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Leeds Festival : Police / crowd violence: DV request

Darius B. | 26.08.2002 08:43 | Culture | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles

DV or Home Video Pix request by Corporate Media lackey (but it's Darius B. so that's kind of all right...)


Some of you might know me from Undercurrents training days/ICA talks/Genova/DSEI/Mayday... anyway, I am a BBC News Producer -- but an "OK one" -- apparently...

Today I am looking for any footage taken by people who were at the Leeds Festival last night. Apparently -- not unlike last year -- it kicked off towards the end of the evening, with a lot of riot police involvement, helicopters and (again) all the bogs being torched.

If anyone has interesting stuff and deosn't mind me maybe using it for today's BBC-1 News/News-24 then call me on 07785 790 560 and I'll liase with our peopel up in Leeds...

Obviously any material we aquire could be broadcast -- so don't give us pix you'd rather no-one saw.



Darius B.
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