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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Glasgow Anti War rally banned

13-02-2003 15:22

First the SECC management bowed to Labour pressure and denied electricity for the rally, they have now apparently banned the stage from their property.

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Coca-Cola & McDonalds leaving Venezuela!

01-02-2003 01:46

Good news for a change! Coca-Cola and Mcdonalds(McDeath more like!) are leaving Venzuela. Don't know about you people but this is good news for once after all these companies suck for being instruments of US Imperialism.

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pictures for Spanish embassy protest

26-01-2003 22:00

pictures for Spanish embassy protest
these are pictures of the protests for the jailed anarchist prisoners in Spain. The plastering took place on Thursday, 23rd of January 2003 in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Spanish consulate. (article 1)

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Edinburgh: Solidarity Picket Plasters Spanish Consulate

24-01-2003 12:48

This is a short summary of the Solidarity picket for jailed Anarchist Prisoners jailed in Spain.

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20-01-2003 18:08

Upcoming solidarity demo for Glasgow uni students. Stop the uni from crushing student revolt!

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democracy in Venezuela, how you can help right now

13-12-2002 12:36

help stop US interference with democracy in Venezuela

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venezuela in turmoil

09-12-2002 13:44

Hugo chavez president of venezuela may call state of emergency to face down right wing strikers determined to overthrow government

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Report on Anti-Racism demo in Glasgow

01-12-2002 13:36

Around 2500 people marched in Glasgow yesterday, in the annual anti-racism demo organised by the Scottish Trades Union Congress.

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Aspire Vs Leeds City Council (The plot thickens)

24-11-2002 16:20

The polics broke in the door to the free-space known as aspire, during a party, using pepper spray against peaceful party goers.

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Leeds social centre attacked by police

24-11-2002 13:21

A-spire, a temporary social centre in Leeds was attacked around 3am sunday morning and stormed by police using tear gas and pepper spray.

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A-Spire vs Leeds Council

22-11-2002 10:32

A-Spire are facing eviction from a Leeds council building that has been converted into a social space and indoor skate park!

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A-Spire Social Centre in Leeds

14-11-2002 15:27

New Social Centre in Leeds - Buckingham House, Otley Road.

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Witnesses needed: Leeds demo outside Yourkshire TV

01-11-2002 12:45

URGENT - ARESTEE, Thursday 31st, Leeds, Yorkshire TV

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Leeds Festival : Police / crowd violence: DV request

26-08-2002 08:43

DV or Home Video Pix request by Corporate Media lackey (but it's Darius B. so that's kind of all right...)

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European Parliment staffer shot with 41 rubber bullets by Venezuelan police

20-08-2002 06:26

European Parliment staffer shot with 41 rubber bullets by Venezuelan police
Paul-Emile Dupret, a staff advisor for the European Parliament and citizen of Belguim, was peppered with rubber bullets by municipal police in Caracas, who mistook him for a community TV cameraman.

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Support Venezuela's Community Media!

31-07-2002 22:36

Venezuela's corporate media, along with rogue elements within Venezuela's government intent on staging another coup, are persecuting independent journalists and their supporters in violation of Venezuela's Constitution and International law.

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Venezuela after the Coup Attempt: Will Chavez' Project Survive?

09-05-2002 18:25

"Chavez needs to maintain his focus and should not give up on his principles and his program,...A better strategy might be learnt from the local governments of Porto Alegre in Brazil and of FMLN controlled municipalities in El Salvador, to name just two positive examples among many others that are cropping up all over the world. In these places, a true culture of grassroots participation and democracy is being cultivated."

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Venezuela - the (CIA?) coup that failed. Another US policy triumph?

23-04-2002 10:34

Guatemala 1954, Chile and Allende 1972, Iran and Mossadeq 1954, Cuba and the Bay of Pigs 1961. the Dominican Republic 1962. To that roll of honour should we now add Venezuela and Chavez 2002?

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Venezuela coup linked to Bush team

21-04-2002 22:18

Same old gang of corporate assassins responsible for failed Keystone Cops coup in Venezuela.

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Venezuela - new Air Force chief killed in "accident"

20-04-2002 17:37

Following the recent failed coup by business leaders and sections of the military, re-instated leftist President Hugo Chavez made new appointments to top posts in the military. The new chief of the airforce and several other loyal officers are now dead following an "accident".