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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Google Earth fingers CIA rendition flights?

19-01-2006 21:52

Google Earth photo
Here's a absolute beauty for those of you who like the skies above Google Earth filled with black helicopters: what exactly was going on at Glasgow Prestwick airport the day the Google sat passed over?

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Urgent appeal from Homeless activists in Osaka, Japan

19-01-2006 12:03

Immediate Email / Fax / Letter protests needed to prevent violent eviction and detention of Homeless people in Osaka! The average age of those affected is 55! Please make an effort to address your concerns to the Japanese authorities, any international pressure means a lot to the unemployed dispossessed of Osaka!

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19-01-2006 07:16

CIA Air Org Chart
In compiling this list of ëAlleged CIA Aircraft Flying into Scotlandí, it is clear that much detail is still to emerge about the subject. What is beyond dispute is that in recent years there have been scores of flights through Scottish airports by planes operated on behalf of CIA front companies.

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19-01-2006 03:03
Want to stop this from happening? Take Action!

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East Timor counts its dead

19-01-2006 02:05

A United Nations Report reveals the extent of Indonesian atrocities in East Timor.

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19-01-2006 01:50

Free to rebroadcast
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

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socpa court case adjourned today at bow street

19-01-2006 00:42

the trial at bow street magistrates court today of mark barrett was adjourned to the end of march amidst some confusion. he was in court for taking part in an unauthorised demonstration outside parliament on 28th august last year.

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Hackney STWC public meeting and DVD screening

18-01-2006 19:18

STWC Banner
2nd Feb, Public meeting of Hackney Stop The War Coalition.

Chair of the national stop the war coallition Andrew Murray will be present and we will be screening the new DVD from Decembers' International Peace Conference.

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18-01-2006 17:24

his is a signal historical event for it clarifies that Dajjal Bush CAN indeed be held to civilized standards by the judicious application of armed force. The official policy of "non-negotiation with terrorists" has fallen flat on its face and now enters the dustbin of history. It is now time for the mice to demand more cookies to end the torture camps for good.

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Human Relations. Execution Style.

18-01-2006 10:41

An eminent international scholar, Mr. Igor Dubenco, was denied a teaching job at the only educational institution of higher learning in Transnistiran Moldavian Republic (TMR), Transnistria State University (TSU), the degrees from which are accepted by one country only, Russia.

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Landmark Speech by Al Gore Cites the Tashkent Telegrams

18-01-2006 09:29

A speech by ex Vice President Al Gore on Monday called the US to action to protect its constitution. He cited documents banned by the UK government but published by Craig Murray to reinforce his demands that extraordinary rendition and torture have to stop.

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911 – the need for an independent investigation

17-01-2006 16:07

11 September 2001, the day the world changed forever. If ever there was a time of innocence it was no longer.

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Leave or die say protesters

17-01-2006 15:22

Protests escalate after decades of struggle in the face of Shell OIl...

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Pictures of Dalkeith Park Top Site Eviction

17-01-2006 11:00

middle camp: still intact
Here some pictures of the eviction of the top site. There are four sites in total with tree houses and tunnels. The eviction is anticipated to last about two weeks and cost £1.4m. The route of the new road leads directly through the Dalkeith Country Park, a site of specific scientific intrest, and home to herds of sheep, cows, and over 100 horses grazing there on wide fields. It is also part of the Edinburgh Green Belt and inhabitants of the park include deer, bats, birds, foxes and other wild anilmals. It is also used as a recreation area for people from alkeith and Edinburgh, and has an enormous adventure playground, folleys and old houses in the Park.
A lot of people cycle, do walking and train their dogs in the park, too.
Dalkeith town is crossed by the A68 leading to Jedburgh and the Borders.

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Government plans for ID nation defeated ? (again)

17-01-2006 01:36

Not an issue that ever seems to stay dead, the governments ID card scheme has today suffered another major defeat - but don't hold your breath, it will probably be back on the table soon enough...

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17-01-2006 01:33

The 11th International Conference on Penal Abolition Hobart Tasmania 7-11 February 2006. SEE YOU IN VAN DIEMAN'S LAND 2006!

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Colombian army murders social activists

17-01-2006 00:38

The Colombian army is increasing its attacks against different sectors of the social movement throughout the country. Below are two Urgent Actions regarding army murders of civilian activists in the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado, and indigenous communities in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Please take the time to read the appeals, and send messages of protest to the Colombian authorities.

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MI5 to bug MPs

16-01-2006 16:21

MI5 is to be given the power to bug MPs.

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Another victim of the regime

16-01-2006 12:12

In December 2005 editor-in-chief of Adalat (Justice) newspaper Khudaiberdy Kurbandurdiyev was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment.