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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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To understand the importance of Venezuela, go here, NOW!

16-04-2002 11:23

The failed coup d'etat against Venezuela marks a turning point not just for authentic democracy in our América, but also for authentic journalism.
The remote-control attempt by Washington and commercial interests - including various media giants within and outside of Venezuela - to topple the government of President Hugo Chávez by force has only made him stronger.

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in solidarity with Venezuela

15-04-2002 17:45

a few thoughts about Venezuela's current crisis, contradictory news and diverging opinions within Latin Americans back home and in the diaspora

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Coup in Venezuela: An Eyewitness Account

14-04-2002 00:55

Coup in Venezuela: An Eyewitness Account
By Gregory Wilpert

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communication with imc contact in venezuela

13-04-2002 17:36

communication from winnipeg imc's contact in venezuela

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WOMBLES Dsei medic::Not Guilty

05-03-2002 18:28

May the force be, er, without you...

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16-02-2002 14:21

An 18 yr old Leeds schoolboy was finally returned home last night after disappearing in China following a Falun Gong appeal to end the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China

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30 arrests so far as Faslane Nuke Base is Blockaded

11-02-2002 11:14

The three day Big Blockade (Block and Roll!) of Faslane Trident nuclear submarine base has begun early today , all 4 main gates are blocked and there have been about 30 arrests so far.

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DSEi Footage Urgently Needed!

30-01-2002 12:58

Evidence needed in ongoing trial

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Jury acquit for cutting down GM crops - again

19-11-2001 23:01

Good news on acquital of GM crop protesters

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Faslane arrests shameful

23-10-2001 19:07

Faslane arrests shameful
Why to arrest peaceful protesters?

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Eleven arrests as protest over GM rocks Highlands

01-09-2001 18:01

Campaigners lie down in front of tractor But GM planting goes ahead on the Black Isle, North Scotland...

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27-08-2001 16:23

The Leeds Festival 2001 turned to rioting last night as thousands of festival goers decided to burn the toilets...

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6 British anti-GM activists arrested

30-06-2001 21:37

Six people have been arrested during a 100-strong demonstration against genetically modified crops.

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Leeds Mayday Protests

01-05-2001 17:35

the Leeds Mayday protest - the tour of shame!

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29-03-2001 11:25

Leeds Students Campaign against PR Company Involvement in the College
Burson-Marsteller is the world's largest PR network, whose past and present clients include fascist Argentina, Nicolae Ceaucescu, Monsanto, MacDonalds and the World Bank. Now they plan to get involved in running Leeds Metropolitan University

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Call for Solidarity action at London's Czech Embassy. Friday 06/10/00 at 4:pm

04-10-2000 17:18

RTS: Call for solidarity action at London's Czech Embassy this Friday 6 October from 4:pm.

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Release from the first of those arrested in Prague

29-09-2000 23:47

Accounts of severe human rights abuse and political repression following mass random arrests in Prague. Call for prosecution of responsible agents and release of all political prisoners.

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Overview of eye witness accounts from Praha S26

27-09-2000 07:46

Report put together from eye witness accounts of marches and blockades in Prague - this is only an outline and in no way a full account of events. Protests were city wide and numerous, both peacful resistance and active confrontations occured with a single united voice - Shut down the IMF - Shut down the World Bank.

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urgent: S26 outlawed / open letter to V Havel

21-09-2000 08:00

Prague authorities have revoked permits for all street demonstrations on September 26th.
This obvious abuse of power probably won't stop the thousands of activists gearing up to disrupt the IMF/World Bank meetings next week.
Activists from around the globe can also help out by signing the open protest letter to Czech President Vaclav Havel (once political prisoner himself), and by faxing it to his office and/or sending email.

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Police Clampdown on UK soundsystem in preparation for Prague IMF meeting

11-08-2000 19:06

CZ Police are hounding soundsystems from across Europe out of CZ in preparation for the IMF meeting in Prague