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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Sri Lankan Oppression

20-01-2013 19:48

The Rajapaksa family is guilty of mass murder, disappearances, stifling of the media and stamping on all decent. Where is the news in the UK?

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Banner drop in solidarity to social struggles against fascism in Greece- Bristol

20-01-2013 17:22

Banner drop in solidarity to social struggles against fascism in Greece- Bristol

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Aufhebengate -Fuck off Libcom

19-01-2013 14:43

I want to draw everyone's attention to this article by Sam FantoSamotnaf.

"From Millbank to Quebec, via Athens, Tunis, Suez, Oakland, Barcelona and countless other places, the crowd has confronted the forces of the state with varying degrees of success and failure, of non-violent and violent tactics, over the last couple of years. Ostensibly these outbreaks of class war have been supported and encouraged by the “libertarian communist” section of the supposed movement against capitalism, including those publishing extreme anti-state and anti-commodity theory. So when, in January 2011, the TPTG, a small Greek group, discovered that John Drury, a significant “theoretician” and long-standing member of the self-styled anti-state communist group Aufheben, had been helping the cops with a divide and rule strategy for the very same crowds that this group ostensibly wanted to contribute to radicalising, they were shocked and sent out, to their English speaking friends in London and elsewhere, requests for some strategy of how to deal with this information. After several months of a combination of mainly indifference and ideological obstacles from some and out and out resistance on the part of people closest to Aufheben as well as the rest of the members of Aufheben, the TPTG and myself publicised (on Libcom Blog and elsewhere) this information on the internet in October 2011 (see The strange case of Dr.Johnny and Mr.Drury on this site). As a result we encountered a deluge of denial, contorted evasions and the most stupid defences of a clear-cut case of collaboration. The resulting scandal became known as Aufhebengate."

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SOFEX - Mass Murder Is BIG Business

17-01-2013 18:01

The Dillon Aero M134D Gatling Gun

By Shane Smith

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Solidarity action with the recent wave of attacks on squats in Greece.

17-01-2013 13:58

Anarchists graffiti bank in solidarity with greek squatters

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Mark Kennedy, James Bond, and the Secret State.

17-01-2013 13:18

"The High Court has today granted an application by the Metropolitan Police for a secret hearing over the claims brought against them under the Human Rights Act, arising from undercover officers engaging in intimate long term relationships with women whilst undercover."

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I am worried for Babs Tucker

16-01-2013 19:00

Babs Tucker - Hunger Strike Day 21 - 366 Days Without Shelter

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Greece, Athens: Video from march in solidarity to evicted squats 12/1/2013

16-01-2013 11:49

Greece, Athens: Video from march in solidarity to evicted squats 12/1/2013

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You are seeing the rise of a new Fascist State here in the US

16-01-2013 09:32

You are seeing the rise of a new Fascist State here in the US

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A word in heartfelt solidarity with the bereaved

15-01-2013 09:21

Bereavement may not feature in political action but what about the losses that are caused by repression?
Don't the bereaved matter politically?

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Sign Petition - Release Qatari Poet Mohamed Ibn Al Ajami

13-01-2013 13:10

Mohammed Ibn Al Ajami
We, the undersigned, urge the Secretary of State or Foreign Minister of our respective countries to appeal to the Qatari Court for the immediate release of the Qatari poet Mohamed Ibn Al Ajami, who after spending a year in solitary confinement, on November 29, 2012 was sentenced to life in prison by the Qatari courts.

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Greece, Athens: 10,000 anarchists march in solidarity to Villa Amalias - photos

13-01-2013 10:07

10,000 anarchists march in solidarity to Villa Amalias Athens

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Judge rules on Bradley Manning Torture Hearing - declines to dismiss charges

12-01-2013 16:41

Judge Denise Lind. Illustration by Clark Stoeckley

Bradley Manning was back at Fort Meade, Maryland, US for another pretrial hearing this week and military Judge Denise Lind issued her ruling on the unlawful pretrial punishment motion. This part of the case was dealt with at a long hearing in November and December, during which Bradley Manning gave evidence in person. He spoke about the punitive conditions he was held under at Quantico marine brig in Virginia from July 2010 until April 2011. Many other witnesses testified, including numerous brig staff. The defence motion called for all charges to be dismissed or, failing that, for 10:1 sentencing credit for the time Brad was mistreated.

For more information, see this Indymedia feature on the torture hearing

Brad's court martial continues on 16 and 17 January with another hearing, this time a continuation of the defence motion calling for charges to be dismissed on the grounds of lack of speedy trial. By the time the case reaches trial, put back again to at least 3 June, Bradley Manning will have been held for over three years.

Join the solidarity vigil in London on Wednesday 16 January at 2pm at the US Embassy.

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Archive Material on Paris Assassinations

12-01-2013 11:53

This document covers the recent history of the cold war legacy death squads that have been named by the Kurdish comrades, and takes an attempt to identify the originating agency from the known facts about death squad capabilities in Europe. At this stage it seems remarkable that the Turkish state is speculating about minority infighting as the cause of the deaths in a very similar way as it has happened regarding the series of murders of Turkish immigrants into Europe which then turned out to be a death squad operation. These obviously political assassinations are not only an attack against the Kurdish people and their hopeful but against all struggles of emancipation and the past targets of these death squads whose memory is being defiled by fresh bloodshed of the same inferior motives.

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Storming The Heavens !

11-01-2013 19:55

Alternatives to Capitalism Meeting: 31st January 2013

Storming the Heavens (open forum for anti capitalists)
is series of meetings for reds and greens to discuss and explore
alternatives to the current economic system.

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We'll all be Greeks

11-01-2013 15:29

What is happening in Greece - and can it happen elsewhere?

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Three Kurdish Women activists were shot dead in Paris

11-01-2013 11:16

Atrocity of Turkey war machine
Atrocity of the Turkey's Terror War machine in Paris.

Kurdish activists said the killings were carried out by forces in the Turkish state itself who wanted to derail the talks.

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History: Greek riots 1991 - photos and videos

09-01-2013 14:37

Anarchists vs. police

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State Using ‘Secret Evidence’ To Try And Keep John Bowden Behind Bars

08-01-2013 20:51

For the past 30 years John Bowden has been at the forefront of the British prison struggle, and is by far our most prolific prisoner writer. Time and again, John’s articles have shone a searchlight into the State’s murky dungeons, exposing brutality and repression, and challenging the very nature of prison. For many years now, John has been held in jail because of his political views and his willingness to challenge injustice. That has never been clearer than now, as the State attempts to use ‘secret evidence’ to keep him behind bars.