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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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The return of 'thought crimes' in Japan

15-05-2006 08:22

Permits detention without charge
In combination with another statute that permits detention without charge, the new law could have a chilling effect on civil liberties, including freedoms of speech and assembly and the right to organize.

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Chavez - Beware of Ken Livingstone

15-05-2006 07:45

The Mayor of Livingstone is courting the Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez for the Corporation of London, which is an unaccountable local authority that has business links with unsavoury PFI.The interest in Venezuela is for little other reason than its oil reserves and its desire to prevent the US and UK occupy its land to exploits its resources like insurgent countries that the US and UK are. Who is Ken

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PRESS RELEASE: President Bush declares war on bicycles.

15-05-2006 04:22

The following is a transcript of the President's address to the Nation.

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In Defence of Human Rights

15-05-2006 00:46

This article criticises the attacks on the Human Rights Act being mounted by rightist political forces, debunking the arguments made against the Act and the idea that human rights go against the alleged rights of "victims".

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2nd Southend Critical Mass ends with 3 arrests

14-05-2006 22:00

Southend on sea’s second Critical Mass took place last Friday night. After being threatened with arrest (obstruction of the highway) on the first Mass, everyone was left wondering if the 2nd ride would take place.

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Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job

14-05-2006 19:49

The mainstream media will never report the truth of 9-11 because the mainstream media HELPED SELL THE LIE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

The mainstream media is stuck with Bush and 9-11. They signed on to help Bush sell his lies and his deceptions and his wars and there is no way they can bring the President down without brining themselves down in the process.

So, who needs the mainstream media. The public is abandoning the traditional media and getting their news from sites like this one.

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Beep if U luv Brian

14-05-2006 16:23

Brian tries on his mask for size
Almost a week has passed since the courts found the Brian Haw protest to be illegal after all; yet Brian and- today - forty or fifty supporters are still very present in Parliament Square.

Add the constant beeping of passing motorists, responding to the new "Beep for Brian" sign, and it's pretty clear that the level of support and the focus of publicity is making it difficult for police to enforce the judgement.

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HoWARd's Police State Borders Policy

13-05-2006 22:07

There will be No Escape from Stalag 13!
But the real issue is - that what they really want - is to send the boats arriving in waves with people crammed in - trying to survive - and avoid being persecuted - by rogue guberments - and state sanctioned terrorists, like Indonesia - to be sent back for more persecution!

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BREAKING: Chief Bush Advisor Indicted - Perjury!

13-05-2006 21:50

And Lying to Investigators!

He's Going Down!

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More official lies and evasions on London bombings

13-05-2006 15:33

Both reports issued this week on the July 7, 2005 London bombings, by the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) and Home Secretary John Reid, are whitewashes. They are designed to ensure that no one is held accountable for what is described as a security failure, which allowed terrorist bombers to kill 52 people and injure more than 700, whilst concealing the fundamental political issues raised by this tragic event.

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Israeli Soldiers Shoot Two International Peace Activists In The Head at Bil’in

13-05-2006 14:45

Activists Shot and Beaten at Peaceful Anti-wall Protest.

“I saw blood gushing out of his head, and helped bandage it. As we were getting him into the ambulance an Israeli soldier grabbed his long hair and they all tried to stop him from leaving in the ambulance even though they knew he was injured”, said American eyewitness Zadie Susser who saw Phillip Reiss from Austraila sitting in shock immediately after he was hit.

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Stop the export of execution equipment from Cambridgeshire

13-05-2006 12:44

The Cambridge Evening News reports that a Cambridge farmer is exporting execution equipment

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The US Government is taking us for suckers. Do the sums... I did.

13-05-2006 10:43

I have recently spent several hours collating and considering the statistical data relating to the so-called 'War on Terror'.

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13-05-2006 03:56

Today May 11 2006 violence and impunity repeated themselves, but this time in our space, 15 minutes after a comrade left the Kasa, approximately at 5:00 am, a couple of strangers forcibly entered our space. These individuals were also hooded and we believe that one of them participated in the previous kidnapping.

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San Salvador Atenco Massacre Solidarity Protest

13-05-2006 00:04

Anti-capitalist activists, human rights campaigners individuals and groups, including London's Zapatista Action Project ( z.a.p. ), Bristol Solidarity group Kiptik and the Comite Cerezo support group in the U.K. demostrate at the Mexican Consulate in London. Closing it down for business.

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Nepal: A Long March towards bourgeios democracy?

12-05-2006 18:23

In-depth analysis of the situation in Nepal, including the anti-monarchist protest movement, the Maoist insurgency, the international economic background and the Nepalese working class.

Below is the first section of the article, read the full thing at:

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London Mexican Consulate blockaded by undead.

12-05-2006 13:22

No visas today...
Today the Mexican consulate was closed down by inviduals both alive and dead who locked onto the entrance. The protest was over the recent repression in Mexico.

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update on colnbrook

12-05-2006 10:06

new phone numbers -it seems to be well worth contacting the following people as they have no clue at all about the current situation

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Urgent.Press Release: Mexican Embassy in London Occupied. San Salvador Atenco.

12-05-2006 09:36

Mexican Embassy in London Occupied. San Salvador Atenco Massacre Solidarity Protest.