and actions being proposed that are generally objectionable to the public. Such a leak occurred with the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which seeks to turn the internet into a virtual police state.

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Demo to support Amdani Juma, Nottingham activist, at risk of deportation - Pics

01-06-2008 11:26

Below is the press release distributed by the Friends of Amdani Juma following his detention at Loughborough reporting centre and news that he is to be deported on Wednesday 4th June on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 (Terminal 4, Heathrow). In support, there was a well attended demonstration on Saturday 31st May, to highlight his case.

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Response to state crackdown on peaceful protest

01-06-2008 10:36

The recent sentencing of our friend Sean Kirtley says much about the state's view of peaceful protest in a nutshell the prosecutor Lockhart demos 4th june and 8th June

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Mask up for the carnival against the arms trade

31-05-2008 18:31

National demo against the arms trade and EDO MBM
mask up and come in RED or your preferd dress

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Hicham Refuses To Be Transported To Fifth Detention Centre

31-05-2008 17:41

Following the cancellation order on his deportation and despite being unjustly incarcerated for over two weeks, Hicham Yezza has received news that he is to be transported to a fifth detention centre. He released this statement today from Colnbrook immigration removal centre:

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London Critical Mass ride 30-5-08.

31-05-2008 09:15

Video Police blocking the ride.
Quick report on the ride.

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Solidarity week against repression in France at June, 9-16

31-05-2008 06:17

Ivan, Bruno and Damien got arrested on January 19, 2008 on the way to the demonstration against the detention centre of Vincennes (near Paris). They were carrying home made smoke powder and bent nails (to slash tyres). At the police station, they refused the finger print identification and DNA taking. Ivan and Bruno are jailed, Damien is under judiciary control.

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New Prisoner Support Group Formed - Ceartais

31-05-2008 01:14

I'm pleased to announce the formation of a new prisoner support group called, Ceartais........

The aim of Ceartais is to support former Long Kesh Prisoners and their families.

Our objective is to reveal the truth behind a CR Gas attack on hundreds of Political Prisoners by British Crown Forces on October 15, 1974.

We will also highligh the fact that scores of former prisoners have battled various forms of terminal cancer. Dozens of whom have tragically died.

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Support Eric McDavid

30-05-2008 18:49

45 second clip about Eric's case:

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Support Freedom of Speech - Support Sean!

30-05-2008 16:44

On May 30, 2008, Sean Kirtley was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for conspiring to "interfere with contractual relationships so as to harm an animal research organisation" after the longest animal rights trial in history.

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Anti-racism Public meeting 31 May 2008, 1pm

30-05-2008 16:17

On Saturday 31 May 2008, from 1pm, there will be Public meeting at the Friends Meeting House (Quakers House, opposite the central Library), 6 Mount Street, Manchester.

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Binyam Mohamed’s letter from Guantánamo to Gordon Brown

30-05-2008 13:17

As the US administration prepares to charge British resident Binyam Mohamed in a Military Commission at Guantánamo, Andy Worthington reports on his last-minute appeal to Prime Minster Gordon Brown to intervene on his behalf.

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Lindis Percy jailed for trespass at Fylingdales

30-05-2008 10:57

From The Guardian:

Campaigner jailed for trespass at US radar base

Lindis Percy, the veteran campaigner against US bases in Britain, was yesterday sentenced to one month in jail. Christine Dean, a fellow member of the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases, said Percy was sentenced at Scarborough magistrates court after being found guilty of aggravated trespass at the Fylingdales early warning radar station in North Yorkshire. The station was recently upgraded and will be part of America's missile defence system. Percy, convicted under the 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, has been jailed before for her protests.

Richard Norton-Taylor

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Home Office plans full spectrum electronic surveillance of all citizens

30-05-2008 10:39

The Home Office is considering plans to develop a centralized surveillance system to track in real time every kind of electronic activity undertaken by all citizens. The project is being driven by the intelligence services and has not yet been discussed by ministers. The surveillance would include a database recording a profile of web activity, emails, and phone taps for every citizen in the UK.

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Pharaoh Bush - Let My People Go

30-05-2008 00:21

Where is Congress?
Executive Signing Statements

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Hicham Yezza Interview

29-05-2008 22:53

In this short interview with Riseup! Radio, Hicham Yezza, the detained Nottingham University employee, calls for students to resist government clampdowns on the right to protest and personal freedoms.