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Faslane arrests shameful

nonuke | 23.10.2001 19:07 | Peace not War | Repression

Why to arrest peaceful protesters?

Faslane arrests shameful
Faslane arrests shameful

I had never seen before an 84 years old woman being arrested. I saw that yesterday, and I can say that was the more pathetic and shameful thing I have ever seen. She could have been my granny. She wasn’t the only aged person loosing her freedom and being charged as a criminal for peaceful protest against the insanity of Faslane Nuclear Base. Many other people were arrested including disable people, politicians, church ministers and lots of young people. Elvis was there and so was tonyblair (see image), who were also arrested, by the way. What was the charge?. Well, the ironies of life presented those arrested with the charge of “Breach of Peace”. Really?. An 84 years old woman being violent, aggressive and brutal?. What kind of cheekiness is that?. Who are they kidding?. What about Faslane Nuclear Base and the Trident nuclear submarines?. Are they not breaching the peace?. To be heard today is becoming extremely difficult. People allow themselves to be arrested as the last peaceful resource to break the spiral of silence and cynicism against war and nuclear weapons. Its pathetic and shameful to get to this point in the 21st Century.

Faslane holds 4 nuclear submarines with 16 warheads each. The power of destruction of each warhead is 4 times Hiroshima’s bomb. This nuclear base is 30 miles from Glasgow, a city of 1 million people. We have seen how terrorist are getting more organised and so well prepared to create havoc. In recent past two women peace protesters swam to the submarines at night and reached one of them inside the base. They had time to paint a peace message on the submarine before being arrested. This illustrates the lack of security of this base and the real danger to innocent civilians. Even yesterday one of the protesters was arrested inside the base. What could have happened if instead of peaceful protesters would have been a terrorist group?. Faslane Nuclear base is a hazard to the people of Scotland and a danger to humanity. Why are peaceful protesters arrested when demonstrating against this insanity?

Next time I will be arrestable too...




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