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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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US Subverting Belarus Election - Possibly Engaged in Terrorism

05-07-2008 00:35

IN recent memory, the CIA has engaged in the same sort of illegal operation in Lebanon and the Ukraine. There are suspicions they were also active in France and Canada.

If they engage in this in so many other countries, you have to wonder what goes on in their own?

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The Great Rwanda "Genocide Coverup"...UK US involvement

04-07-2008 23:56

Everyones seen Hotel Rwanda. What they may not be aware of is that the 'genocide' in Rwanda in 1994,which had its origins with the assassination of president Habyarimana (a Hutu), seems to have been carried out by now president Kagame.
Whereas Habyarimana was backed by France and Belgium, Kagamas supporters are UK and US....the same pair who have been attacking Zimbabwes government. The evidence is that the pentagon enabled the assassination of president Habyaimana to facilitate 'regime change' in Rwanda. This implicates US and UK govts in genocide.
THATS NOT ALL. There is evidence US interfered in the ICTRs investigations, as reported by australian policeman-turned-lawyer Michael Hourigan.

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solidarity,sequani six.

04-07-2008 22:20

How to be complicit in aiding and abetting socpa/trial rulings.

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PDC film showing: From Death Row, This is Mumia Abu-Jamal! (Tomorrow)

04-07-2008 20:18

Partisan Defence Committee film showing

Watch the Partisan Defence Committee DVD 'From Death Row, This is Mumia Abu-Jamal'

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal now!
Abolish the racist death penalty!

5 pm, Saturday 5 July 2008

Birkbeck College, Room 407, Malet Street, London WC1
Nearest Tube: Russell Sq or Goodge St

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Message from Austrian Prisoners; Felix, Elmar & Chris

04-07-2008 14:27

Felix Hnat (Chair of the Austrian Vegan Society)
It has now been almost six weeks since we have had our companions by our side. We know from visits to the prisons that one of the most import things to the prisoners is the correspondence that they are receiving from around the world.

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Solidarity actions continue for Austrian activists

04-07-2008 14:12

The next evaluation of the detention for the animal rights activists in Austria will take place today in Wiener Neustadt, Vienna. There the decision will be made as to whether the activists will remain in remand custody. To inform the public and the media about the new evaluation and this Austrian Affair, activists spread the word for their freedom two days before, on the 2nd of July.

Here are some pictures and communiques leading upto and on the day of action...

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Abu Doha release after seven years in detention

04-07-2008 11:39

Wearing an electronic tracking device and under restrictive conditions, Abu Doha has been released on bail after seven years in detention without trial while the British government tried to deport him. Originally from Algeria, the government claim he is a senior al-Qaeda figure linked to several bomb plots and a cell leader in the Khalden training camp in Afghanistan.

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Detentions re G8

04-07-2008 11:36

Lates from reuters re people detained in Japan

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Message from Austrian Prisoner Martin Balluch

04-07-2008 02:11

Earth Liberation Prisoners has been sent the following message from friends of Dr Martin Balluch, who is one of the Austrian animal rights prisoners, wrongly arrested for crimes they did not commit during police raids which were illegal.

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David Gray complains about the use of music as torture in the “War on Terror”

03-07-2008 22:44

Singer-songwriter David Gray has taken a brave stand by complaining about the use of his music as torture by the US military in "War on Terror" prisons in Guantánamo, in Iraq, and in secret prisons run by the CIA.

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42 days and hand over your flash card to the police

03-07-2008 22:26

new anti terror legislation makes information free to police without court orders, warrants, arrest or suspicion

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88 London Road Social Centre Eviction

03-07-2008 21:21

At 7am this morning the anarchist social centre at 88 London Road, Brighton was forcibly evicted, despite resistance. The Victorian church had been occupied since the Squatting Days of Action in April. The space was intialy opened as part of a two day international event, committed to creating autonumous spaces and highlighting the importance of squatting and global networking.

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Nine NO2ID campaigners arrested at peaceful protest

03-07-2008 21:06

On Monday (30th June) nine NO2ID campaigners were arrested after they
staged a peaceful protest at an invitation only Home Office so-called
"public consultation"

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Americas enemies

03-07-2008 19:57

Heres a list of US foreign Enemies in the UK. Maybe its usefull for the peace movement or for journalist interviews.

I dont agree with alot of it, just harrassment of refugees, cuban tourist office, etc.

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Farnborough town centre crisis worsens

03-07-2008 17:33

Empty shops, boarded-up retail units, a failing town centre.

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PDC film showing: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal now! (Saturday)

03-07-2008 17:20

Partisan Defence Committee film showing

Watch the Partisan Defence Committee DVD 'From Death Row, This is Mumia Abu-Jamal'

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal now!
Abolish the racist death penalty!

5 pm, Saturday 5 July 2008

Birkbeck College, Room 407, Malet Street, London WC1
Nearest Tube: Russell Sq or Goodge St

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ALF/ELF Direct Action, Liberation & Solidarity

03-07-2008 15:35

28th June - 3rd July


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Nick Griffin The Mugabe-Style Dictator

03-07-2008 14:38

If you believe the trolls who inhabit Indymedia, everything is rosy in Hitler-worshipping BNP land. In the real world, this is totally far removed from the truth with memberships steadily falling and debts mounting.

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Massive Police training facility Gravesend, Kent - Pics

03-07-2008 13:53

An aerial shot of one of the largest police training facilities in the world hunkered down in the luscious green pastures of Gravesend, Kent, where England’s formidable Metropolitan Police force tackles hypothetical anarchy in a lot that looks like a amusement park more so than a staging ground for urban unrest and abatement. The 9,250 square meter site (38-hectare) was opened back in 2003 by the private company Equion, according to the BBC “through the government's Private Finance Initiative, using both public and private money.”

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Activist arrested for writing in the ground

03-07-2008 12:35

An activist was arrested today for criminal damage. It is alleged that she wrote something in the earth as she and her friends sat outside Sequani on a Sunday chatting. We are told that one person held a BUAV banner there was no shouting.