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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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18-06-2004 16:48

"The US state was boarded by the Bush junta, a hostile takeover so to speak that was completely legal. The Bush junta now uses the US state to collect tax revenue from the citizens and pass on tax cuts to higher income groups or distribute them to friendly corporations.. In a political landscape where justice rules instead of the mafia, Kohl would be behind bars.." translated from the German

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Activist Armada: Pirates of the G8

18-06-2004 11:19

On Wednesday June 9th, 10 Pirates did the unthinkable: they set sail toward Sea Island against all odds. Determined to make their message heard these activists brought their banner and their voices to the summit doors ignoring the weather, the darkness, and the warnings of danger.

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U.S. Secret Detention Centers

18-06-2004 10:38


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Sweeping Stun Guns To Target Growds

17-06-2004 16:52

'Weapons that can incapacitate crowds of people by sweeping a lightning-like beam of electricity across them are being readied for sale to military and police forces in the US and Europe'.

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Report from the solidarity actions for Jeff "Free" Luers in Edinburgh

17-06-2004 16:22

On tuesday the 15th of june we in the Bilston Glen Collective held two solidarity events for political prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers. (For info about his case look at

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17-06-2004 09:08

Amnesty International today called for the immediate appointment of a special counsel to investigate the torture and ill-treatment of prisoners in United States custody, citing leaked memoranda from the Departments of Justice and Defense.

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P10K Founder Beaten in Israeli Jail

16-06-2004 23:39

Irish Political Activist Ken O'Keefe suffered concussion and bruising at the hands of an Israeli prison guard Monday evening, five days into his hunger strike against detention and possible deportation. He was arrested last Thursday for attempting to enter Gaza to discuss the P10K plan with representatives from Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

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UN warns Caterpillar may be implicated in human rights violations

16-06-2004 23:37

**For immediate release**

On 28th May 2004 the Special Rapporteur on the right to food for the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights – Jean Ziegler – wrote to Jim Owens, CEO of Caterpillar Inc., to express deep concern "about the actions of the Israeli occupying forces in Rafah and in other locations in Gaza and the West Bank, using armoured bulldozers supplied by your company." (1)

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The Olympics of Repression

16-06-2004 17:27

As the August Athens Olympics are drawing closer- and with London looking to be the host city for 2012- some information needs to finally come out about the full scale repression and exploitation that is the Olympic Games.

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The president of the Committee Against Torture requests more guarantees from Madrid

16-06-2004 13:39

The new President of the U.N Committee against Torture, the Spanish professor Fernando Mariño Menéndez, declared that the Spanish State ought to accept the recommendations put together by the U.N Special Secretary for the eradication of the ill-treatment of detainees. Mariño, who was elected to the position on May 3rd, in comments to France Press, stated that Spanish Authorities ought to ‘limit' the holding of detainees incommunicado, interrogations should be recorded, medical checks should be rigorous, the detainee should be visited by a doctor of confidence and “humanitarian criteria should prevail” in prison policy.

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Akha Genocide

16-06-2004 09:33

Deportation Can't Hide Thailand's Treatment of the Akha Hill Tribe.

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Haiti: Levi's supplier tries to break union - action needed

15-06-2004 08:56

Grupo M has fired 301 workers at the Codevi free trade zone at Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Dominican soldiers have been brought in to terrorise the workers. The management has threatened to close the factory down rather than negotiate with the union.

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Refugee Film Festival-Full Programme

14-06-2004 21:26

VII Leeds Underground Film Festival
Celebrating National Refugee Week
‘Refugees and Us, No One is Illegal’

15 and 17 June- 6-9 pm
Lecture Theatre 2- City Campus-Leeds Metropolitan University.
Free Entry- All Welcome-
Groups and political parties welcome to have a stall.

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Activist on Hunger Strike in Israeli Jail for attempting peace talks with Hamas

14-06-2004 18:11

Irish American political activist Ken O'Keefe is on hunger strike in an Israeli jail whilst fighting deportation after being arrested for attempting to enter Gaza on Thursday. Last year, the former US Marine and Gulf War veteran returned to Iraq with more than 500 Human Shields. After entering Gaza via a settlement, he was detained by 10 Israeli soldiers whilst walking along the beach into the Palestinian area.

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911: the Road to Tyranny

14-06-2004 18:01

Explosive documentary "911: the Road to Tyranny" is now on the Internet Archive.

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Memo's legalizing torture

14-06-2004 16:15

Lately some memo's were given to Newsweek, Washington Post about legalizing torture.

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BNP in Epping Forest!

14-06-2004 09:58

(received by email)

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Talk and Film about the Israeli Wall

13-06-2004 11:08

5.00pm Sunday 13th: Talk & Film about the Israeli Wall @ Occupied Social Centre, Tufnell Pk, with Uri Ayalon, journalist and facilitator in the school of peace in
Neve-Shalom Wahat al-Salam.

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The Nazification of Israel

13-06-2004 09:45

Israel perpetrates the kind of crimes that the Jewish state claims as the raison d'etre of its own creation in 1948.