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Response to state crackdown on peaceful protest

Lynn Sawyer | 01.06.2008 10:36 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Animal Liberation | Repression

The recent sentencing of our friend Sean Kirtley says much about the state's view of peaceful protest in a nutshell the prosecutor Lockhart demos 4th june and 8th June

The recent sentencing of our friend Sean Kirtley to 4.5 years with conditions on release says much about the views of the police, the prosecutor Lockhart and the odious creep of a judge Ross. They obviously believe that the crime of holding a banner is worse than maiming someone for life. Many child rapists will serve less time, in fact someone who batters a pensioner to death if they plead guilty to manslaughter because for instance they were angry will walk out of prison before Sean. Ross and Lockhart clearly intimate that they think that killing and raping are lesser crimes than holding a banner outside a lab.They really are repugnant little men but we cordially invite (cos we are really nice) them (and everyone else) to a little picnic at West Mercia Police HQ Worcester on Wednesday 4th June at 13.00. We thought that as Lockhart was going to be there anyway telling the police how heretical we are and how we criticise the poor vivisectors and how we should be interned he might appreciate the gesture.

Not wishing Sequani to feel left out we are going there Thursday morning at 07.00 and again 12.00 Sunday 8th June. It is in Ledbury near the train station. Please bring anti SOCPA banners if you have them

Lynn Sawyer
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145 Serious Organised Crime and Police Act

04.06.2008 10:10

Sean was found guilty of 145 SOCPA which means that if you "harm" an animal testing organisation you fall foul of it. "Harm" involves criticising (libel), "harassment" (a worker only has to say that they feel upset because someone is holding a banner), causing economic damage(eg they can provide receipts saying that they have spent money on new cameras because you have stood outside, trespass ad infinitum. An animal research organisation is one who has an animal testing licence obviously companies such as Huntingdon Life Sciences but this also includes for example Shell who are customers of HLS and have commisioned experiments on animals. Now the interesting thing is that 145 does not specify that it is only animal rights people who will face 5 years in prison and so when those who turn up at a Shell garage to hold a banner off the roof to demonstrate against climate change are imprisoned for 5 years just maybe sanctimonious, pompous, ignoramouses will finally wake up rather than looking down their noses at other activists! THIS AFFECTS EVERYONE

Lynn Sawyer
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