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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Alan Lake's EDL Final Solution

30-05-2010 15:52

To end any further doubt whether the EDL are being stage-managed by neanderthal football hooligans like Jeff Marsh, or hardcore neo-Nazis, you need to look at the comments online posted by the EDL's bankroller, the saviour of the hardcore fascist "Swedish Democrats", Alan Lake, as he forsees a future of Hitlerite Berlin-style Ghettos for Muslims in twenty years time, with summary executions for "race traitors", after the EDL has (in his view) successfully managed to destroy multiculturalism, and turn Asian and White people into sworn enemies.

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Hollywood cops assault Critical Mass riders.

30-05-2010 06:06

Apparently the theme of this ride was a BP protest, which is understandable and why not?

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EDL Bank Details On Facebook

30-05-2010 00:00

EDL publish bank details on Facebook so that members can donate.

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Cuba-Venezuela relationship: What can be said from an anarchist perspective?

29-05-2010 21:07

* This text appears in the June-July 2010 issue #59 of El Libertario, describing the position this voice of the Venezuelan anarchist movement takes regarding the close links between the governments of these two countries.

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Canada's Bloody Seal Hunt Extended To May 31 By Harper and Shea

29-05-2010 14:52

One of Tens of Millions of Victims Of Newfoundland Fishermen
Please boycott Canadian tourism and restaurants elsewhere serving
Canadian suffocated fishes ... until Harper stops the sealhunt

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EDL Plots August Race Riot in Bradford

29-05-2010 14:48

The violent fascist EDL have confirmed they plan to inflict Bradford with Britain's deadliest-ever race riot in late August. Having cancelled an earlier visit to the multicultural rubble-strewn wreck of a city, the racist street-fighting army of football hooligans and hardcore white supremacists will invade Bradford, unleashing a pandemonium of ultra violence with chisels, bottles, knives and petrol bombs.

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Mordecai Vanunu has been jailed again, for going on a date.

28-05-2010 12:43

More than six years since leaving prison gates, Mordechai Vanunu, the nuclear informant, appeared in court in Jerusalem on Sunday to serve a three-month prison term imposed on him after he was found guilty of contacting foreign agents in 2007.

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UK arrests & raids, possibly climate action related

27-05-2010 21:23

At lunchtime on Wednesday 26th May two addresses in Belper, Derbyshire, were raided by the North Yorkshire Counter Terrorist Unit.

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Brother Who Possibly Loves Murdered Sister and Country Jailed in Ireland

26-05-2010 23:59

A brother appeared in court in occupied Ireland today, charged with a bomb attack in Newry, Co Down three months ago.Nothing unusual about that, it happens all the time in British occupied ireland.Ciaran Farrell, whose sister Mairead was one of three IRA members shot dead by the British SAS in Gibraltar in 1988, stood in the same magistrates’ court in Newry that he is accused of blowing up.

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Free Murad Akincilar! Demonstrate Wed 2 June

26-05-2010 21:35

Murad Akincilar is a Turkish trade unionist and human rights activist, who is currently in prison in Istanbul awaiting trial on 3 June.
OUTSIDE THE TURKISH EMBASSY, 43 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PA
Wednesday 2 June 5-6pm - Called by FRFI and Gikder

Called by Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and Gikder

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Call For An Interntaional Support For Bernard Rappaz Imprisoned In Switzerland

26-05-2010 16:08

From switzerland, hemp activist Bernard Rappaz was condemned to 5 year and 8 month of prison, after an unfair trial, in which the charges mix cheerfully the violation of the federal drugs laws, money laundering, violation of the road traffic laws, etc etc. After 50 days of hunger strike to acquire a federal review of his trial, he was placed on probation, then re-incarcerated. He began a new hunger strike. The joint manager had only a suspended sentence and a light fine imposition. Did the Helvetic authorities sentenced him to death??

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Democracy Village youtube footage of Brian Hawe being arrested

26-05-2010 13:44

Youtube footage of Brian Hawe being arrested by police on 25 May during police search of Democracy Village camp.

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Hunger Strike Occupied Ireland

26-05-2010 06:06

Liam Hannaway a traditional Irish republican, from a well-known west
Belfast republican family, who is a relative of Sinn Fein leader Gerry
Adams has ended his 42 day hunger strike in occupied Ireland.

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Anti War Democracy Village : Serving soldiers join protest in Parliament Square

26-05-2010 03:56

Serving soldiers from the Royal Corps of Signals and the Parachute Regiment have joined the protest in Parliament Square against the war in Afghanistan. Boris Johnson has described the sight of the soldiers and supporters as "mess and squalor" and MPs have called the protest, including the soldiers, as a "national disgrace". The protest camp is against the war in Afghanistan but respects troops.

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Political Comeback Marcos Family Alarming – Victims of Martial law

26-05-2010 01:13

PHILIPPINES - On April 27, 1977, urban poor leader Trinidad Herrera-Ripuno was arrested in Katipunan, Quezon City by virtue of an arrest and search and seizure order (ASSO) of then President Ferdinand Marcos. She was made to suffer brutal torture, which was meant to break her determination and spirit.

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Supplanting the United States Constitution: War, National Emergency and "Continu

25-05-2010 16:48

Under the Reagan administration (1981-89), the purpose of the “Continuity of Government” (COG) national emergency planning had officially changed: Extraordinary emergency measures, originally designed for an America devastated in a nuclear attack, were now to be applied to anything the US President considered an emergency.

Clearly 9/11 met the conditions for the imposition of COG measures, and we know for certain that COG planning was instituted on that day in 2001, before the last plane had crashed in Pennsylvania.

It is also clear that the planning by Cheney, Rumsfeld and others in the last two decades was not confined to an immediate response to 9/11.

What few have recognized is that nearly a decade after 9/11, COG plans are still authorized by a proclamation of national emergency that has been extended each year by presidential authority, most recently by President Obama in September 2009.

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JB SPRAY Squat, Nottingham Under Threat of Eviction

25-05-2010 14:50

This morning the JB SPRAY squat in Radford, Nottingham was served notice of a court date on Thursday 3/6/10. The landlord intends to obtain a possession order to force us from the building. We intend to resist, but we need your help.

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Rolling back nuLab's anti-freedom agenda?

24-05-2010 15:04

Do a Conservative/ Liberal Democrat Coalition government offer more opportunities for UK freedoms to flourish after a decade of nuLab's bonfire of the liberties?

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UK KFA Picket of South Korean puppet embassy May 21st

24-05-2010 05:37

A report of the picket held by UK Korean Friendship Association of the south Korean
puppet embassy on May 21st